Jaguar Control Arm

The Jaguar Control Arm is an important component of your car’s suspension system. It acts as a connection between the car’s wheels and the body frame.

Its function is to control the ups and down movement of the wheels while preventing misdirection input from the driver. It has bushings that allow your vehicle to perform without harshness and sustain the wheel alignment.

If your Jaguar Control Arm is showing symptoms like sputtering engine, clunking noises, steering winding, etc. It may be time for you to get a replacement for you bad control arms. MZW has a wide stock of OE replacement control arms and premium automotive parts for every car make and model.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

As a manufacturer of control arms, we aim to provide you with an extensive range of product parts that you can choose from.

For more than 25 years, MZW has been committed to providing the best quality car parts, at a reasonable cost and impeccable customer service in the aftermarket industry.

With our extensive history in the automotive industry, we are now one of the leading retailers and distributors of automotive replacement parts across many regions.

MZW Jaguar Control Arms

Looking for a durable, high-quality, with added performance control arms for your car? MZW’s Jaguar Control Arm – a direct replacement, sturdy steel design, – deliver the maximum performance that your car needs. MZW Jaguar Control Arms are specifically engineered to maintain the ball join in its normal operating condition.


  • Corrected ball joint angle 
  • Faster wheel travel 
  • Adjustable ball joints
  • OE matched specifications
  • Meticulously engineered for improved drivability and optimum performance
  • Triple-tested to ensure durability
  • Attached with polyurethane coil spring pads to eliminate crumbling, drying out, and improve resiliency over a long time

We guarantee you every MZW Jaguar Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






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