Mitsubishi Brake Booster

Mitsubishi brake booster in general contains a diaphragm and a check valve. Separated by a rubber composite, the brake booster interior is divided into two parts.

When hitting the brake pedal, the valve from the side of the booster opens allowing the air to pass. The air serves as pressure pushes the piston inside the master cylinder which uses the brake fluid to perform the braking function.

Brake boosters work in a systematic format together with other components of disc brake including the rotor, brake caliper, pads, and so on.

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In a disc brake system, when pressing the brake pedal, brake booster increases the force applied to the master cylinder. The absence of a brake booster causes you to initiate more effort in stepping down the brake pedals. Thus, a malfunctioning brake booster can be the cause where you found your vehicle having a hard brake pedal.

Locked into the passion for providing tangible solutions for all motor vehicle inconvenience, MZW Motor is dedicated to supplying the aftermarket community with outstanding auto parts replacements. Our professionals are painstakingly fabricating every single unit into perfection creating not only solutions but upgrades.

Why MZW Mitsubishi Brake Booster?

MZW’s made Mitsubishi brake booster will eliminate all your doubts to your braking system. This product will restore your day 1 brake feels. Utilized premium materials, our Mitsubishi brake booster will give you long years of assistance.


  • Application-specific – made into fitment for Mitsubishi cars, performance vehicles, and pickup trucks
  • Size is made to match for easy product installation
  • If not met, our brake booster replacement will function better than Mitsubishi OE parts
  • Better than rebuilt brake boosters of the likes
  • Undoubtable braking aid

We guarantee you every MZW Mitsubishi Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

A check valve is the most common part of the brake booster to fail. When the check valve is in bad shape, you are most likely to feel a spongy brake pedal. A failing brake booster is vulnerable to road accidents especially when driving on a heavy traffic road.

Don’t compromise your safety and the welfare of everyone inside your car by purchasing cheap brake booster from some random shops you found from the corner of nowhere street. MZW Motor OE-like brake parts are made available at a reasonable price range.

It may come at a slightly higher price than remanufactured units, but this well-built alternative will be a great investment not only for your car but also for your safety.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Power brake booster catalog by MZW Motor is 100% vacuum tested before leaving the premises securing products received are in their top-performing state.

Apart from the best car brake booster price, our diverse selection of brake boosters covers virtually every vehicle brands you are familiar with. So if you are a shop owner looking for a partner who can supply you with game-changing automotive units, you have come to the right place.


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