Mercedes Benz Steering Rack

The Mercedes Benz steering rack plays an important role in the control and safety of the driver. It allows the ease of steering in every sudden turn and acceleration.

The steering system includes O-rings, seals, gear boxes, hoses, and other internal components. However, steering rack may be exposed to failure and your driving safety may be put at risk – especially if the steering becomes loose and starts wandering.

If you’re having a hard time turning your steering wheel, it may be time for you choose a top-quality replacement steering rack for your Mercedes Benz vehicle.

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

Since our inception in 1995, MZW is a recognized manufacturer of steering components including shock absorbers, struts, control arms, steering gear assemblies, and steering joints.

MZW has an in-house manufacturing plant that measures 15,000 sq. ft. plant and high-tech production capability and outstanding control procedures. Our reputation has made it to the international market and has exponentially grown into new markets.

MZW Mercedes Benz Steering Racks

Bring back the old performance of your Mercedes Benz with a premium-grade replacement steering rack from MZW. It offers direct form and exact function as the old factory part. The Mercedes Benz steering rack provides functionality, rigidity, and quality. MZW supplies the automotive market with high-quality substitute products.


  • Exact performance as the original factory part
  • Manufactured under state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for consistent quality
  • Minimizes steering noise
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Comfortable steering and handling
  • Can perform even in steeped road conditions
  • High-quality steering bushings and joints
  • Thoroughly inspected and validated by qualified engineers
  • Exceptional quality and durability

We guarantee you every MZW Mercedes Benz Steering Rack has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

Here at MZW, we combine price, quality and ‘Client first’ approach to provide our customers the highest order of value available in the automotive industry.


Here at MZW, we integrate the most up-to-date steering rack making process. Our automated technology ensures precision every time. The craftsmanship is performed by highly-skilled, professional and dedicated technicians.

Quick Response

Here at MZW, we respond to our client’s request in the fastest time possible. We are prepared to sidestep and setbacks that comes our way.


Here at MZW, we pride ourselves on the permanence of our customers. We will always operate with full transparency and good faith with our clients.


We offer an unbeatable limited lifetime warranty for all our products and services.

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About MZW Motor

MZW has invested in the most advanced equipment that all considerable savings on production expenses, and saves time and money for the customers.

The company’s growth has successfully reached the global market, making MZW an internationally-recognized manufacturer of steering components. To have a hassle-free and safe riding experience, choose MWZ, quality-precision built, and rest assured you will get an ultimately dependable performance with each turn of the key.

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