Top Plastic Box Manufacturers of 2023

Plastic boxes and containers are essential to everyday living. They’re great for the storage and organization of small items such as cosmetics, electronics and stationery supplies, jewelry, craft projects, and more! A number of companies produce these handy products to suit personal preferences and need.

Many plastic box manufacturers today engage in the production of these plastic containers. These manufacturers offer a wide range of products, from simple cosmetic cases with flip-top lids to heavy-duty storage boxes that can hold everything from books and CDs to tools and garden supplies.

It is not only important for the home user to choose a good quality box but also those in schools, offices, factories, and many other commercial institutions. Today’s box manufacturers offer a wide range of options to suit this diverse range of users. In addition to the usual aesthetic appeal, good-quality plastic boxes should be tough enough to stand up to daily use in any setting.

Wholesale purchasing of plastic boxes and containers is a cost-effective way to stock up on storage essentials. In fact, many professional users rely on wholesale plastic box suppliers for their products. There are also internet retailers who offer wholesale prices in addition to retail pricing for the home user.

Wholesale for Home Users

In addition to heavy-duty options, some manufacturers produce stackable storage boxes that can be stacked on top of each other. This is great for saving space in small rooms and apartments where every inch counts!

Manufacturers are up to date with the latest trends, offering products in animal prints, neons, pastels and many other colors for improved versatility. It’s also possible to find plain white or black plastic storage boxes in a number of sizes.

Plastic box manufacturers also produce a range of products for the office and workplace, from small equipment cases to presentation trays and document holders. Desktop organizers made out of the same material are the perfect addition to any desktop space.

Plastic Container Manufacturing Processes

Plastic box manufacturers engage in a number of processes that produce these versatile storage items. The process will depend on the type and size of boxes being manufactured, but there are some common steps involved in all plastic container manufacturing.

  • Preparing the molds – The first step in the process is to create molds for each type of box being made. Different types of boxes have different molds, depending on the size and shape of the product. The mold used will vary depending on whether it’s a square or round box, deep or shallow, etc.
  • Gluing – Once the mold has been produced, the box manufacturer will glue the seams. This is usually a hot process that involves heat and pressure to make sure that all of the glue adheres properly to form a watertight seal.
  • Injection and blowing – The next step is the injection of the plastic material into the mold. Generally, this is a hot process as well, using heat to melt down the plastic resin. A blowing agent may be added at this stage which will cause gas bubbles that help produce a hollow container. This step can also involve other materials such as fabric for soft-sided boxes.
  • Cooling – After the box has been made, it must be cooled down to room temperature. This is initially done by air, but the cooling process may continue with cold water which helps speed up the hardening process. If there are any decorating processes afterward, they will take place after this step.

Plastic box manufacturers have a number of different types of overhead costs that will affect the final price. Some of these include equipment costs, labor, packaging, and shipping.

Equipment is the most expensive part of the process is often the equipment required to perform each step in plastic container manufacturing. After all, there are mold-making tools, machines to glue the seams, and heating equipment for injection and blowing.

Why Plastic Containers for Packaging is a Big Business

There are lots of manufacturers, both big and small, that have equipment designed for performing all or some of these processes. Plastic boxes can also be outsourced to other companies depending on the scale of production required.

The labor costs will depend on how much work is being performed by humans as opposed to machines such as injection and blowing equipment. If there are outsource companies doing some of the work in addition to any in-house personnel, that will also increase total costs.

Along with the type of plastic used and the number of colors in which boxes are being made, there can be a big difference in price between manufacturers. Plastic storage box prices can range from $2-$50 or more depending on the size and other factors.

Plastic Box Market Overview

The market for plastic boxes and containers is huge. There are lots of customers who use these products in the home, workplace, and school environment. Plastic boxes are used to protect all kinds of items that need to be stored including stationery, office supplies, clothing, and more.

The market is also constantly growing. Every year, the number of products that people buy and use continues to grow as well as the need for a place to store them safely. This means that there will be an increasing demand for plastic boxes to accommodate all those items.

Plastic box manufacturers have a big job ahead of themselves, but they’re well equipped to handle it. With the right equipment and materials, they’re guaranteed to produce items that customers will love.
The market is expected to grow considerably in the coming years.

Interest in environmentally friendly products is increasing along with plastic pollution awareness. Many people are starting to look for ways they can replace their old, non-recyclable materials with more eco-friendly choices that are less harmful to the environment.

List of Plastic Box Manufacturers

We have compiled a list of plastic box manufacturers, both large and small. Their contact information is listed as well as the type of manufacturing equipment they utilize. This should give you a good idea about which companies to contact if you’re looking for specific packaging services.
Graham Packaging
Plastic containers and boxes are one of the best ways to replace metal, paper and glass packaging. They can be used several times which reduces the number of products that eventually end up in landfills.
Graham Packaging is a longtime leader in plastic container manufacturing. It all began with a simple motor oil container in 1970. Today, Graham Packaging is a worldwide firm with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and adaptability.

Graham Packaging Solutions

  • Lightweighting
  • Product Fill Types
  • Aerosol
  • E-Commerce
  • Reusable Packaging
  • en meer

Markets Serve

  • Automotive Beverage
  • Dairy, Health Food & Nutrition
  • Voedsel
  • Home Care

Design Services:

Melmat Plastic Box

Melmat, Inc. is a manufacturer of molded and fabricated cases. SpaceCase™ fabricated custom cases can be constructed for almost any application: carrying cases, salesman cases, computer cases, tooling cases.

The company has been servicing industries for over 48 years. They have experience in both prototype and production runs.

