Nissan Control Arm

The control arms work as a link connecting the vehicle’s frame at one end, and the steering knuckle or the wheel assembly on the other. Modern cars are likely to have two control arms. The upper control arm and lower control arm.

The control arm’s purpose is to allow the wheel and tire assembly to move up and down while driving over road bumps. All control arms have control arm bushing and ball joints.

Contributing to the car’s driving performance and driver’s safety, it is for the best to keep one’s car installed with healthy control arm components.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, MZW Motor is now a recognized leader in automotive parts reproduction.

MZW product portfolio numbers more than 50,000 auto parts, its product selection includes starter motor, brake parts, automotive filters, suspension components, steering parts, and many more.

MZW Motor with its present reputable position is steadily growing and is dedicated to bring unending product innovation and development.

Some of the symptoms of a bad control arm is highly noticeable when in operation:

  • Clunking noise
  • Pulling to one side when traveling in a straight road
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Abnormal steering response

Better talk to your mechanic if such symptoms are manifesting in your car while in operation for a possible control arm replacement.

MZW Nissan Control Arms

For your Nissan suspension components, don’t just settle for simple repair and cheap reproduction replacement that offers uncertain results.

MZW’s Nissan control arm not just replace your worn-out parts, but dramatically enhances its performance in every way. These control arm replacements are manufacture utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies and processes to ensure it exceeds even its OEM standards and function.

MZW’s Nissan control arm also comes with improved design, coating, and material used to deliver reliable road performance, product durability, and longer service life.

  • Constructed using the finest materials that contribute to its longevity
  • Meets Nissan’s strictest standards
  • Tier-one product at a bargaining price
  • Offers exact fit and application to your specific vehicle
  • Control arm bushing and ball joint ready for faster, easier installation



We guarantee you every MZW Nissan Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Control Arm

MZW’s Nissan control arms and many other auto part replacements of MZW Motor are individually tested in all given conditions to provide real-world solutions.

Aside from performance testing, our aftermarkets are also subjected under strict evaluation whether it is shipping ready or not. This is to give you the benefit of receiving honest, top-of-the-line products that guarantee your satisfaction.

Setting aside the quality of our products, one of the many reasons why MZW Motor has been successful in the industry is because of the employees that are passionately working behind the curtains. From our knowledgeable customer service team that ensures every call is worth your time, to the engineers and experts that are dedicated to their craft.

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About MZW Motor

MZW Motor is powered by over 300 professionals and is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. These traits have enabled us to come up with auto part reproductions that are now trusted globally.

From die casting to precise CNC machining process, MZW Motor is sure to live with everybody’s expectation. Capable of producing aftermarkets for wide-range makes and models.

MZW Motor also has its in-house quality assurance, managing every single product to undergo strict quality and performance tests before making it to your doorsteps.

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Loaded with tons of advantages, MZW’s Nissan control arm never ceases to amaze. From top-notch quality to its affordability, this control arm replacement has it all.

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