Top 13 Ignition Coil Manufacturers of 2023

Ignition coil manufacturers in the global market have been growing in numbers thanks to the unending demand of ignition system components due to the continuous supply and product of motor vehicles by automotive suppliers worldwide.

The ignition coil is part of the components of an ignition system that create a high voltage from the relatively low voltage from the vehicle’s power supply. This component turns 12v (commonly) to thousands of voltages needed to create a spark in the spark plug, resulting in the combustion of air and fuel mixture. This process will enable the vehicle to start the operation.

When starting an engine, many auto parts under your vehicle’s hood are working simultaneously creating the energy that is needed to make your car run. One of the vehicle’s most important parts is the ignition system.

Since the introduction of the ignition system, the automotive industry has undergone major advancements that create innovation to the ignition system itself. Many components were eliminated, some were added, and others just stayed. There are three known ignition system generations in the automotive world. They are the Conventional Ignition, Distributor Ignition, and Electronic Ignition.

Ignition Coil Market Overview

Driving the ignition coil global market is the increasing sales of the automobile. The automotive industry has witnessed growth from many regions including India, Thailand, Mexico, and other regions of the globe. According to the article published by the, the global vehicle ignition coil market was valued at USD 5.59 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 7.55 billion in the next 6 years, with a CAGR of 3.9% within the forecast period of 2019 to 2026. Due to strategically locate manufacturing sites and inceptions of new manufacturers, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to have the largest market share of all.

ignition coil market

Ignition Coil Manufacturers and Companies List:


Denso Ignition Coil

Denso Ignition Coil

Denso is a long-leading direct ignition coil manufacturer that is working close to many vehicle manufacturers around the world. The company developed the industry’s first, compact, stick-type ignition coil. Denso also pioneered the micro-sized driver circuits and diagonal inductive winding used for improved performance on minimal space. Innovation and breakthrough designs by Denso ignition coils ensures an efficient ignition performance on daily driving.

Denso Ignition coils restore the original performance of the vehicle’s ignition system. Engineered to stringent OE specifications, the Denso ignition coil is sure to fit the same or even better than the original part installed in your car. Products are made from materials of high quality for many years to come.

Product Features:

  • Manufacture from premium materials
  • Designed to provide years of reliable service
  • Budget-friendly price
  • The innovative, small-size driving circuit is integrated into the top of the coil
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install

Denso Ignition Coil:

Denso EU Official Website:


Bosch Ignition Coil

Bosch Ignition Coil

Bosch is a premier global ignition coil supplier. The company also offers services and technology and is privately held and headquartered in Germany. Bosch operations are divided into four major business sectors including automotive technology, industrial technology, energy and building technology, and consumers good. Products and services by Bosch are meant to deliver improved quality of life by offering innovative and beneficial solutions. The company is known for its tagline “Invented for Life”.

All Bosch ignition coils are built to achieve or exceed OE specifications and are known worldwide for their reliability and performance. Bosch ignition coils effectively convert the low voltage into high ignition system voltage creating the spark needed which ignites the fuel.

Bosch Ignition Coil key features:

  • Meets or exceed OEM specifications
  • Excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection
  • Direct fit application
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions
  • Reliable voltage resulting in smooth engine performance
  • Backed by Bosch limited lifetime warranty

Bosch Ignition Coils:

Bosch Official Website:

Bosch Ignition Parts:


Hitachi Ignition Coil

Hitachi Ignition Coil

Hitachi is one of the few manufacturers that stands for over a century today and still on the scene. Since its foundation in 1910, Hitachi has responded to significant societal challenges based on the mission of contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.

Hitachi Automotive systems manufacture and distributes engine management parts, electric powertrain, drive control units, and car information systems for major automotive original equipment manufacturers globally.

As an ISO / TS 16939 certified company, Hitachi continues to deliver high quality and reliable products for every consumer. In manufacturing different automotive systems such as Hitachi Ignition coil, Hitachi facilities use robots, CAD/CAM systems, and Hitachi’s independently developed process technologies to ensure optimum quality and efficiency in design, production, inspection, and the receiving and shipping orders.

Hitachi Ignition Coil features and specifications:

  • Precise machinery – provides superior durability at minimal current fluctuation
  • Product features gold plated connectors – corrosion protection
  • Consistent voltage output and amperage – better gas mileage and optimal engine efficiency
  • Available at different types including plug type, plug hole, and pencil designs

Hitachi Ignition Coils:

Hitachi US Official Website:

Hitachi Products and Services:


Diamond Electric Ignition Coil

Diamond Electric Ignition Coil

Founded in 1937, Diamond Electric Mfg Co., Ltd., is a leading ignition coil manufacturer for motor vehicles of all types that have to operate for 80 years today. Diamond also designs and produces varieties of DCDC converters, such as power conditioners, onboard charges, and onboard DC/DC converters.

