Isuzu Brake Booster

Together with brake pads, calipers, pistons, and other disc brake components, your Isuzu brake booster is a part of the disc brake which gives you the benefit of ease braking. The brake booster acts as a multiplier which doubles or triples the amount of pressure applied when you push down the brake pedal.

There are three basic types of brake boosters; the vacuum boosters, hydro-boost, and electro-hydraulic. Often last as good as the vehicle lifespan, some brake boosters wear out after many years of use and exposure to factors that cause the unit to wear. If the diaphragm or check valve fails, it causes the system to lose brake power assist and will be noticeable as the pedal feel spongy.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

The vehicle is made to stop one way or the other. Without the braking function, cars are lost and incomplete. The disc brake is the system that allows the slow and stopping motion of a vehicle together with drum brake which is used in old model rides.

MZW Motor is a premier brand of aftermarket manufacturer that produces ISO quality auto parts including braking parts. The company has various types of starter motors, brake parts, automotive cooling products, steering and suspension, and other performance parts and accessories.

Why MZW Isuzu Brake Booster?

MZW’s Isuzu brake boosters are made to suffice your braking needs for safer and enjoyable driving. Products are meticulously inspected before leaving the factory for shipment ensuring only properly working brake booster is received.


  • Seals and other parts of brake booster diagram features OE quality – preventing leakage from occurring
  • Brand-new units assured – not remanufacture parts nor refurbished
  • Power brake booster are vacuum tested to bring unsurpassed reliability and braking strength
  • The hardware necessary for installation are provided (when applicable) to apply brake booster faster
  • Resistant to common causes of wear including rust, heat, corrosion, and the likes

We guarantee you every MZW Isuzu Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

The brake booster when neglected can cost a huge amount of money and worst, it can lead to serious road accidents that can threaten your life and everyone else’s inside your vehicle. Braking is essential and should not be put aside especially when something is not working that way it should.

Here at MZW, quality goes above anything else. We produce auto parts including our Isuzu brake boosters in compliance with the strictest standard established and standards of ISO quality system. Conforming to such, products are maintained to having top-notch specifications that will meet any vehicle requirements.

All units are covered by the company’s consumer-friendly warranty policy keeping your purchases secured and safe. The company also extends our helping hand with our world-class customer service and aftersales support.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

In creating dependable brake booster replacement and other automotive necessities, the company uses the industry’s best manufacturing technology, tools, and machinery. Our facilities are equipped with precise CNC machining and the latest die-casting technology.

We also benefit from the modern plastic molding technique in producing plastic composite parts. Manned with the industry-leading engineers and technical staff; truly sky is only the limit for MZW Motor aftermarkets.


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