Isuzu Ignition Coil

The Isuzu Ignition Coil is an induction coil that is an important part of the car’s ignition system. The ignition coil, or commonly known as a spark coil, is a transformer that converts the low power voltage on the car’s battery into a high voltage to create an electric spark-plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Having a bad ignition coil could produce a few symptoms that could cause major performance and structural problems – not to mention potentially dangerous ones. So if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms – pay a visit to an industry-leading ignition coil replacement manufacturer to have an expert technician inspect your car.

Misfiring engine? Car losing power? Stalling engine? Decreased fuel economy? It may be time for you to change that faulty coil. A compromised ignition coil can adversely impact your car’s performance.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

Made in one of the industry’s leading companies and backed by years of OE expertise, MZW OE replacement ignition coils are ensured to provide customers with outstanding ignition coils that generate excellent performance while preserving fuel economy. We are a global aftermarket manufacturer of up-to-date technologies for various automotive parts and car accessory. 

Why MZW Isuzu Ignition Coil?

MZW has a selection of durable and reliable ignition coils at affordable prices. Our Isuzu Ignition Coils are equipped with distinct features, compatibility, and technical characteristics to ensure quality performance. Our top priority is the convenience of our esteemed clients.


  • Accurate dimensions
  • Coil housing is engineered with sturdy steel core to withstand extreme temperature without cracking
  • Built with Radio-Frequency Interference to minimize noise during operation
  • Necessary Ignition testing to ensure proper engine performance, maximize fuel efficiency and lessen tailpipe emission
  • Constructed with multiple coals on primary and secondary windings

We guarantee you every MZW Isuzu Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

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