Mercury Control Arm

The control arm is part of the suspension system that serves as a link the connects the vehicle frame to the steering knuckle where the wheels and tires are attached. Commonly, the control arm can be easily distinguished by its form or shape.

Most cars have a control arm shaped like L, and others has A- shape. This suspension system component plays a vital role in road safety as it is the one dictates on whether your wheels are synchronized with your steering knuckle.


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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

MZW Motor started its operation in 1995 and has started growing every year since. MZW Motor focuses mainly on producing replacement of automotive parts for daily use.

Over the years of providing the public with reliable aftermarkets for different makes and car models, MZW Motor has managed to establish its name as a present powerhouse auto parts replacement source and is now distributing products worldwide.

Control arm works together with 2 important components which are the:

• Bushing – control arm bushing function is to reduce the amount of vibration coming from the wheel and the frame resulting softer ride over road bumps. 

 • Ball joints – ball joints are connected to the other end of the control arm which is on the wheel side. It keeps the wheel hub and steering knuckle in synchronized motion 

Keeping a failing control arm can cause safety and vehicle problems, it is important to have regular inspections of your suspension system especially when traveling long miles.

MZW Mercury Control Arms

MZW’s Mercury control arm offers full protection from common causes of failures like rust, corrosion, wear and tear, and the likes.

These control arms are produced and have been individually evaluated to unparalleled standards to provide lasting service life, optimum performance out, and certainly restores your wheels and take it back in shape hitting the road.


  • Direct replacement to OE
  • Matching standards and specification to that of OE 
  • Improved design and quality of materials that guarantee to generate better performance to its OEM
  • E-coated parts for longer service life and corrosion resistance
  • Provides better steering control
  • Reduced noise production, tire wear, and vibration while operating
  • Bushing and ball joints ready for easy installation

We guarantee you every MZW Mercury Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






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Founded in 1995, MZW Motor never stop giving tangible solutions to many car owners’ vehicle problems since.

To its consistency of providing second to none aftermarkets and in-house implementation of quality assurance, MZW Motor has been a certified automotive aftermarket manufacturer and is now recognized globally as a top source of world-class auto parts.

Apart from facilities and technologies, MZW Motor is manned with over 300 professionals and continuously growing.

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