Mercedes Benz Brake Pads

MZW Motor presents the best brake pads for Mercedes owners. Our brake pads offer superior braking power that will restore the full control of your vehicle. Matching quality as your original equipment priced at a fraction compared to your typical genuine Mercedes Benz parts supplier, our brake pads will be your best alternative option.


  • Exacting specifications and quality that guarantees to perform equally as your original equipment
  • Features OE quality chamfers and slots for noise and vibration-free braking
  • 100% shimmed pads that effectively abate the noise when operating
  • 100% brand-new, raw materials used in construction to improve durability
  • Performance test that guarantees to provide stable, strong braking power
  • ISO certified product from ISO certified facilities
  • Tested prior to shipment

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

Braking is an essential function to the vehicle as it provides the slow and stopping motion of your wheels. Disc brakes are the type of brake used today in modern vehicles and are composed of brake pads, disc brake rotor, caliper, and caliper support.

MZW Motor is a leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket brake parts such as brake pads, brake discs, and brake shoes. Our products are globally known due to their identical quality to many automotive supplier’s big names.

Dedicated to being of service in the automotive industry, MZW Motor continues to search for new and innovative ways to fabricate and develop auto parts.

Why MZW Mercedes Benz Brake Pads?

Brake pads are distinguished as the metallic plates that are placed on your Mercedes caliper. The whole system work as you hit the brake pedal, calipers puts pressure on the brake pads which then being pressed towards the rotors that slow down the movement of the wheel.

Due to its function, brake pads will eventually wear out and needs to be replaced. When you notice that your Mercedes brake pads warning light turns on, slow brake response or no response at all, and/or hearing eardrum-piercing sounds when applying the brake, those are the signs that you might have bad conditioned brake pads.

We guarantee you every MZW Mercedes Benz Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Our Mercedes Benz brake pads options are painstakingly designed to suit every Mercedes you can see on the road. Our catalog has the best price range of auto parts you can see on the online market. Get the braking power you need in prices that will not break your bank.

Backboned by the highest certification standards and quality system of ISO/TS 16949, all our products are consistently produced having qualities that are certain to meet the stringent industry standards and specifications of different OEMs.

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About MZW Motor

Coping with the public’s different needs, MZW Motor ensures to supply the aftermarket with different types of brake pads.

You are certain to find brake pads that will suit your specific vehicle requirements and driving lifestyle. May it be metallic, non-metallic, or ceramic, you name it.

Utilizing the industry-leading technology, MZW Motor makes custom product designs possible not only for brake pads but also for every auto part in our portfolio.

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MZW Motor is your trusted brake pads manufacturer.

Bring back the effectiveness of your brakes with MZW’s Mercedes brake pads replacement and hit the road in no time.


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