Lincoln Control Arm

The control arms or the A-arm is a vital part of the suspension system. The control arm is connected to the car’s frame or body through a rubber bushing called the control arm bushing. This allows the arm to move up and down motion without being stuck and on the outer end of the arm is the ball joint.

The control arms serve an important role in holding the front wheel on the road. Given that note, driving with bad control arms in not safe at all. But how can you tell if a bad control arm is still intact in your suspension system?
Some of the noticeable signs of a failing control arms are:

  • Thumping or banging noise – these noises are commonly caused by a worn-out bushing
  • Sloppy steering – commonly caused by a worn-out ball joint
  • And if your vehicle gets involved in a front-end collision and has a damaged front wheel, most likely, your control arms are bent

 The best thing to do is to get your vehicle inspected and purchase a control arm kit if required.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

Since the foundation of the company in 1995, MZW Motor has been a constantly growing aftermarket provider for many shop owners and to the global market.

Over the years, MZW Motor has been a trusted manufacturing name that is recognized for bringing top-quality auto part reproduction and innovative solutions at a bargaining price.

Our auto parts selection has been in constant growth and now numbers more than 50,000 auto parts including starter motors, steering and suspension components, automotive filters and more.

MZW Lincoln Control Arms

Worrying about how much will the replacement for a control arm cost? Worry not, MZW Motor offers high-quality control arm replacement that won’t break your bank.

With identical functions and specifications to its OEM at a lower price, MZW’s Lincoln control arm surely is considered by many as a great catch for their suspension system replacement.


  • Meticulously designed to meet OE standards
  • Made from premium components that give better durability and longer service life
  • high resistance to corrosion and rust due to unique product coating
  • tested to withstand the common causes of failures
  • wear and tear resilient
  • engineered to provide proper control arm alignment

We guarantee you every MZW Lincoln Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Control Arm

Utilizing the best of the industry’s manufacturing technologies has to offer, MZW’s Lincoln control arm will sure to live to its OEM luxurious standards and specifications.

Take advantage of this product’s quality and affordability that you’ll rarely see elsewhere. MZW Motor is one of the manufacturing companies pioneering the use of the latest die-casting manufacturing process and plastic molding techniques which enable us to meet the highest of OE standards and produce direct replacement aftermarkets that have identical fit, form, and function to its OE.

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About MZW Motor

Our control arm replacement ensures to deliver unshaken performance and reliable service life. Hit the road in no time and drive worry-free for thousands of miles.

MZW Motor has a large global distributing network which allows its product easy-to-obtain.It also manages to establish 6 branches of manufacturing facilities that made aftermarket’s mass production possible to deal with the industry’s rising demand

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