Mercedes Brake Master Cylinder

The Mercedes brake master cylinder is considered a safety component found on every vehicle. It serves the purpose of transforming the pressured enforced on the brake pads into hydraulic pressure. By doing this, the brake cylinders will operate by the force applied from the pads against the rotors.

MZW manufactures premium replacement brake master cylinders. The Mercedes brake master cylinder is designed with OEM specifications to meet the exact needs and performance of the vehicle, resulting in high efficiency, premium quality products that you can rely on.

Every replacement master cylinder complies with the ISO standards for form, fit, and function. Whenever you are having problems with your brake master cylinder, MZW is always the best place to go to.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

With a ‘customer first’ mindset, MZW continues to serve its customers’ needs by producing highly efficient products. We are prepared to meet our customer’s most complex needs from the braking system to custom brake cylinders.

Whatever your needs, we are prepared to deliver your solutions anytime, anywhere. Our trained and qualified technicians, engineers, and specialists will everything possible to save you time and money. MZW’s roots trace back to 1995 and have now become a leading manufacturer and supplier of brake master cylinders. Today, with a global reach to 15 countries around the world, MZW continues to grow and provide a more innovative product line.

Why MZW Mercedes Brake Master Cylinder?

The Mercedes direct master brake cylinders are designed to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. It features proper fit and long-lasting service life. Brake fluid leaks are commonly caused by broken pistons. This results in corrosion and pitting inside wheel cylinders. A bad brake cylinder can be potentially dangerous to the river if not treated immediately.


  • Built with high-quality rubber seals and boots for lasting performance
  • Tested to ensure proper sealing and zero leakage 
  • High-quality replacement
  • Exact form as the OEM part
  • Built with high-quality disc brakes and drum brakes

We guarantee you every MZW Mercedes Brake Master Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Master Cylinders

MZW conducts a series of procedures related to testing and quality inspection. This is to ensure that all units meet or exceed OEM requirements with seals and O-rings that conforms to the OE standards.

We utilize cutting edge brake technologies to ensure leak-free performance even in the most demanding conditions. As a manufacturer of brake cylinders, we design high-quality seals required in the brake system.

Our specialized capabilities and engineering knowledge allow us to maintain our foothold in leading the industry with premium-grade brake technologies that contribute to a safer, sustainable, efficient product.

Brake Master Cylinders Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Brake Master Cylinders by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our brake master cylinders cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Brake Master Cylinders Search Function Soon.

Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

MZW Brake Series Advantages

If you’re looking for a replacement to your bad bake cylinders, MZW is well-equipped with exceptional manufacturing capabilities to sustain the needs of its customers.

With 15,000 sq. ft. facility and cutting edge technologies, MZW can provide you the best and finest quality you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

We produce custom brake cylinders depending upon the application. We have a fully automated facility to design and manufacture high-quality brake parts.


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