Jeep Wheel Cylinder 

Seen in classic and vintage cars, drum brake is a type of braking system which functions to stop or slow the movement of your vehicle.

Components of a drum brake include brake drum, brake shoe, wheel cylinder, backing plate, and different kinds of springs and pins. Not having, even one of the compositions will disturb your vehicle’s mobility and road performance.

Jeep Wheel cylinder as discussed is a hydraulic brake drum unit that helps with the overall stopping of a car. Cylinders are used to hold hydraulic pistons. Pistons, on the other hand, interact with the drum which creates friction necessary to put the vehicle to a complete stop. In the newer version of the brake assembly called the brake disc, wheel cylinders can be compared to a brake caliper.

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Failing wheel cylinder is inevitable. Some of the reasons why the wheel cylinder fails over time are due to interior seals worn out because of too much heat, leaks, and constant exposure to brake fluids. When a wheel cylinder is leaking and in need of replacement, MZW Motor is the brand to trust.

MZW Motor is a well-known provider of premium aftermarket auto parts in China. The company has earned a rightful spot in the industry from over two decades of service to many vehicle owners and aftermarket businesses. MZW Motor has a reputation built from vehicle-specific products that feature innovation and a futuristic approach.

Why MZW Jeep Wheel Cylinder?

MZW’s Jeep wheel cylinders are with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our employed engineers and technicians painstakingly design this component to provide the same aid you expect with Jeep’s original equipment.


  • seals, pistons, and bushings installed incorporates factory unit specifications
  • expected to do identical or better braking aid
  • desirable solution for failing drum brake of all Jeep motor vehicles
  • tested surface securing 100% leak free wheel cylinder

We guarantee you every MZW Jeep Wheel Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Wheel Cylinders

Concerning cost and time value, the replacement of auto parts such as your Jeep OE cylinder is the ideal thing to do. Repairs are time-consuming and results are not guaranteed.

MZW’s Jeep brake wheel cylinders are made available at a lower price compare to OEM parts. Eliminating poor braking, our products also help to eliminate that time you are about to consume when undergoing repair. Our wheel cylinder replacement is ready for immediate application and sure to fit the first time.

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

When choosing a replacement for your wheel cylinder, settle only for the best units. We may not be an OEM manufacturer, but you are certain to receive if not the same, better quality of brake parts for your Jeep vehicles.

From having a standard and traditionally designed drum brake wheel cylinder, we also provide customized auto parts. In consideration of many application requirements, our wheel cylinder not only for Jeep can be made from forge steel and aluminum billets. This enables our brake parts to cater to even custom applications of performance vehicles. It also helps the company expand product options.


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