Top Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers in 2023

What is a Laser Welding Machine?

Demands for laser welding machines are increasing day by day because of their reliability, efficiency, and working speed.

Welding is the process to join two or more metals or different parts to form an integral structure. Laser welding is a kind of welding that uses a high-power laser beam for heating the materials which are melted down in order to join them together. This method is mostly used in metal to join metals.

It works only when a laser beam is directed or targeted at an angle to the materials that need welding. The main components used in a Laser Welding Machine are:

  • CO2
  • YAG
  • Fiber Laser Welder

These types of laser welding machines use a CO2 or fiber laser for heating the materials to be joined that the spot size is 20-30 microns. The laser beam works similarly to that of an arc welder.

This kind of welder machine can weld metals with thickness up to 25mm.

Types of Laser Welding Machine

There are different types of Laser Welding Machines. This includes CO2 welding, Fiber Laser Welding, YAG laser welding & electron beam welding.

CO2 Laser Welding Machine

The work for this type of machine is to cut the materials using a focused infrared beam.

The laser beam passes through an optical system and finally reaches the material. In this process, the infrared beam heats the material up to cut it with a very limited heat-affected zone.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine

This type of welding machine uses a fiber optical laser as an energy source. For focusing and outputting a high-quality beam, a lens is used in front of the laser head.

In this machine, the lens is used to refract and focus a laser beam. This type of welder is mainly used in metal welding.

YAG Laser Welding Machine

This type of laser welding machine works on YAG (yttrium-aluminum-garnet) lasers that are available in different colors such as green, yellow, and red.

This machine is mainly used in welding gold, silver, and copper materials. The laser beam generated by this type of welder is directed towards the material to be welded as a beam of light.

Electron Beam Welding Machine

This type of welding or sealing technology is widely used for joining or sealing metal parts. The work for electron beam welding or sealing machines is to produce a high-energy beam of electrons.

This kind of machine uses the focussed electron beam by sending it through an electromagnetic lens.

Industry Applications

Laser welding machines are used in different industrial applications such as:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Wind Energy Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Medische industrie
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Other Applications

Laser Welding Machine Market Overview

According to a study carried out in 2017, the Laser Welding Machine market is expected to grow at a significant rate.

The growth of this industry is mainly due to the increasing demand for laser welding machines in the automotive and aerospace industries. Countries like China, India, Bangladesh, and UAE are the major importers of these machines.

The growing demand for laser welding machines in these countries is mainly due to their increasing manufacturing industry.

The growth of this technology has also led to the growing need for trained professionals with expert knowledge of this technology. It’s estimated that by 2023-24, demand for engineers and technicians with knowledge of this technology will reach 8.14 million globally.

The global market is valued at over US$ 5.46 Bn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of X% during 2018-2023. By application, the welding market is segmented into material handling and metal fabrication industries.

Top Laser Welding Machine Manufacturers

We have listed a few companies which manufacture different types of laser welding machines. This will help you in getting a better understanding of this technology and its applications.

Emerson Electric Co Laser Welding Machine

Emerson Electric Co. is a company that manufactures laser welding machines and produces systems for material handling and metal fabrication industries.

The company’s laser plastic welding machines are used in manufacturing plastic parts. Their material handling systems are used for transporting and storing materials on a production line. Emerson Laser plastic welding in particular is a particulate-free technique that produces stunning looks and increases design flexibility.

Yield rates improve as cycle times decrease, and our patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) method allows for superior solutions not available elsewhere.

LASER plastic welding does not require any friction, vibration, or extreme movement. It’s the ideal method for producing a smooth, precise join on almost any size object, including complex 3D forms.

Emerson Laser Welding Products

  • Branson Radiance 3g
  • Branson Radiance 3i
  • Branson GLX-3
  • Branson GLX Micro
  • Branson GLX-1.5
  • Branson GLX-2
  • Branson GL-300

Laser Welding:

Emerson Laser Plastic Welding:



IPG Photonics Laser Welding Machine

IPG Photonics is one of the world’s leaders in developing and manufacturing high-performing fiber lasers and amplifiers that are being used in a wide variety of applications and markets.

Their product range for laser welding includes high power, fiber lasers. These lasers can be easily integrated into a manufacturing line and help to improve the productivity, quality, and flexibility of production.

Fiber laser welding has many benefits over other processes such as high-power optical radiation for cutting or high-energy pulsed lasers that share similar wavelengths with IPG’s fiber and flexibility of the manufacturing process.

