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Vehicles are comprised of many parts and systems that are made up of plastic, metals, and other composition necessary to keep your car working. Though having lots of machines and components, Vehicles are impossible to operate without the help of fuel. Fuels are those flammable liquid used by the engine to initiate the operation.

The component that carries this liquid is known by many names. Sometimes it referred to as fuel tank or the fuel storage tank. It needs to be highly durable and leak-free to provide an efficient supply of fuel and to utilize fuel economy.

Fuel tanks can be seen refilled from outside using the small hole that commonly lies on the back end of your vehicle. Once filled, the tank has its gas cap to seal the component preventing any waste or leak even experiencing bumpy and stressful road.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

MZW Motor is a known automotive fuel tank manufacturer. We are in line with the best fuel tank companies in China. Our products are utilized not only in the mainland but also to many neighboring countries in Asia and across the globe.

The company has a reach two decades of manufacturing expertise you can rely on. Our products are meticulously designed to bring upgrades and comfort to your daily driving experience.

We have a vast selection of not only fuel tanks but also other auto parts including starter motors, steering and suspension parts, other fuel system parts, cooling products, and many more.

Why MZW Fuel Tank?

MZW Motor has a series of fuel tanks that offer a perfect match for your vehicle application requirements. All fuel tanks are precisely made to fit exactly as your original equipment. With keen to details, the dimension of our steel fuel tanks is identical for a direct replacement to your worn-out fuel system component.


  • Promotes overall integrity using highest quality of materials and the latest CAD for design
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 / TS 16949 quality system and product standards
  • Tested assuring leak-free unit
  • Exact fitment 
  • An ideal fuel tank replacement due to features and affordability compared to random fuel tank suppliers on the road and in the online market
We guarantee you every MZW Fuel Tank has passed a series of strict tests:

MZW Made Fuel Tank

Made from 100% brand new, raw materials, MZW fuel tanks take pride in their outstanding durability that will last long. Our products are maintained by keeping everything fabricated inside our 15,000 sq. ft. certified facility. All units are closely watched by strictly chosen professionals and engineers allowing only exceptional quality of replacement fuel tanks to leave the factory for shipment.

Not only quality, MZW Fuel tanks also promote replacements that will not break your bank. Our fuel storage is made from varieties of plastic fuel tanks, diesel fuel tanks, and tanks of traditional design that are available at a bargaining price.

Fuel Tank Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Fuel Tank by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our Fuel Tank cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Fuel Tank Search Function Soon.

Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

MZW Fuel System Advantages

Using the techs of the future, MZW Motor has been capable of creating tangible solutions for specific vehicle needs. Our fuel tank factory utilizes the industry-leading tools and machinery to deliver not only traditional but also custom fuel tanks suiting for your lifestyle.

MZW Motor is capable of producing units in large quantities making us an ideal partner for many aftermarket fuel tank businesses that demands multiple auto parts in one go.

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