Jeep Brake Pads

MZW’s Jeep brake pads are sure to be an alternative that can stand to its OE’s name.

Our Jeep brake pads not only offers replacement but also an upgrade to your braking performance. This disc brake component will help you bring the comfort of driving with its stopping power.


  • Direct OE alternative due to exacting product specifications to your stock unit
  • Shimmed brake pads for noise and vibration-free braking
  • Coated with high-quality powder, which provides better protection and appearance
  • Low dust emission – reliable stopping power while keeping your wheels clean
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO/TS 16949 quality system and standards

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

Under the disc brake systems are the brake pads, brake rotors (brake discs), caliper and the caliper support. One cannot function without the other. All components serve a unique purpose in the braking system of your vehicle.

MZW Motor is one of China’s leading brake pads manufacturers. Our company also offers other vehicle parts including starter motors, different steering and suspension components, fuel system components, automotive cooling products, and other electronic vehicle parts.

We have produced countless alternatives that are highly-appreciated not only locally but also across the globe.

Why MZW Jeep Brake Pads?

Brake pads are those steel backing plates that have thick friction materials on the other side. Brake pads are mounted on the disc brake caliper.

It works as you hit the brakes, calipers press the brake pads against the rotors using the friction material to slow the rotation of the wheel, which then creates the braking process to slow or stop the vehicle.

There are three common types of brake pads use in the automotive industry which are the non-metallic or the organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic which is considered the most effective type. This is one of the things needed to be considered when replacing your brake pads.

Different types offer different pros and cons. Get professional consultation if found unsure of what class of brake pads you need for your vehicle.

We guarantee you every MZW Jeep Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Quality apart, MZW’s Jeep brake pads cost a lower than your typical original equipment (OE) supplier. Features OE quality, yet at an affordable price makes our brake pads for Jeep your ideal component alternative.

All products are covered under the company’s consumer-friendly warranty policy. Also, our Jeep brake pads and rotors, and other auto parts are strictly manufactured inside our certified facilities to fully conform with the company’s stringent standards and to ISO quality system as well.

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About MZW Motor

Steer clear of damaged products due to mishandled delivery. MZW Motor uses durable and enhance product packaging that is tested prior to shipment.

This ensures that products are safeguarded during delivery travel. Be certain to receive your Jeep brake pads in their mint condition. T

o get rid of delayed delivery, our company has come up with a unique delivery system that guarantees on-time delivery.

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