Honda Brake Booster

Based on component overall function and importance, brake boosters are one of the disc brake components that play a critical role in improving vehicle road performance, safety, and mobility. With the use of brake booster, drivers are able to put the car on a total stop for short distance using just minimum effort when pushing down the pedal.

Intended to be of assistance when braking is applied, Honda brake booster is distinguished as a black circular canister. This component works together with the master cylinder by means of delivering a high amount of pressure to the brakes to reduce the human effort required for braking.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

In the automotive industry, there are two brake booster diaphragms; the single and tandem. The single is used for small motor vehicles opposing tandems which for bigger cars and trucks. Absence or even failure of brake boosters causes the driver to exert an immense amount of effort when hitting the brake pedal.

MZW Motor is considered as a top sourcing company, distributor, and manufacturer of auto parts for every known vehicle makes and models running. The company’s rich experience in the industry allows us to create solid solutions for automotive troubles in means of auto parts.

Why MZW Honda Brake Booster?

MZW’s Honda brake booster do just that except better. Durably constructed to feature exacting life expectancy as its original equipment or longer. Our brake booster serves no only just a basic replacement but also a performance upgrade.


  • Vehicle-specific guarantees to fit classic Honda models from civic to latest vehicles of the brand
  • Power brake booster are 100% vacuum tested
  • Individually inspected before product delivery ensuring only brake boosters of high-quality are received
  • Expected to give you the day-one like feels when slowing and stopping
  • Unquestionable durability due to heavy materials used in construction

We guarantee you every MZW Honda Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

No one can tell when will accidents occur. As cliché as it may sound, prevention is always better than cure. Aside from assisting the disc brake to generate necessary braking power, the brake booster function is beneficial to avoid a collision when driving on a busy road with heavy traffic.

We do not remanufacture parts – we only serve brand new units. Being a leading brake booster manufacturer comes with a big responsibility of producing auto parts that should not disappoint. MZW Motor is a company recognized by the highest standard international certifications (ISO 9001 / TS 16949).

Having been certified by such, MZW Motor assures to fabricate auto parts of premium quality in a consistent manner. The production standard of the ISO system also allows us to detect manufacture-related problems as early as possible.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Over the years since the company’s inception in the industry, we managed to establish 6 branches of factories equally running using the best technology available.

Our production facilities are manned by over 300 experts and professionals securing a well-balanced and secure environment to help maintain product quality untouched and safe from hazardous factors. You are certain to receive replacements in their pristine condition here at MZW Motor.


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