IPG Fiber Laser Applications

  • Materials processing
  • Micromachining
  • Telecommunications
  • Advanced & Scientific
  • Medisch

Fiber Laser Products

  • Lasers
  • Laser Systems
  • Beam Deliver
  • and others


IPG Products:

Product Applications:


TRUMPF Laser Welding Machine

Established in 1923, TRUMPF has become a global leader in high-quality laser technology and development.

TRUMPF products are widely used in the manufacturing of materials processing systems for industries like automotive, medical, electronics, etc.

They have over 70 subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The company offers a broad range of technologies, including laser material processing systems for metal fabrication, welding, marking, and engraving.

Trumpf machines are used in the automotive industry for surface treatment on wheels and door frames.

TRUMPF Products

  • Machines & Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Lasers
  • Power Tools & more

TRUMPF Laser Products

  • Disk Lasers
  • CO2 Lasers
  • Processing Optics
  • Fiber Lasers
  • en meer


Laser Products:


AMADA Laser Welding Machine

AMADA is a manufacturer of laser processing systems. Their products are used extensively by manufacturers of automotive, aerospace, and defense equipment. AMADA lasers offer the most accurate metal cutting available with speeds up to 10X faster than other technologies.

AMADA Laser Welding Machines

  • FLW-3000EN
  • FLW-600MT
  • FLW-300MT
  • YLW-400MT

Toepassingen voor klanten

  • Ruimtevaart en defensie
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medische technologieën
  • Halfgeleider & Elektronica
  • en meer


AMADA lasmachines:

Andere producten:

Gouden laserlasmachine

Wuhan Golden Laser is een wereldwijd toonaangevende fabrikant van CO2 lasersnijmachines, lasers voor het lassen van metaal en markeerlasers.

Via zijn wereldwijde netwerk biedt Wuhan Golden Laser klanten kant-en-klare oplossingen voor lasersystemen, van ontwerp tot productie.

Het bedrijf heeft een compleet productassortiment, waaronder krachtige fiberlasersnijsystemen, metaallasers op basis van vaste stoffen voor lassen en markeren, gebruiksvriendelijke lasergraveer- en markeersystemen en geïntegreerde ontwerp- en productieoplossingen voor complete productielijnen.

De producten van Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. worden gebruikt in een groot aantal industrieën, waaronder de auto-industrie, luchtvaart, medische technologie, verlichting & display, telecommunicatie & datacommunicatie, energieopwekking, onderzoeksinstituten en universiteiten, en voor algemene industriële toepassingen.

Wuhan Golden Laser - Lasermachines

  • Vision lasersnijmachine
  • Flatbed CO2 lasersnijmachine
  • CO2 Galvo Laser Machine
  • Digitale Laser Stansmachine
  • CO2 lasersnijder graveermachine




Fanuc Laserlasmachine

Fanuc is een wereldwijd toonaangevende fabrikant van CNC-bewerkingsmachines, waaronder bewerkingscentra en robots. De technologie van Fanuc heeft het bedrijf in staat gesteld om uit te breiden naar gebieden buiten de productie, zoals medische technologie en financiële dienstverlening.

Hun belangrijkste producten zijn CNC-servobesturingssystemen (Computer Numerical Control) die worden gebruikt bij de productie van auto's, zware machines en andere machineproducten.

Fanuc staat ook bekend om zijn robots, die op grote schaal worden gebruikt in de auto-industrie om taken uit te voeren zoals lassen die als te gevaarlijk of moeilijk worden beschouwd voor menselijke werknemers.


  • CNC systemen
  • Robots
  • Onderdelen voor bewerkingsmachines
  • en meer


Fanuc-producten - CNC-machines en robots:

LaserStar Technologieën

LaserStar Technologies werd in 1957 opgericht in Riverside, Rhode Island. Het bedrijf werd de eerste Amerikaanse fabrikant van nd: YAG fabrikant van microlasersystemen in de jaren 1990.

Het bedrijf is uitgegroeid tot een wereldwijde leverancier van laserbronnen voor lassen, markeren, snijden, dieptrekken en bewegingssystemen.

Het bedrijf streeft ernaar de kwaliteit, prestaties en innovatie van zijn laserproducten te verbeteren om ervoor te zorgen dat zijn klanten optimaal kunnen werken.

LaserStar Laserproducten

  • Handlasers
  • Laserlasapparaten met vezelkoppeling
  • Handmatig lassen fiber lasers
  • Apparaten voor handmatige lasbewegingen
  • CNC-lasermachine en meer


Laser Products:



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