Honda Ignition Coil

Honda ignition coils are basically functioning similar to that of a transformer. The ignition coil takes that 12 volts from the car’s power supply and increases by thousands of voltages which allows a tiny spark to leap the gap of a spark plug.

Being responsible for creating combustion, Honda ignition coil function is such a weight to carry. It is in permanent exposure to electrical and environmental stresses that will eventually cause failures and need for ignition coil replacement. But how will you know if you need one? What are the symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

The symptoms of a bad ignition coil include, engine shaking, sputtering, and lack of power or misfiring. If you found your car experiencing such symptoms, consider taking your vehicle to your mechanic and proceed to ignition coil test to prevent other part issues from occurring.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

Having been in the market for over two decades, MZW Motor line of manufacturing range has grown exponentially from the ignition coil, fuel pumps, accessories, starter motors, brake parts, automotive filters, and many more. Created countless of aftermarkets that serves vehicle from big brands including aftermarkets for Volvo, Subaru, Chrysler, GMC, and the likes.

MZW Motor has been on the top list of most trusted aftermarket distributors for many auto shop owners across the globe for their wide range of auto parts replacement, product affordability, and global availability. MZW Motor distributing network continues to grow over time with one vision in mind, to deliver aftermarkets to the industry that brings real results.

Why MZW Honda Ignition Coil?

Get your fuel system back to its top condition and maintain your engine operating reliably with MZW’s Honda Ignition Coil. Made to exacting original specifications, fit, form, and function. With identical quality and performance, MZW’s Honda ignition coil will provide you with years and miles of worry-free driving experience.


  • Engineered with strict compliances to OE and MZW’s highest standards
  • Built with superior quality materials for better wear and tear resistance that result in longer service lifespan
  • Both primary and secondary are composed of 100% copper
  • Direct OE replacement and fit
  • Advanced designed to perform in par with OE or better
  • Vigorously constructed in certified manufacturing facilities
  • Undergo the strictest quality assurance process to ensure consistent performance outcome

We guarantee you every MZW Honda Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

Aside from world-class ignition coil replacement, MZW Motor has a wide range of automotive replacements that will definitely fully load your shop.


  • ISO certified facilities and products
  • Highest quality for an affordable price
  • Top-notch customer service experts
  • Global distributing network provides fast delivery
  • Transit tested packaging for product’s safe delivery

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Tired of searching for auto parts manufacturer that is a perfect fit for your auto part shop? Put your trust in MZW Motor and step up your shop capabilities. Equip it with globally trusted automotive replacements and accessories. Compete in the supply scene with the right ammunition. MZW Motor products are sure to satisfy and give real results.

MZW Motor has been a stable manufacturing name in the aftermarket industry since it was established in 1995. We have produced top-notch ignition coils that satisfy. We have over 50,000 auto parts in our product portfolio that are waiting for you. With our unique order and delivery process, be certain to meet your orders in your door exactly when you need or even earlier.


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