Honda Steering Rack

If you are having troubles with your steering rack, MZW has a high-quality replacement steering rack for you. Engineered from top-grade materials that ensure durability, durability, and 100% functionality. This replacement part is a recommended alternative that gives value to your money. Honda steering rack is comprised of vital parts that work altogether to deliver the performance you need. It includes universal joints, shaft, gearbox, and much more. 

The Honda steering rack is a vital component of every vehicle’s steering system. is composed of important components including the universal joints, shafts, and steering rack or gearbox. The Honda steering rack includes two pinions, one that connects the steering shaft, and the other of which connects to the power assist motor. In turn, this provides smooth rotary movement of the steering wheel, giving the driver a better steering feel. It is the core unit of the vehicle that sends a signal to the driver to achieve smooth and stable steering. 

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

Founded in the year 1995, MZW is a renowned and respectable manufacturer, engineer, and distributor of a wide range of steering system parts. Through the years, we have gained partnerships with many of the known manufacturers and retailers across the world.

Our products are manufactured with the highest form of standards to achieve satisfaction from our customers. Furthermore, our extensive and profound experience in manufacturing automotive parts enables us to deliver uncompromised quality at all times.

We established a network that extends to any region across the globe. Today, our presence is acknowledging in more than 15 countries around the world.

MZW Honda Steering Racks

Restore the worry-free performance of your ride with this direct fit and long-lasting product from MZW. This high-quality replacement steering rack from MZW ensures product quality, rigidity, and proper steering function. MZW brings superior quality and performance to the automotive market at affordable prices.


  • Provides impeccable performance and dependability like no other
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001-approved facilitates 
  • Eliminates steering noise
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Improved steering at high acceleration and sudden turn
  • Endures demanding road conditions
  • All steering bushings are exceptionally strong to promote long service life
  • All products are carefully inspected and validated by industry experts

We guarantee you every MZW Honda Steering Racks has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

MZW has an advanced testing facility and in-house manufacturing equipment, strict testing processes including material test, pressure test, performance analysis, shock tests and so much more. Keeping track of the company’s legacy of quality and service, MZW products has exceeded numerous expectations and has been recognized as a top-tier steering rack manufacturer in the global market.


  • Incoming materials inspection
  • In-house manufacturing facility
  • Large capacity production
  • Customer-focused service 
  • Strict inspection and testing
  • ISO certified processes

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About MZW Motor

In 25 years of service, MZW has witnessed an exponential growth in the development of steering systems, such as manual steering rack a power steering system with educed steering efforts for better drivability.

Through the combination of experience and professional knowledge, we have been positioned to address the individual needs of every customer. We focus on designing and expanding our product line and integrate game-changing features.


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