Mitsubishi Brake Pads

Mitsubishi brake pads are part of your vehicle’s disc brake. Brake pads work together with the brake rotor and caliper to provide the braking process. As the brake caliper squeezes the brake pads against the rotors, the rotation and the movement of the wheels are slowed down or stop.

Although typically manufactured using metallic composition, Mitsubishi brake pads can be produced using different materials such as ceramic, non-asbestos organic, or/and semi-metallic. These types of materials used for brake pads ensure to cope up with the different vehicle and driving lifestyle requirements.

Constantly exposed to friction and thermal stress while operating, just like other auto parts, brake pads will wear out due to wear and tear. Some of the symptoms of bad brake pads include unresponsive braking, the car takes a long time to stop, throbbing brakes, or/and noticeable wear markings on the brake rotors.

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

MZW Motor is a globally known manufacturer of premium alternatives auto parts for almost all vehicle brands and models you can see on the road.

We have produced countless automotive products for industry giants including BMW, Cadillac, Volkswagen, GMC, Jaguar, and much more alike.

As a leading brand, we are dedicated to only produce products that will provide solid solutions for your vehicle troubles.

Why MZW Mitsubishi Brake Pads?

Acquire high-level of control and driving confidence with MZW’s Mitsubishi brake pads. Our brake upgrades are made to feature the exacting OE quality.

Get the performance you expect from your stock unit at a more affordable price. Our Mitsubishi brake pads guarantees to restore your brake system’s day-one condition. Drive with ease and keep everyone inside your vehicle safe.


  • Designed to OE specification – direct replacement
  • Best Mitsubishi brake pads price in the market 
  • Certified under ISO/TS 16949 quality system
  • 100% shimmed to greatly reduce the noise caused by vibrating pads
  • Powder-coated plates for long-lasting protection and improve looks
  • Dependable stability – guarantees to provide effective and strong braking at all times

We guarantee you every MZW Mitsubishi Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Being in the industry for over two decades, we understand what you need as a consumer. Quality and affordability? Here at MZW Motor, we combined those two different worlds and make it possible.

Backed with years of manufacturing expertise, our Mitsubishi brake pads and discs features the same quality as your original equipment, yet made available at a lower price than your casual supplier.

Also, all auto parts by MZW Motor are covered by the company’s consumer-friendly warranty policy.

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About MZW Motor

In producing delicate products that have matching quality as the genuine Mitsubishi brake pads manufacturer, we equipped our facilities with the advance manufacturing technology and production processes.

MZW Motor is one of the brands that pioneered the use of industry-leading die-casting technology, precise CNC machining, and plastic molding techniques. With these types of machinery, we can produce auto parts that far exceeds the expectation of many car enthusiasts and auto parts shop owners.

Quality will never be an issue here at MZW Motor. Be certain to source the best quality of auto parts here at us.

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For your Mitsubishi repair parts and replacement needs, MZW Motor is the right brand.

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