Biryani Packaging Box Manufacturers of 2023

Seeking the most trusted biryani packaging suppliers and providers of high-quality, low-cost packaging boxes for your business? Keep eye on here to find out how they create unique packing boxes for your biryani!

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The ideal Biryani necessitates the proper packaging, which protects the Biryani good till it reaches the client. Consider putting so much effort into creating the Biryani and needing the appropriate packaging. Different situations require different packaging: the amount of food, time taken to deliver, whether it is dine-in or takeaway. All these situations need packaging fitting their needs.

Best Biryani Packaging Box Manufacturer of 2023

Biryani Packaging Box Market Overview

The worldwide biryani packaging box price manufacturer market was worth USD 100.5 billion in 2020 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2021 and 2030. Changing lifestyles and different eating habits are expected to increase demand for convenience foods, favorably impacting industry demand.
Convenience and the usage of high-performance materials are likely to contribute to the industry’s growth. Improved shelf-life and increased efficiency in preventing content contamination are predicted to drive market development. Furthermore, variables such as increased disposable income and diminishing families have a beneficial influence on industrial growth.

Leading Manufacturers of Biryani Packaging Box

Here are some of the top biryani box companies looking to trust in the said industry:

As Food Biryani Packaging Box

As Food Biryani Packaging Box (1)

AS Food Packaging, founded in the year 2000, is regarded in the industry as one of the top Manufacturers, Exporters, and Wholesalers of this highly praiseworthy line of Disposable Products. This series is manufactured by industry standards and rules, employing the finest raw materials and cutting-edge machinery. This assures the product’s quality standard. Furthermore, the given assortment is marketed at a market-leading rate. It includes widely recognized and sought items such as Sealing machines, Food Packaging Boxes, Disposable Containers, Food Packaging Tray, and many more.
As Food Packaging Official Website:
About As Food Packaging:
As Food Biryani Packaging Box:
As Food Packaging Other Products:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
As Food Packaging
New Delhi, IndiaMr. Amit Arora

Shri Bankebihari Polymer Biryani Packaging Box

Shri Bankebihari Polymer Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Shri Bankebihari Polymer is a Sole Proprietorship based firm, established in the year 2017 at Mohan Garden, Delhi, engaged as the foremost Manufacturer and Wholesale Trader of Sealing Machine, Compartment Trays, Paper Food Containers, Food Packaging Containers, Food Packing Tray, Hinged Containers And Tray, Paper Food Containers and many more. Their goods are in high demand because of their high quality, flawless finish, various designs, and low costs. Furthermore, they guarantee that these items are delivered to their clients on time, and as a result, they have a large client base in the market.
Shri Bankebihari Polymer Official Website:
About Shri Bankebihari Polymer:
Shri Bankebihari Polymer Biryani Packaging Box:
Shri Bankebihari Polymer Other Products:

Shri Bankebihari Polymer Product
Products Offeredv
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Shri Bankebihari Polymer2017Mohan Garden, Delhi, IndiaHarjinder

SKV Fine Arts Biryani Packaging Box

SKV Fine Arts Biryani Packaging Box (1)

SKV Fine Arts have been creating and delivering the greatest assortment of packaging boxes since 2009. The product line is built to global quality standards utilizing higher-grade raw materials sourced from market-reliable sources. Clients frequently praise the items’ attributes, such as hassle-free performance, strength, ease of packing, and sturdy quality. Every customer is vital to us; they value their clients the way family members value one another. At SKV Fine Arts, they ensure that the clients receive cutting-edge customer care and high-quality packaging. Their packaging speaks about clients’ respect and care, which is evident in their boxes, entice customers, and demonstrates their affective and care for you.
SKV Fine Arts Official Website:
About SKV Fine Arts:
SKV Fine Arts Biryani Packaging Box:
SKV Fine Arts Other Products:

SKV Fine Arts Product
Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
SKV Fine Arts2009Tamil Nadu, IndiaMr. Chidhambaram

Avani Packaging Pvt Ltd Biryani Packaging Box

Avani Packaging Pvt Ltd Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Avani Packaging Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2005. Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of Packaging Boxes and Corrugated Boxes. Because of their features and inexpensive pricing, these items are well-regarded in the business. They provide high-quality items under the direction of their mentor, Mr. Suresh Patel. They have attained competent achievement in this sector due to their expertise and profound commerce abilities.
The enormous framework that it groups significantly impacts the organization’s success. Combined with the most recent advances, it enables the company to improve the production rate while maintaining the quality of the goods. The group employs the development strategies provided to them at the outset. The base is organized into numerous parts to streamline labor and increase production.
Avani Packaging Private Limited Official Website:
About Avani Packaging Private Limited:
Avani Packaging Private Limited Biryani Packaging Box:
Avani Packaging Private Limited Other Products:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Avani Packaging Private Limited2005Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaSureshkumar Jayantilal Patel

