Mercedes Benz Brake Caliper

What are brake calipers?

Mercedes Benz brake caliper is playing a critical role in how a vehicle will slow and stop. Over the years of product development, the industry has come up with two types of brake calipers, which are floating and fixed. When brake pedals are pressed, brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against the brake rotor (brake disc) resulting in friction that causing the rotation of the wheels to slow down or stop.

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In the automotive industry, drum brake and disc brake are the two mechanical brakes being used for different vehicle’s braking system.  Disc brakes are preferred by many due to its superior stopping power compared to the brake drum. The disc brake consists of parts including brake rotors, pads, and brake calipers.

Started in 1995, MZW Motor is a manufacturing company that focuses on producing auto part alternatives for motor vehicles including all types of brake parts. Over the years, the company has produced countless automotive components for different OE giant brands including BMW, GMC, Volkswagen, Jaguar, and much more alike. MZW Motor is known to deliver substitutes that meet and exceed industry standards and global consumers’ expectations.

Why MZW Mercedes Benz Brake Caliper?

Get the same benefits your original equipment promises with MZW’s Mercedes Benz brake calipers. Our Mercedes brake parts alternatives are constructed using the latest machining on the industry ensuring that they have the properties of OEM. Restore your Mercedes-Benz brakes with this top-notch replacement.


  • Direct OE replacement due to indistinguishable specifications with your stock unit
  • Same dimension, identical product application – giving you the benefit of using your stock Mercedes brake kits;
  • which saves your time and money in the long run
  • transparently tested before leaving the factory to offer functionality just as promised in the description or better
  • 100% pressure tested – high- and low-pressure tested
  • Guaranteed leak-free
  • Anti-corrosion finish promoting longer service life

We guarantee you every MZW Mercedes Benz Brake Caliper has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Caliper

Honest products, solid solutions, and exceptional aftersales support, these are just a fraction of benefits you can get when you partnered with us.

Our Mercedes-Benz parts catalog offers more than brake calipers. We also have other auto parts including the starter motor, steering, and suspension components, fuel systems, cooling products, automotive filters, and other electronic vehicle parts and accessories fitting for Mercedes owners and other giant brands and models known today.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Developing products and other ways to provide you exceptional end-to-end service is what we strive for. MZW Motor uses a unique way of delivery transport system enabling us to distribute auto parts like Mercedes Benz brake caliper faster.

Enjoy fast and secure delivery when you place orders here at MZW Motor online shop. Rest assure that products are 100% protected with our durable packaging keeping its mint condition intact from leaving the factory up to deliver in your doorsteps.

Whether you are a simple car enthusiast or an automotive parts shop owner, you are very welcome to enjoy our comprehensive Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts catalog.


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