Nissan Brake Drum

The Nissan brake drum is a part of the brake system that uses friction generated by the brake shoes or brake pads. The main function of the brake drum is to decelerate or cease the movement of the vehicle’s wheels when force is converted on the brake shoes.

Grinding noise and vibration are some of the common symptoms of a failing brake drum part. Most people conclude that symptoms like these are caused by worn our shoes of the brake drum.

When looking for a brake drum replacement, it is extremely important to seek the help of experts so you can get a reliable, efficient, and noise-free braking performance.

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As a truck brake drum manufacturer, every parts we produce is superior knowledge in engineering field and quality control.

MZW is a leading distributor, engineer, and manufacturer of brake drum parts that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Since our inception in the year 1995,

MZW established a vast distribution network comprised of retailers, car manufacturers, and high-end car enthusiasts. With 15, 000 sq. ft. the facility, MZW believes that investing in product development is the key ahead of futuristic developments.

With a high regard to safety, tolerances, and quality, MZW ensures that all products undergo adequate testing to guarantee real-world performance. We pride ourselves in the two-decade legacy of delivering exceptional products at the best value.

Why MZW Nissan Brake Drum?

MZW is a premium manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of MZW brake drums that are highly durable in terms of properties and features. Widely recognized for its OEM quality, the Nissan replacement brake drums are designed with award-winning characteristics that make it the first choice in the market.

With wide compatibility, the offered Nissan brake drum types are capable of meeting the evolving demands requirements of every client.


  • 100% OEM standard
  • Industry-grade materials
  • High-strength brake drum parts
  • Able to produce custom brake drums
  • Superior stopping power
  • Anti-corrosive properties

We guarantee you every MZW Nissan Brake Drum has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Drums

Since its inception, MZW continually produces advanced auto parts that are precision-engineered and tested to several inspection processes. MZW provides premium grade products that are supplied to many regions across the globe.

As a manufacturer of brake drums, MZW products are developed and tested to strict OE standards. This makes them the preferred choice for safety-related components on the road. We will continue to develop the quality and value that was inherited in all of our designs.


  • First-class product quality
  • Preferred choice of customers
  • 100% reliable and safe
  • Meets exact OEM requirements
  • Continuous product development
  • R&D Division
  • World-class customer support
  • Competitive prices

Brake Drums Cross Reference Lookup

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

We have become an ISO 9001 / TS 16949 certified manufacturer of brake drum and wheel hub. Since 1995, we have been producing high-quality parts for heavy-duty applications.

We have our own manufacturing facility that is comprised of over 300+ automated equipment. We have a large customer base that services in the USA, Europe, Asia, and some parts of the Middle East.

After some years, MZW has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to some of the world’s top car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Porsche, Jeep, Jaguar and so much more. We are committed to maintaining our foothold as a renowned maker and supplier of high-quality automotive parts.


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