Hyundai Radiator

Hyundai radiator is part of the car’s cooling system and plays an important role in how the engine will perform and how long it will last. Together with the engine oil and the vehicle exhaust system, you Hyundai radiator takes care of the produced heat on the engine to maintain proper temperature to keep the engine running. Putting it simply, the radiator is a heat exchanging device to keep the engine from overheating.

The radiator consists of four parts. The radiator core, radiator cap, inlet, and outlet tanks, and transmission cooler. A single issue on a radiator or in its parts can major problems to engine’s overall health and your safety as well. However, a failing radiator produces warning signs to help you assess your component as early as possible:


  • Radiator fluid discoloration
  • Blocked exterior radiator fins
  • Passenger heater malfunctioning
  • Radiator leaks – coolant leaks
  • High-temperature gauge readings

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MZW Automotive radiator suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

MZW Motor is a leading manufacturing brand that mainly focuses on producing automotive part replacements for motor vehicles.

The company was established back in 1995 as a small privately-owned manufacturing company. With the constant provision of top-notch quality of remanufactured auto parts, MZW Motor manages to secure a reputable name in the aftermarket industry.

Why MZW Hyundai Radiator?

Looking for a replacement for your Hyundai’s cooling system component? MZW Motor got your back. Our remanufactured radiator is expertly made in compliance with the stringent industry standards that will surely meet your satisfaction and performance expectations. Crafted from handpicked materials, this radiator replacement will surely provide you with many years of reliable service.


  • Direct replacement to your factory unit
  • Easy installation – guidelines provided
  • 100% leak-tested before shipping
  • Possesses identical fit, form, and function to its OE
  • Guarantees to provide maximum cooling efficiency and heat transfer at all time
  • Triple-tested to ensure a real-world ready application
  • Optimum durability to common wear and tear due to materials used

We guarantee you every MZW Hyundai Radiator has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Radiators

The cooling system is an important part of your engine as it contributes to the engine’s health and longevity. As an automotive parts manufacturer and marketer, we make sure to put ourselves in your shoes.

We understand that finding the right shop to provide you a proper replacement can be a pain. Backed up with over 20 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge, you are sure to source second to none replacements here at MZW Motor. Also, our products are all covered by a consumer-friendly warranty policy.

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About MZW Motor

Over the years in the automotive part manufacturing scene, MZW Motors has managed to establish 6 branches of manufacturing facilities. All facilities are identically equipped with the industry’s latest manufacturing technology and product processing.

These facilities are capable of producing over a thousand remanufactured auto parts per day, which made MZW Motor an obvious choice to source automotive part replacements by huge auto part shops across the globe. Manned with over 300 professionals, MZW Motor ensures mass production will now compromise the quality of its products.

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