Lincoln Steering Rack

The main function of Lincoln steering rack is to turn the rotational motion of the steering wheel into linear.

When the steering wheel turns into left- and right- direction, this turns to a steering column, which rotates the attached steering shat and a small gear attached to the rear end of the steering rack.

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

Here at MZW, we have been doing best what other fails at in the automotive industry. Behind our growth underlies the unwavering commitment to building better parts – and solid partnership with many clients across the globe.

We’re more than just a car parts manufacturer, we innovate parts to outperform factory-grade standards for reliability. Don’t waste your time and money with poorly-made and unreasonably priced products.

Take a look at the tangible benefits listed below for your Lincoln steering rack and obtain the maximum efficiency that your car needs. Crafted using the premium-quality materials, and specifically designed with wear-resistant features, so you can guarantee a lasting performance that never disappoints.

MZW Lincoln Steering Racks

As a supplier of steering racks, we integrate proven design and engineering features that provide tangible benefits for car enthusiasts like you.


  • Lincoln steering racks are made from top-grade materials that last better than advertised
  • exact and direct replacement parts
  • made to meet all of the industry standards composed of complete steering kit assembly for trouble-free installation
  • Lincoln steering racks are direct fit and come with pre-assembled parts ready to fit your vehicle
  • Low prices for your Lincoln steering racks

We guarantee you every MZW Lincoln Steering Rack has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

Going back to our company’s roots, we have always place great priority to our client’s best interests. As a team, we share a common goal of providing unparalleled service whenever you need it.


We have an in-house manufacturing process carried out by industry experts utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment to a stringent set of standards ensuring top-performance. 

Highest standards

All MZW products are inspected and validated by highly-skilled technicians using our ISO-approved processes.

Fast response

We offer reduced lead times to our clients and we are adept in providing them with sound and well-informed answers in the shortest time possible.


We have established a strong foothold that stands for quality and performance. We will always deal with transparency and full customer commitment with our clients.

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About MZW Motor

Thanks to its particularly sophisticated technology, we leverage production technology and we are able to deliver maximum steering power through many miles down the road. MZW has consolidated its foothold in the global aftermarket industry as an industry-leading supplier of steering racks.

Our steering components conform to the quality specifications of both the domestic and international markets. As an ISO/TS 16949 certified company today, we pride ourselves on our partnership with some of the biggest names in the industry. MZW will continue to produce innovative solutions to meet customer expectations.


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