Bell Printers Biryani Packaging Box

Bell Printers Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Mr.Chelladhurai started the Bell Group in 1952. After signing a deal with German companies, he is greeted here. Mr. Gunasingh, the founder’s son, designed Pin Machines for the Bell Pins Manufacturing firm, which produced around 500 employees in Palayamkottai. It cracked China’s monopoly in specific industries with our initial shipments to the United States in the early 1970s. Bell Printers was started in 1981 as Chellsons Fine Arts, principally as a print shop serving the Bell Group and Standard Fireworks’ printing and packaging needs. They are transitioning their Luxury Rigid Box production from hand-made to automated procedures. The boxes are of such high quality that they are always authorized for shipment immediately—the Pack’s leader. Bell Printers is the market leader in India’s Luxury Packaging area.
Bell Printers Pvt Ltd Official Website:
About Bell Printers Pvt Ltd:
Bell Printers Biryani Packaging Box:
Bell Printers Pvt Ltd Packaging Solutions:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Bell Printers Pvt Ltd1952Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, IndiaVashikaran Rajendran

Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd Biryani Packaging Box

Garima Polymers Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Hyper Pack Private Limited was founded in 2014 to manufacture and export a wide range of Foods Packaging Boxes. Ice Cream Cups & Container, Foods Packaging Box, and Hot & Cold Cup are available. Furthermore, consumers love these goods because they are user-friendly, have a basic design, are well-finished, and are lightweight. Aside from that, it provides this food packing box line at meager prices.
Their commitment to maintaining excellence in all aspects has resulted in recurrent business from their clients. They obtain the highest grade materials from market suppliers to make the blended quality variety. This entity is divided into several sections: production, quality testing, warehousing, and others.
Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd Official Website:
About Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd:
Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd Biryani Packaging Box:
Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd Other Products:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Hyper Pack Pvt Ltd
Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Praveen Kommareddy

Garima Polymers Biryani Packaging Box

Garima Polymers, founded in 2012, is one of the industry’s well-known enterprises engaged in producing and selling a quality-guaranteed selection of Sealing machines, Meal trays, and Disposable bowls in the local market. They manufacture this full line using only quality-certified and checked raw materials and other factory inputs, keeping their clients’ changing, and ever-rising wants in mind. The entire range is manufactured under the supervision and attention of specialists well-versed in the technical know-how and comprehension of this job field. Furthermore, before ultimately sending them to the clients, we inspect the entire spectrum of well-defined quality criteria to assure top-notch quality. This firm benefits from a technologically modern infrastructure that is well-equipped with all the essential and most recent machinery and tolls.
Garima Polymers Official Website:
About Garima Polymers:
Garima Polymers Biryani Packaging Box:
Garima Polymers Other Product Range:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Garima Polymers2012Delhi, IndiaMr. Ramesh Aggarwal

Poly Pack Enterprises Biryani Packaging Box

Poly Pack Enterprises Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Poly Pack Enterprises is one of the industry’s most renowned manufacturing specialists. They are well-known for their capacity to provide clients with a fine assortment of Tray Sealing Machines, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bakery Containers, Biodegradable Craft Paper Containers, and so on. They send only those things that correspond to globally recognized quality standards from their prominent Delhi (India) headquarters. Assuring this, we provide our clients with the best on the market. This organization also takes care of its customers by providing them with excellent customer service. Customer inquiries are likewise handled ethically.
Poly Pack Enterprises Official Website:
About Poly Pack Enterprises:
Poly Pack Enterprises Biryani Packaging Box:
Poly Pack Enterprises Other Products:

Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Poly Pack Enterprises2017Delhi, IndiaKumari Neha

EcoPac Biryani Packaging Box

EcoPac Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Ekopac is a sister company of A1 Paper Cups. They manufacture and sell only biodegradable green items that do not hurt the mother planet. Since the fast food sector emerged in 2001, the firm has reacted to the increasing demand by delivering high-quality paper products for all sorts of food and catering industries. Ekopac is always striving to create products that meet the expectations of its customers. Customized designs are made for businesses to help them grow their brand, separate themselves from the competition, and enhance sales.
EcoPac Official Website:
About EcoPac:
EcoPac Biryani Packaging Box:
EcoPac Other Products:

