Infiniti Brake Pads

Your infinity brake pads play an important role to your disc brakes. Together with your Infiniti brake caliper and rotor (brake disc), brake pads work is slow and stop your vehicle.

As the brake caliper squeeze the brake pads into the rotor, friction materials from the brake pads slows down the rotation of the wheels creating the braking function.

Being constantly in contact giving friction to slow or stop the vehicle, brake pads will eventually wear out over time. Some noticeable warning signs are produced when braking to help you know when to replace Infiniti brake pads.

Symptoms include slow brake response, thinner brake pads surface, screeching metal sounds when braking, and/or brake light turns on.

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

Brake pads can be fabricated using different kinds of materials. Depending on your lifestyle of vehicle requirements, brake pads can be made out of metallic materials (commonly used in all road vehicles), semi-metallic, non-asbestos or organic, and ceramic.

MZW Motor is a leading distributor and manufacturer of brake parts for motor vehicles including brake pads, brake rotors, and brake shoes.

We have brake parts available for virtually every make and model you can think of. Equipped with advance tools and production technologies, we at MZW Motor makes sure to provide you innovative solutions for your vehicle troubles.

Why MZW Infiniti Brake Pads?

Does your vehicle produce eardrum-piercing noises when braking? Do you notice unnecessary vibration and burning smell when applying brake?

Replace your worn-out brake pads with MZW’s Infiniti brake pads and restore your braking system’s healthy condition. Being essential to the control of the vehicle and the safety of passengers, brake pads health should not be compromised under any circumstances.


  • Performance tested – guarantees to restore your vehicle’s braking function;
  • which will result in better mobility and road control
  • ideal brake component upgrade due to the same specifications as your original equipment
  • shimmed brake pads resulting in better abatement of noise and vibrations
  • special powder coating used for protection resulting in better product longevity

We guarantee you every MZW Infiniti Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Worried on how much will your replacement for Infiniti brake pads cost? MZW Motor offers the best brake pads price in the market. Not only that, we ensure to publish only the best-grade products in our catalog.

MZW’s brake pads are painstakingly engineered to have matching quality as your Infiniti OEM brake pads. Specifically designed to fit your vehicle, our Infiniti brake pads offers 100% compatibility giving no issues whatsoever.

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About MZW Motor

To bring automotive components that will satisfy and perform, we at MZW Motor strictly implements the use of only premium materials used in fabricating different products including our Infiniti brake pad replacements.

All mediums we use in manufacturing different auto parts are 100% brand-new and in-house made to maintain product quality and ensure they conform to the stringent standards of the company.

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Don’t bargain your safety with cheap Infiniti brake pads that has questionable quality.

Drive in comfort and safety with MZW’s Top caliber Infiniti brake pads replacement.

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