Honda Brake Caliper

What is a brake caliper?

Honda Brake calipers are considered one of the most important components of the disk brake. This brake component is attached to the steering knuckle and lies on a part of the brake rotor or the brake disc. When replacing a worn-out brake caliper, put into consideration the type of brake calipers your need to avoid the hassle. Floating and fixed are the classifications of the brake caliper.

The braking system has been an important factor in the automotive industry since the first mechanical brake introduces, which is the drum brake. As the industry grows and modern vehicles are developed, demand for more power auto parts is inevitable. The disc brake has been introduced as the successor of the drum brake, which offers better-stopping power. Disc brake components include brake pads, brake rotor, brake caliper, and caliper support.

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Why MZW Honda Brake Caliper?

When experiencing problems including brake fluid leaks and sticking pistons, it is possible that you have bad brake calipers in your brake rotors. Replace your failing component with MZW’s Honda brake caliper.

Designed utilizing the best of the industry’s technology, our Honda brake caliper is expected to perform better than advertised. It offers perfect compatibility to any driving lifestyle and will certainly meet or exceed your expectations.


  • Built to fit all Honda models on the road today due to its exacting specifications as the original equipment
  • Leak tested boots and seals for ultimate durability
  • Brand-new materials used in construction
  • Tested for both high- and low-pressure leaks ensuring proper functionality
  • Pre-lubricated parts for better heat resistant
  • Best quality alternatives at a reasonable price

We guarantee you every MZW GMC Honda Caliper has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Caliper

Due to its matching features, dimensions, and specifications, MZW’s Honda brake calipers give you the ease of installation. Product applications are the same as your original equipment for a swiftly fitting.

The product package includes all necessary brake caliper tools and hardware. Our product also comes at a more affordable price than the usual parts from Honda’s online store.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

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