EcoPac Product
Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
EcoPac2001Burnaby, BC, CanadaMuhammad Sameed Anis

Safety Industries Biryani Packaging Box

Safety Industries Biryani Packaging Box (1)

Safety Packaging Industries is a sole proprietorship that manufactures corrugated boxes, packing cartons, duplex board sheets and reels, and other products. In addition, they provide printing services. In 2001, this organization was founded in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. They are well-known for producing things of worldwide quality that fulfill the demands and expectations of their customers. They make them under the supervision of competent and trained quality inspectors who understand the needs of their clients and have them by international standards and quality requirements. Furthermore, they are a customer-centric organization providing 100% client pleasure by providing the greatest products and services.
Safety Packaging Industries Official Website:
About Safety Packaging Industries:
Safety Packaging Industries Biryani Packaging Box:
Safety Packaging Industries Products and Services:

Safety Packaging Industries Product
Products Offered
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Safety Packaging Industries2001Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaMr. Akbar Khan

What is a Biryani Packaging Box?

Biryani, a popular combination of aromatic rice, unique spices, and soft toppings, is a low-cost delicacy in India. As a result, Biryani is a popular dine-in and takeout option. Excellent Biryani requires the appropriate packaging to keep it fresh till it reaches the client. Imagine spending all that effort making the Biryani and needing the right packaging boxes.

Biryani Packaging Box 1

Benefits of a Biryani Packaging Box

When biryani packaging boxes first appeared on the market, people realized that they might be a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic. This created a significant need for biryani packaging boxes as consumers began to prefer paper over plastic. Below are some of the benefits that could be in biryani packaging boxes:

Protection of Food

Biryani packaging boxes are primarily used to safeguard food, particularly during travel from one location to another, while increasing shelf life without causing harm. Leakage or poor packing techniques can result in a loss for the company and additional waste for the environment.


The availability of standard package sizes on the market aids in maintaining control over the amount of food consumed. Both the buyer and seller gain from this. Carrying the food in tiny portions and resealing them after use allows the consumer to store it in the same packing for a long time and eliminates the need for an extra storage container.

Branding Image

The image on the package conveys a lot about the brand and persuades the buyer to purchase the goods. Additional information on the nutritional value and packaging features benefits the buyer. The look of the package, which determines how much attention it attracts, becomes a critical determinant for a brand’s sales. Food packaging has primarily become the principal source of brand marketing.

Benefits of a Biryani Packaging Box

The biryani packing box is critical in ensuring the food reaches the consumer securely and without becoming a soggy mess. When this occurs, the consumers will applaud your service and will most likely purchase from you again. However, worries about sustainability and the environmental impact of food delivery are on the rise. As an outcome, now is the time to consider packaging more than ever. Take a look at how you can choose the right biryani packaging box in restaurant food delivery services that stand out with the packaging.

Biryani Packaging Box

Customizable Box

Creative bespoke boxes may help stand out and offer consumers a memorable experience. It also allows customizing the client experience, which improves the customer’s view of their restaurant. For example, if you know a customer with children, they may utilize a food container with cartoon stickers. They may even explore turning the box into a collectible item with different designs. Alternatively, one may write the clients’ names to give a personal touch to each order.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging has no negative environmental impact and can help to attract customers who wish to be more environmentally conscious. There are several environmentally friendly packing choices for online meal delivery. For instance, you can choose:
– Glass containers
– Bamboo
– Rice husk
– Paper or cardboard

Personalized Packaging

Personalized packaging can aid in the development of long-term client relationships. One might demonstrate concern for them by concentrating on tiny matters such as their name. It is not only about customizing for the customer. Instead, you may customize your restaurant’s packaging. For example, the design should be more put-together and simple if you manage a multi-cuisine restaurant.

Fun Packaging

The greatest meal delivery service ensures that the dish arrives safely and with a fun twist. It also provides an excellent chance for restaurant branding. Fun packaging might include anything from witty phrases on the packet to bright colors. However, ensure that it clearly states the information and is handled with care.


Biryani is a popular meal that is eaten all around the world. As a result, many types and demands of biryani packing boxes are offered. They may also be modified in color, design, and size. Custom biryani packaging boxes are ideal for packing and serving biryani. These boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing businesses to select the pack that best meets their requirements. The biryani packing box design is sturdy, appealing, and simple to use. They have features like handles, lids, and dividers that help keep the biryani secure and fresh.


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