Isuzu Brake Drum

The Isuzu brake drum is manufactured using a strengthened iron housing. As one of the vital parts of brake system, the primary function of brake drum is to put a stop or reduce the speed of the vehicle through brake shoes.

It is commonly found on the hub of the vehicle’s wheels. It operates when the wheel hub moves. The brake drum components include backing plate, brake shoe, brake wheel cylinder, and springs and pins.

If you are looking for a brake drum repair or brake drum replacement, MZW is the right place for you. We have extensive experience in the brake drum replacement process, so replacing the drum brake are made easier for you. We have the most brilliant professionals to guide you how to replace brake drums on your car.

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As a truck brake drum manufacturer, every parts we produce is superior knowledge in engineering field and quality control.

As a leading maker and supplier of brake drums, we have a fully-integrated 15,000 sq. ft. facilities that produce dimensionally accurate and exceptionally surface coated brake drums that can’t be found elsewhere in the market. Our machineries are capable of extending the lifespan of every product.

For the last 25 years, MZW has only been committed to two things; Quality and Value. We are a professional manufacturer of brake drums and other related components.For the last two decades, we have established our own foundry and fully-automated machining line.

Owing to the rich expertise in the brake system parts, and in-depth engineering knowledge of our professionals, MZW has engaged in designing custom brake drums and a wide range of brake drum types.

Why MZW Isuzu Brake Drum?

As a manufacturer of brake drums, MZW has been widely regarded as the premier source of superior quality brake drum replacements that suits a variety of applications in the automobile industry.


  • Two to three times stopping power even in rigorous road conditions
  • Effective heat absorption process
  • High-strength structural integrity
  • Multiple drum brake types available
  • Protection against surface rust 
  • Maintains fresh-from-the-box appearance
  • Prolonged lifespan

We guarantee you every MZW Isuzu Brake Drum has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Drums

As a manufacturer of brake drums, MZW has been widely regarded as the premier source of superior quality brake drum replacements that suits a variety of applications in the automobile industry.

With durable structural integrity, we deliver our products among 15 countries around the world. Compatible with many of the world’s leading brands, our products are highly recognized both in the domestic and international markets. We are continuously patronized by our product’s exceptional resistance and durability.


  • Professional workforce, which provides well-informed knowledge to the customers
  • Short cycle times to export products in vast customer base in the fastest time possible
  • Strictly observed quality control system to produce custom designs based on client’s requirements
  • Unrivalled customer technical support

Brake Drums Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Brake Druems by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our brake drums cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Brake Drums Search Function Soon.

Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

MZW Brake Series Advantages

To ensure consistent performance and highest dependability, MZW products are manufactured with the highest standards to continue providing safety parts for our customers. Over the last years, we have built advanced testing facilities that can govern the necessary safety features and ISO standards of the products. Our testing laboratory is supplemented with the most sophisticated testing equipment such as:


  • CAD technology to ensure that all products meet exact fit, form, and function of the OEM specifications
  • Durability testing equipment to monitor the consistent performance of a certain product
  • Impact tested to ensure the product’s quality and structural integrity


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