Responding to the continuous development of automobile technologies is becoming more and more on the electronics side and high-performance parts, Diamond Electronic is reducing the size and adding up to their core component which is the Diamond Ignition Coil more sophistication.

The company promotes highly advanced product development toward systematized and integrated engine combustion control, including peripheral components as sensors.

Diamond Electric Ignition Coils:

  • Available in different types – rectangular ignition coil;
  • Ignition coil with Ion electric current detector function
  • PHP-COP with built-in ignitor

Diamond Electric Ignition Coils:

Diamond Electric Official Website:


HELLA Ignition Coils

HELLA Ignition Coils

Located in Northville, Michigan, Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA develops and manufactures different products including lighting, electronic components, and systems. The company offers a wide range of spare parts, chassis, sidelights, and accessories, as well as vehicle diagnostics, battery installation, and lighting services, which is served and utilized worldwide.

HELLA product range for Ignition coils is comprised of more than 80 variants consumers can choose from and is consistently being extended due to the company’s unending development. This concerns for Ignition coils for static high-voltage distribution (RUV), for which control is electronic exclusive.

HELLA Ignition coil features:

  • Wide variety to choose from
  • Fitting for every vehicle application
  • High-quality composites
  • Efficient ignition component

Hella Ignition Coil:

Hella Partner World:


BorgWarner Ignition Coil

BorgWarner Ignition Coil

BorgWarner is a market leader and an ignition coil supplier for virtually every vehicle on the road today. The company is a 130 years product leader and expert in the field of powertrain systems. BorgWarner is supporting the automotive industry by realizing clean propulsion and efficient technology solutions for many applications including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles as well as off-road applications. The company has a vision of a clean and energy-efficient world that incorporates in its every product.

BorgWarner Ignition coils are manufactured to deliver the necessary high voltage and ignition energy for producing voltage needed to spar the spark plug. BorgWarner has a broad range of ignition coils ranging from pencil coils, plug top ignition coils, multi-spark ignition coils to ignition coil rails, and block ignition coils.

BorgWarner Ignition Coil advantages and features:

  • Temperature resistant – durable and reliable
  • Optimum combustion energy, high ignition voltage
  • Pencil coils directly mounted on the spark plug
  • Composites used are to promote longevity

BorgWarner Ignition Coils:

BorgWarner Official Website:

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Walker Products Ignition Coil

Walker Products Ignition Coil
Walker Products Ignition Coil

Walker Products has been supplying the automotive industry with fuel system components since 1946. Walker is one of the largest privately-owned manufacturers of fuel system components and engine sensors in the market.

Walker Products caters major OE manufacturers, co-manufacturers, tradition aftermarket distributors, rebuilders, and retail customers in the automotive. The company is committed to serving the industry with OEM fuel system components with OE standards and specifications.

The manufacturing facility where Walker ignition coils are manufactured maintains its ISO 9001 / IAFT 16949 standards. Giving consumers options, Walker Product Ignition coils are made available into different types including Ignition Coil Packs, Coil-on-Plug Ignition Coils, Pencil Ignition Coils, and Cassette Ignition Coils. Application coverage of Walker Ignition coils ranges from models of the production year 1960 up to millions of models today.

Walker Product’s Ignition Coil:

  • Wide Range of compatibility
  • From classic to modern cars – fitment guaranteed
  • Varieties of the Ignition coil to choose from
  • Suiting for different lifestyle and driving

Walker Products Ignition Coil:

Walker Products Official Website:

Walker Products E-Catalog:


Marshall Electric Ignition Coils

Marshall Electric Ignition Coils

Established in 1974, Marshall Electric is a world leader in fuel system components, specifically the ignition coils. Marshall Electric’s fuel system breakthrough started in 1982 where the company produced the first sectioned bobbin technology in the US. A year later, Marshall Electric developed the first distributor-less ignition system.

Marshall Electric manufactures ignition coils without compromising every bit. Thus, all development that will be made in the future will not affect the quality and efficiency of coils. The company continues to expand into international markets with a growing line of coils for the ever-changing ignition system demands.

Marshall Electric Ignition Coils Features and Advantages:

  • Flexible product line
  • Solidly built ignition coil and fuel system components at hand
  • Mass production capable
  • Custom ignition coil capable
  • high-caliber engineering, producing top-notch ignition coils

Marshall Electric Official Website:


ACDelco Ignition Coil

ACDelco Ignition Coil

ACDelco is a GM manufacturing brand. The company is known to supply fuel systems to almost all applications which include vehicle systems as well as off-road, industrial, and marine equipment. The company has more than one hundred years of experience and offers an extensive line of automotive components such as different brake parts, belts and hoses, ignition coil, shocks and struts, alternators and starters, and other products that are trusted to be reliable.

