Kia Brake Pads

Together with your Kia brake caliper, brake rotors, and caliper support, brake pads are a key to your vehicle’s disc brake. Distinguishable as metal plates that have thick friction materials, brake pads help to control your vehicle’s mobility through the braking process. Squeezed by the caliper against the brake disc (also called brake rotor), brake pads provide the friction needed to slow the wheel’s movement until fully stopped.
How long do Kia brake pads last?

Due to its functionality, your Kia brake pads are the most common brake parts that are needing replacement time after time. when replacing your Kia brake pads, take into consideration your daily driving lifestyle to properly choose the type of brake pads that will suit you.

There are four common types of brake pads which are:


  •  Ceramic
  • Non-metallic or non-asbestos organic
  • Semi-metallic
  • Low-metallic

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

MZW Motor is a manufacturing brand that focuses on producing all known auto parts as an alternative to virtually every brand and car model today.

Our company was founded back in 1995 and has been constantly growing ever since.

With over two decades of providing tangible solutions to many automotive problems,MZW Motor manages to establish a reputable name trusted not only in China but also around the world.

Why MZW Kia Brake Pads?

Driving with a failing or worn-brake pads are advisable in any way as they can cause expensive component repairs and can lead to serious accidents as well.

Having OE quality and fit, MZW’s Kia brake pads ensures to enhance your vehicle’s stopping power, giving you better control, brand-new pedal feel, and more enjoyable experience.


  • Painstakingly designed to feature exacting specifications as your original equipment
  • Powder-coated plates for better protection from dust and corrosion
  • Strictly handpicked mediums for construction to prolong brake pads life
  • 100% shimmed pads for effective abatement of noise and vibration when applying the brake
  • Features chamfers and slots to further reduce noise emission
  • Copper-free composition making our Kia brake pads environmental-friendly alternative 

We guarantee you every MZW Kia Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

As the aftermarket industry progresses, many suppliers and manufacturers enter the scene. Purchasing a single product online can be a pain to consumers due to the same product description of many stores. MZW Motor has a lot of things that separate us from the rest.

  • From calls to order assistance – world-class customer service experience guaranteed
  • Exceptional aftersales service
  • Best prices of Kia brake pads and rotors, and other auto parts
  • Offers an extensive range of automotive component replacements
  • ISO certified production facilities, manpower, and products

We are also partnered with many auto parts suppliers and distributors around the globe. These partnerships have made our products easy to obtain even in remote places.

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About MZW Motor

Apart from Kia brake pads and rotors, our brake parts category covers all major brands and models you can think of.

We also offer other auto parts including starter motors, automotive filters, automotive cooling products, fuel system components, steering and suspension components, and other performance parts. overall, our catalog numbers more than 50,000 different replacements that are certain to be of service for any kind of vehicle issues.

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