Infiniti Brake Booster

Vacuum-suspend or the vacuum boost is the most common type of brake booster. But regardless if they differ on the brake booster diagram, all brake assist shares the same working principle.

Infiniti brake booster has a check valve. Check valves in motor vehicles are designed to suck the air out of the brake booster. It has one air passage preventing the air to enter the cylinder. The check valve act as a protection to the brake lines from air bubbles.

When having a bad brake booster, it usually creates warning signs that will help you assess the situation. A brake pedal that is hard to press, spongy feeling when applying the brake and non-working brakes are included in these symptoms.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Many vehicles nowadays are employed with a brake booster to give additional braking power to the braking system. they are designed to be of use to brake master cylinder by providing a constant flow of hydraulic brake fluid. Also, the brake booster increases the brake pressure allowing both small and heavy vehicles to stop effectively when desired.

MZW Motor is a leading brake booster manufacturer in China. Our brake parts catalog also includes brake pads, brake rotors (disc), brake drum, and shoes. The company was established back in 1995 in the dedication to providing tangible answers to many car owners’ troubles. We are manned with over 300 personnel keeping our products well maintained and in their top-quality.

Why MZW Infiniti Brake Booster?

Synonymous with its original equipment, MZW’s Infiniti brake boosters are in line with the best brake booster replacements in the global market. We manufacture products that will not break your bank. All standard specifications of Infiniti genuine parts are guaranteed to be met.


  • Qualified to be of a direct replacement for Infiniti OEM brake booster
  • Power brake booster are vacuum tested ensuring reliable brake assistance
  • Made out from strong, durable materials for many years of service for you Infiniti car
  • 100% brand-new – not rebuilt brake booster
  • Rust-resistant finish helping to prolong product life
  • ISO certified

We guarantee you every MZW Infiniti Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

Together with the company’s affordable Infiniti brake booster, MZW Motor also has over 50,000 different auto parts you can choose from. All-new, raw materials are used, not remanufactured nor refurbished.

Our product contains innovative solutions including starter motors, fuel systems, automotive cooling products, suspension and steering parts, and other accessories and parts for virtually every car brand and model you can see.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Our community of partners and distributors from all around the world has been enjoying consistent growth ever since the company established. Infiniti brake boosters and other alternatives we have are being exported to many places of Southeast Asia and other parts of the globe. Partnership with such, MZW Motor products are now made easy-to-obtain and accessible as well due to our visibility in the online market.


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