International Ignition Coil

An ignition coil functions as an induction coil in the ignition system that converts the vehicle’s low voltage into thousands of voltages that is required to create a spark in the spark plug to ignite the fuel. The international ignition coil is made up of 3 parts, the primary circuit which relatively has a fewer turn of wires, the secondary circuit that consists of thousands turns of smaller wires, and the iron core.

It is with great importance to keep your car installed with a healthy ignition coil for it to hit the road with maximum efficiency.

To avoid the ignition coil problem, it is best to have your vehicle a regular inspection and maintenance. However, just like any other parts, ignition coils are to breakdown overtime. So, you will definitely need an ignition coil replacement in the future

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

MZW Motor is a privately owned company that focuses on giving the public with automotive aftermarket solutions. MZW Motor has started its operation in 1995. Presently, due to its long history of experience and innovative manufacturing techniques that deliver top-notch products, MZW Motor has sculpted its name in the aftermarket manufacturing scene as one of the world’s most trusted.

With the growing number of manufacturers in the global market, MZW Motor will not back down in the industry’s rising competition. We are to assure you that MZW Motor is and will remain your top choice for your auto parts replacement.

Why MZW International Ignition Coil?

Fabricated from the superior-quality materials using the latest manufacturing technique and plastic molding process, MZW’s Infiniti Ignition coils guarantees a perfect solution for your ignition system issues. Internationally certified and strictly tested, MZW’s Infiniti ignition coil is sure to provide your ride years and miles of reliable service.


  • Top-notch materials ensure our product’s durability
  • Individually tested to bring consistent performance
  • Expected to perform in par with OE or better
  • Efficient coil design
  • Generates highest voltage provision at all speed for effective combustion
  • High-valued product at lower cost

We guarantee you every MZW International Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

Carefully designed by a company with 20 years of aftermarket manufacturing experience, MZW’s International ignition coils are expected to enhance your vehicle’s ignition system.

Restore your ride’s performance and get rid of your worn out ignition coils. Drive worry-free for thousands of miles with MZW’s International ignition coil. With our one of a kind ordering system and delivery process, sit back and relax in the comfort of your home and be certain to receive your products not a minute late.

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About MZW Motor

Being produce by aftermarket manufacturing with over 20 years of industry experience, surely you can put your trust in us with your replacement needs. We are a trusted manufacturing brand world-wide that delivers auto part replacements that satisfy.

With our in-house research and development team, MZW Motor is in continuous pursuit of new ways of bringing you second to none quality of products for your specific vehicle needs.

With continuous industry’s rising demand, deciding which, what and who is common consumer struggle. MZW Motor is here to help. With over 50,000 auto parts and 10 product lines to choose from, we have your auto part replacement covered.


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