Mazda Steering Rack

The Mazda steering rack is considered the heart if any steering system. It is a simple, uncomplicated part that provides better steering and handling to your vehicle. This gives you control over the direction of your steering wheels.

Being one of the recognized steering rack manufacturing companies, MZW engineers high-performance replacement steering rack with long-lasting dependability and unbeatable quality that will serve you the purpose your vehicle needs. Like and piece of equipment that is in constant use, your Mazda steering rack can also get off track.

That’s why it’s important to source replacement steering rack only from the trusted brand. At MZW, we offer reliable Mazda steering products so you steer and drive with complete confidence.

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

Made in one of the industry’s top-tier companies and backed by years of OE expertise, MZW brings high quality, low-cost performance parts, and the best customer service you deserve. MZW OE replacement steering racks are guaranteed to provide customers with outstanding steering and handling performance.

With 25 years of service to the aftermarket industry, MZW is dedicated to providing an extensive number of high-quality automotive replacement parts to various car make and model. Backed by skilled and professional engineers and manufacturers, all MZW products are meticulously designed to meet or exceed the performance of OEM components.

MZW Mazda Steering Racks

MZW is your one-stop-shop that carries excellent products that are available at a competitive price. We have the utmost commitment to provide the best possible solutions for all your automotive needs. All MZW products are specifically crafted with expert care and professional skill to meet all your requirements.


  • 100% tested
  • Mazda steering rack comes with pre-assembled parts
  • Lubricated parts to ensure the noise-free operation and extended service life
  • enhanced performance better than factory-grade parts
  • Strengthened steering bushings for lasting performance and reliability
  • Quality-tested to ensure trouble-free installation

We guarantee you every MZW Mazda Steering Rack has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

We have a strong workforce formed by a team of R&D specialists, engineers, technicians, and production staff who strive hard to incorporate the most up-to-date standards every time.
For more than a decade, MZW has been the premier choice for both local and international customers.

We have a global market that supplies to many countries across the world. We have a fully-integrated manufacturing facility that covers 15,00 sq. ft. of land, a team of skilled and dedicated staff that can provide you in-depth knowledge for your automotive needs.

We have a strictly controlled manufacturing process approved by ISO standards. With our strongest collaborative efforts, we are able to retain our strong foothold in the aftermarket industry.

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About MZW Motor

As a supplier of the steering rack, we have established commercial relationships in both the local and international markets. Backed with sophisticated technology, MZW brings you innovative, low-cost, and dependable services based on your specific needs.

MZW has capability across automotive products, as well as industrial, agricultural, and heavy-duty applications. MZW’s expertise includes the design and manufacturing of steering systems, suspension system, chassis components, and so much more.


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