Mercury Fuel Tank 

The function of Mercury fuel tanks is to act as a safe storing equipment for flammable liquids such as gasoline or diesel. In modern vehicles, the fuel tank is mounted behind the rear axle of Mercury vehicle. The main parts of a fuel system fuel pump, filler neck, gas gauge, fuel cap, and gas tank.

Whether car, heavy-duty truck, or motorcycle, every Mercury fuel tank is subjected to highest standards of regulations. Strict statutory standards apply to both the fuel tank and the components from which it is made, requiring all materials to pass stringent testing and inspection control prior to series tank production.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

With three decades of expertise, MZW Motor designs, development, and manufactures high-quality replacement fuel tanks. We also produce custom fuel tank products. As a global leader in automotive replacement parts and other related services, we focus on building a reputation as the premier single source for quality auto parts to suit most of the world’s top makes and models. We have built a noteworthy reputation as an exceptional distributing partner for experience, dependability, technology, and performance.

Why MZW Mercury Fuel Tank?

Rust, water, and other contaminants accelerate tank degradation and can cause engine breakdown. If these contaminants enter the filter and into engines, it can lead to catastrophic fuel pump failure or fuel injector plugging. Water promotes a thriving environment for algae and microorganisms. This can accumulate at the bottom of the tank and can plug fuel pumps and fuel filters.

When it comes to ease of maintenance and outstanding durability, MZW Mercury fuel tank ranks in top with features like:


  • Self-sealing
  • 100% Recyclability 
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Highly formable steels 
  • Impermeability
  • High rigidity for good shape stability 
  • Zero evaporative emissions
  • Includes fuel demand valves that prevent fuel spillage

We guarantee you every MZW BMW Fuel Tank has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Fuel Tank

MZW has a broad array of diagnostic equipment and a skilled workforce to fulfill customer requirements by providing food quality products. Our specialized testing facilities include: durability testing, vibrating testing, impermeability testing, pressure testing, and performance testing.

Backed by state-of-the-art facilities, the simulation testing is carried out to guarantee reliability and performance all throughout the product’s life. All MZW products are validated by a team of qualified engineers who actively participate in inspecting processes from receiving raw materials up to quality testing.

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MZW Fuel System Advantages

We are a world leader in the fabrication of all types of fuel tanks such as aluminum tanks, plastic tanks, and more. We utilize advanced methods of tank calibration, and this has brought us to the forefront of fuel tank technology.

Cutting edge techniques enable durable, exceptional, and dependable products to keep additional cost and disruption to a minimum. We boast our multi-award, recognitions, certificates of accuracy to ensure product quality.

As a manufacturer of fuel tanks, we employ quality fuel tanks, fast service, fair prices, and dedication to achieve complete customer satisfaction. With major capabilities, our company has become a top-tier brand in the tank industry. We are your most trusted source for automotive fuel tanks, custom fuel tanks, worldwide.


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