Mitsubishi Wheel Cylinder 

Included in the drum brake, the wheel cylinder is an important part of your braking system. without this hydraulic drum brake unit, braking is virtually impossible to do.

Your Mitsubishi wheel cylinder is in par to a caliper when it comes to functionality, as the caliper pushes the pads into the rotor, wheel cylinder do the same to the drum. When forced against the drum, wheels tend to slow down until fully stopped.

Mitsubishi wheel cylinder has two pistons and one on each side. They have this rubber seal and rod that connects the pistons with a brake shoe. If the brake is applied, pistons push the shoes to make contact with the drum.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Your safety is compromised when driving with failing brake parts. All units under your hood specifically the brake system should be and must be working well in a synchronized manner. If not, your vehicle is vulnerable to road accidents that may lead to expensive repair and can be life-threatening.

MZW Motor is a leading aftermarket provider in China. We deliver the replacement of auto parts for different vehicle makes and models. The company has been on the scene for over 20 years since established in 1995. With over 50,000 units in hand, MZW Motor considered being one of the top sources of automotive products in the market.

Why MZW Mitsubishi Wheel Cylinder?

MZW Motor has made available and aftermarket of brake parts including the Mitsubishi wheel cylinder that is made compatible with series of vehicle models under the Mitsubishi brand. The company does its utmost in design and engineering to match OE specifications.


  • All units of wheel cylinder replacement are pressure tested ensuring safe and leak-free performance output
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • EPDM rubbers are used in all rubber components extending service life into its maximum
  • Aside from pressurized, the surface of wheel cylinders are expected to ensure 100% leak-free 
  • Better than remanufactured parts at almost the same price 

We guarantee you every MZW Mitsubishi Wheel Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Wheel Cylinders

Why settle for rebuilt wheel cylinder for you sweet Mitsubishi rides? MZW Motor brake parts offer 100% brand-new units solely built inside our facilities. MZW engineers and technical staff fabricates brake parts prioritizing quality at most.

MZW’s brake parts catalog covers not only wheel cylinder but also other products such as brake pads, brake disc or the rotor, brake drum, shoes, and so on. allowing you to purchase every auto parts you need here at MZW, many consider as their one-stop virtual shop.

Wheel Cylinders Cross Reference Lookup

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

The latest molding technique, precise CNC machining, and the latest die-casting technology, MZW Motor uses these tools and methods in creating a product that parallels to many OEM cars you can see on the road.

Traditional and unique ideas for customized auto parts are welcomed. This allows your ideas to come to life. So, if you are an enthusiast that wants to actuate innovations in your sleeve, MZW Motor is the name you can trust.

If found yourself in need of a reliable, yet affordable alternative for your aged, worn out wheel cylinder, our brake parts will be your best road partner.


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