Nissan Brake Pads

Nissan brake pads are those plates that have friction material surfaces located in your Nissan caliper. As you apply the brake, all mechanical brake parts come to work in a harmonized way. Squeezed by the caliper, brake pads are pushed towards the rotor, which slows the wheels causing the braking motion.

Being in constant friction and thermal stress, brake pads are vulnerable just like other auto parts and need replacement over time. Some of the symptoms of bad brake pads include screeching sound when braking, brake light turns on, and/or unresponsive braking.

Immediately bring your vehicle to your technician to provide a professional inspection to prevent serious road accidents and expensive part repairs that failing brake can cause.

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

Brake pads, just like the brake rotor are an important part of the disc brake and contribute big time to your overall driving experience.

Producing automotive component replacement since 1995, MZW Motor stands today as one of the biggest, trusted brake pads manufacturers in China’s aftermarket industry.

Aside from brake parts, our product options include starter motors, steering and suspension parts, cooling products, automotive filters, and other electronic vehicle parts for all major makes and models you can think of.

Why MZW Nissan Brake Pads?

MZW’s Nissan brake pad replacement is a product of over two decades of manufacturing expertise and experience. Our brake pads offer supreme stopping power that will help restore your brake system’s day-one condition.


  • Specific friction formulations to cater to unique vehicle applications
  • Design to exacting Nissan brake pads genuine parts for faster installation without vehicle modification
  • Reduce vibrations with OE quality slots and chamfers
  • Shimmed brake pads for to further eliminate irritable noises produced when braking
  • ISO/TS 16949 quality system and product standards compliant
  • Durably built using brand-new materials for long-lasting service life

We guarantee you every MZW Nissan Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Growing competitions in the market eventually became a burden to consumers. Purchasing a single product for replacement consumes a lot of time when having no knowledge and familiarization with who is a legit distributor and who is not.

MZW Motor has been in the scene for over two decades since founded back in 1995. Together with our products, the MZW Motor manufacturing company is appreciated not only in China’s aftermarket but also around the world.

Our products are highly rated by many auto parts shop owners due to their uncompromised quality and value for money.

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Say no to delayed delivery and mishandled auto parts. MZW Motor is here with our complete customer service that will surely exceed your expectations. Using durable, transit tested packaging, our auto parts are delivered with the assurance that they will be received in the mint condition.

We also implement one of a kind delivery system enabling us to deliver on-time EVERY TIME.

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