Isuzu Control Arm

The primary function of Isuzu control arms is to act as the connection point between the wheel of the car and its body. Most vehicles are ck posed of upper and lower arms. This supports the up and down motion of the wheels while the body frame and passengers stay smooth and level.

Isuzu Control arms, often called Isuzu A-arms, normally consist of control arm bushings and the ball joint. These components of Isuzu control arms are important for driving comfort and handling.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

MZW focuses on upholding excellence in producing high-quality aftermarket parts for the auto industry.

Started in 1995, MZW is one of the leading auto parts and accessories distributors up-to-this-day. From sourcing raw materials, manufacturing processes, inspecting, assembly and transport, we ensure that every single part is made with superior quality.

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MZW Isuzu Control Arms

MZW’s Isuzu Control Arms are equipped with features that provide tangible benefits for car enthusiasts like you in a competitively priced package. Our Isuzu Control Arms provide additional wheel clearance to aid in alignment better that factory-grade control arms.


  • Durable, precisely-formed, fit and function like OE parts
  • Preinstalled ball joins and bushings for a no-trouble installation
  • Designed with protected finishes for rust and corrosion protection that withstands extreme conditions
  • Ball joints are designed with grease fittings to reduce friction during vehicle operation, preventing premature wear and tear, thus extending product lifespan
  • Control arms testing for tensile strength, integrity, reliability and to ensure safety

We guarantee you every MZW Isuzu Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






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