ACDelco Ignition Coil promises to restore the performance of your vehicle’s ignition system. ACDelco uses the latest manufacturing tools in order to create an Ignition coil that will meet the stringent OE specifications. They are sure to function and fit just like the original equipment your vehicle is manufactured with.

Features and advantages of ACDelco Ignition Coils:

  • designed to deliver consistent combustion for a trouble-free performance
  • suiting for different vehicle and lifestyle
  • durable that comes from the materials used
  • will meet or exceed the strict quality standards

ACDelco Ignition and Switches:

ACDelco Official Website:

C:Users123Desktopdownload (6).png

Mitsubishi Electric Ignition Coil

Mitsubishi Electric Ignition Coil

Mitsubishi Electric is considered to be the forefront of Japan’s technical ingenuity and product innovation. The company was founded way back in 1921 and today stands as one of the most successful brandings in the world. Mitsubishi Electric has a total of 108 subsidiaries outside Japan alone, and the other 95 locally. Today, Mitsubishi Electric is employed by over 146,000 employees.

Utilizing the company’s technical know-how I n coil design and semiconductor devices, Mitsubishi Electric produces plug-top ignition coils that are compact, powerful, and advanced. Here are some of the features of the Mitsubishi Electric Ignition coils:

  • compact and lightweight – easy to install the product
  • high voltage and high energy for high-compression engines
  • ion current detection system to enable combustion state feedback

Mitsubishi Electric Official Website:

Mitsubishi Electric Ignition Coils:

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Equipment:


NGK Spark Plugs Ignition Coil

NGK Spark Plugs Ignition Coil

Founded in 1963, NGK Spark Plugs has been a global leader in technology, innovation, and world-class quality in the design of spark plugs and oxygen sensors. With over 80 years of manufacturing expertise, the company is driven by extreme dedication to producing products that will generate outstanding performance and quality. The company caters to OEM and aftermarket as well.

All NGK ignition coils are manufactured under the umbrella of ISO 17025 certified lab. NGK ignition coils are engineered to OE durability and performance. With over 450 ignition coil part numbers and a 95% VIO coverage, NGK is amongst the industry’s Ignition Coil Specialist.

NGK Spark Plug Official Website:

NGK Spark Plug Ignition Coil Video Introduction:

NGK Spark Plug Ignition Coils:

NGK Ignition Coil types:


Valeo Ignition Coil

Valeo Ignition Coil

Valeo Service is an automotive industry specialist serving both auto manufacturers with original equipment and the independent aftermarket with replacement parts and accessories for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Valeo is a brand that creates solutions for electric, thermal, lighting, and wiper systems, as well as transmission kits demonstrating rich expertise in manufacturing and product design.

Stand as one of the leading original equipment ignition coil supplier, Valeo ensures to offer their consumers varieties of ignition coils that cover virtually every ignition coil technologies available in the market. Valeo ignition coil includes wet coils, compact coils (1 to 8 output), pencil ignition coils, top-plug ignition coils, and rail ignition coils.

Reasons to choose Valeo Ignition Coils:

  • comprehensive offer – covering all technologies available in the market
  • easy to replace benefiting from the exact OE fit design
  • best quality products to reduce fuel consumption, damage, and failure
  • genuine technical support – supporting consumers further

Valeo Service Official Website:

Valeo Services Ignition Coils:


YURA TECH Ignition Coil

YURA TECH Ignition Coil

YURA TECH was established back in 1987 is known by the brand name Yura Tech Co., Ltd. The company is a professional manufacturer and ignition coil supplier for the automotive ignition system. The company product also includes spark plugs.

Considering quality innovation and the best value of products, Yura Tech is focused on developing low-carbon, high-fueled vehicle parts technology. Yura Tech is continuing to expand the diversity of their product options thanks to the help of their R & D, to prepare for the changing eco-friendly automobile era.

Yura Tech Ignition Coil includes a couple of types such as Plug-top Coil and Stick-coil and harness. In manufacturing stick-coil, Yura Tech gives the consumers the advantage of not requiring a spark cable and distributor.

Yura Tech Ignition Coil advantages:

  • minimal structured – allowing extra space within the engine room
  • improves energy efficiency
  • cost reduction – low fuel consumption
  • EMI reduction

Yura Tech Official Website:

Yura Tech Ignition System / Ignition coil:

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