Nissan Steering Rack

Out of the many parts a steering system has, the steering rack is one of the safety-related units in a vehicle. The Nissan steering rack receives input by means of the steering column to gauge the fuel amount. The function of the steering rack is to achieve proper steering.

The Nissan steering rack can deliver the best-engineered solutions for your vehicle. Drive with confidence by getting a replacement for the worn-out steering rack with our OEM fit product.

Designed to meet the primary needs of every vehicle, these first-rate components can give you a dependable performance in order to function easily even on steeper angles.

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

For over 35 years, the technological leadership of MZW Motors has retained and maintained its foothold as an innovative partner of the international automotive industry.

We are a competent partner for a comprehensive range of products, which extends to many industries including agricultural, commercial, industrial and so much more. As a manufacturer of steering racks, all of our products have achieved a technological advantage through the in-depth engineering knowledge and expertise of our team.

With we highly automate production and sophisticated manufacturing machines, we have improved our production capability, reduced lead times, added defining features – all at a cost-effective price.

MZW Nissan Steering Racks

So you’ve decided to replace your car’s damaged steering rack, we understand that it’s not easy by any means. There are factors you need to consider such as materials, features, and standards. With this great replacement steering rack installed on your vehicle, you will get comfortable and easy handling. This guarantees a safe, trouble-free ride wherever you go.


  • Front and rear steering bushings to provide the support in your vehicle
  • Exact steering bushings as the original part to provide smooth operation while eliminating lash
  • Keeps the dirt, moisture, and other elements out by 
  • 100% direct bolt-in fitment
  • Manufactured using premium materials

We guarantee you every MZW Nissan Steering Rack has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

Extensive Safety testing

We understand just how critical these components are to the safety of your driving. That’s why we engineered safe and dependable We conducted analysis, tests, and R&D to improve our product’s characteristics.

Customer Service

With hands-on customer support, MZW provides direct, hassle0free interaction through every step of the process. We have a professional customer representative to provide you real and workable solutions.

Precision Engineering

From custom specialization to product testing, MZW knows where to innovate and we provide rigorous engineering applications. MZW products outperform the competition at most.

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About MZW Motor

Our partners in the automotive industry place their trust in the quality of steering systems we produce, irrespective of the vehicle make and model. We satisfy the expectations and demands for safety through the manufacture of components.

This has made us one of the recognized leaders in the automotive industry. During the last three decades, MZW has engineered many award-winning products from complex to the basic accessories of any vehicle.


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