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The function of the brake booster is to reduce the amount of pressure applied on the brake pedals to achieve superior braking power. Other parts that are connected with the brake booster diagram include parking brake cables, brake calipers, brake cylinders, and much more. It acts with the brake cylinder to provide higher hydraulic pressure and lower force applied on the brake pedals via a brake booster.

A bad or failing brake booster can be attributed to the lack of vacuum, a damaged diaphragm, or mechanical wear due to overuse. Overheating can cause the brake booster to fail. When dealing with a broken brake booster, you can get a brake booster repair kit that comes with our MZW aftermarket brake booster.

We zijn een ISO 9001-gecertificeerd bedrijf en ons keurmerk voor succes wordt ondersteund door een streng bewaakt kwaliteitscontrolesysteem.

MZW was founded in 1995, with the mission of delivering high-quality performance parts at a great value. Our mission is continuously exhibited up to his day and has earned a decent reputation as a leading manufacturer of brake boosters.

MZW has maintained a strong foothold in the market with its remarkable and unique product quality that is rated by many customers. MZW has gained hallmark with simple yet effective improvements giving value to your money.

Our comprehensive line of performance brake boosters features a wide range of flexible and innovative applications for commercial, industrial, heavy-duty, and electric cars.


Why MZW Brake Booster?

MZW performance brake boosters are made of high-quality materials that comes with superior structural integrity. Made of strengthened alloyed, our brake booster embodies a high level of durability with the ISO approved materials available.


  • High-quality parts – 100% OEM seals, brake booster diaphragm, and control valves
  • Maximum protection – Includes rust-resistant surface finish that extends produce service life
  • Quality tested – All replacement brake boosters are quality tested to ensure reliable performance and 100% functionality all throughout
  • OEM specifications – Compact brake boosters that are built with high precision equipment for easier and faster installation 
We guarantee you every MZW Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:

MZW Made Brake Booster

With years of experience working in the automotive field, our technicians and engineers are trained to continuously look for ways to get the best out of your vehicle’s performance. With massive R&D specializations, we build custom-made products using the best quality raw materials.

Our parts are carefully selected to ensure that they will exhibit structural integrity and quality. MZW products come with an unbeatable warranty and this allows customers to have confidence in their upgrades. We proudly stand behind our values that are guaranteed to make you happy.

Brake Booster Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Brake Booster by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our Brake Booster cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Brake Booster Search Function Soon.

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Voordelen van het MZW remsysteem

As a manufacturer of brake boosters, MZW prides itself on utilizing the most recent technologies that promote sustainability to contribute to a better environment. We provide the highest quality parts at the best value whenever possible.

Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. Each process is supervised by a team of experienced and professional engineers and technicians. Our quality management system provides a seamless flow of processes throughout the factory. With extensive manufacturing capabilities, we have expanded our product line through in-house and technical advancements.

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