Products and Capabilities include:

  • Lids and inserts of all materials (including plastics, metals, glass) for components such as valves, batteries, pumps, switches
  • A large variety of molded case designs
  • Custom graphics printing on boxes or lids
  • Hinged cases with integral hinges or with separate hinges

Most Melmat cases are made meeting ATA 300 specifications. They use a wide variety of materials including polyethylene, ABS, and fiberglass.

Homepage & Products:
Over het bedrijf:

Pioneer Plastics Plastic Box

Pioneer has been a family-owned company since 1986. The company is known for its outstanding customer service and innovative, high-quality products. The company prides itself on building close relationships with customers to provide the best possible service.

They have in-house prototyping, engineering, and production that bring innovative ideas to life. They always make sure to meet customer requirements and deadlines.

They provide custom injection molding services to a wide range of sectors, including business and healthcare. We engineer and produce plastic goods for a variety of businesses: from lawn and garden to home appliances to packaging to restaurant food processing/preparation.

Pioneer Products

  • Containers
  • Drink and Plates
  • Diecast Display Casing
  • Sports Display Casing
  • Toy Display
  • Household

Pioneer Plastics Containers:

Plasgad Plastic Box

Plasgad is a manufacturer of high-volume plastic solid storage boxes made from polyamide, POM, polycarbonate, and ABS materials. Available in 2.53 to 15.72 L capacity. Optional fitted lids and shipping boxes are also provided. Meets OHSAS 18001 standards.

Established in 1982, Plasgad has over 30 years of experience in the industry, supplying customers of different industries. The company has two production sites located in Israel and United States.

Not only they are the world’s largest manufacturer of gable-end storage sheds, but we’re also an expert in providing our clients with cost-effective, customized solutions to protect their goods and minimize waste.
Plasgad delivery, storage, and transportation solutions allow businesses to easily send their products across the globe while protecting them from damage and pollution.

Plasgad Products

  • Open Front Containers
  • Crates and Boxes
  • Plastic Pallet

Plasgad Product:

AMAC Plastic Box

Established in 1960, AMAC manufactures a wide range of customizable plastic products for a variety of industries. They serve customers from both the public and private sectors, ranging from SMEs to large corporations.

AMAC provides reliable storage options to those in need of secure containment or easy access to their goods. They are committed to delivering the highest quality products, outstanding customer service, and on-time delivery.

AMAC’s plastic storage solutions range from small 3 gallon containers all the way up to 275-gallon vaults, which can be integrated into custom-made racks or designed as freestanding units.

AMAC Products

  • Boxes
  • Garment Boxes
  • Trays & Liners
  • Totes & Containers
  • Medicinal Packaging
  • and More

AMAC Packaging:
AMAC Home & Office:

Meyer Material Handling Plastic Box

Carolyn and Wayne Meyer founded Meyer Material Handling in 1974 to meet the materials handling and storage requirements of the industry in central Indiana. Since their inception, they have worked hard to prioritize their clients’ needs. A service company that adds real value.

Meyer Material Handling offers high-end custom solutions for clients throughout the Midwest and beyond. They manufacture a variety of plastic storage containers, including those designed to attach to metal racks, as well as all types of fittings and lids.

Meyer Plastic Bins and Containers

  • waste containers and totes
  • bulk trucks and containers
  • poly tubs and tilt trucks
  • bulk containers
  • fiberglass containers & more

Meyer Plastic Bins and Containers:

MDI Plastic Box

Commercial and Residential Loading Dock Boxes, Lockers, Awnings, and Canopies: Commercial and residential loading dock boxes, lockers, awnings, and canopies (custom). Standard and bespoke corrugated plastic boxes for electronics storage, material handling, shipping, distribution, packaging, shelving assembly, and production line usage are available.

MDI is a custom manufacturer of corrugated boxes, cases, and crates for a variety of industries. From building materials to cheese, from food to medical supplies—MDI makes storage containers that keep the customers’ products safe and secure.

MDI Products

  • industrial bins & totes
  • decorative plastic furniture
  • corrugated plastic baskets & trays


  • Food and Beverage
  • Medisch
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture & more

MDI Homepage:
Plastic Solutions:

Classic Acrylics Plastic Box

Classic Acrylics, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide our customers with high-quality and attention to detail in the manufactured plastic industry. We feel that all sorts of requests are vital, whether they are large or little, and it seemed clear that those qualities were becoming increasingly difficult to find. Our ever-increasing list of happy clients is proof that we are achieving this goal.

Classic Acrylics is a custom manufacturer of plastic fabricated parts. Various products available include sign and brochure holders, displays, dispensers, machine guards, magazine cases, stands, dust cover, windows, trays, diffusers, fixtures, and dividers. ABS, acetyl, acrylic, HDPE, nylon, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC, and PTFE materials were used.

Die-cutting, drilling, punching, and forming services are also offered. Suitable for retail, commercial, and defense applications.

Classic Acrylics Products and Services:

Emco Plastic Box

Acrylic standard and custom boxes are manufactured by Emco Industrial Plastics. The firm produces countertop and wall hanging boxes of a variety of shapes and sizes.

EMCO uses different materials including ABS, acetal, acetron, acrylic, aclon, adrel polyarylate, and more.
EMCO offers a wide range of retail and bespoke manufactured display cases. We have a wide range of display boxes, from bins to risers, covers, and display cases, to ballot boxes and specialized showcase cases.

Acrylic display boxes are adaptable, custom-made, and readily available for purchase. Some of them are pre-designed to do certain things, while others can accomplish everything or anything you desire. If none of the selections above appeal to you, you may always create your own custom display box.

EMCO Products

  • Acrylic boxes
  • Acrylic display cases
  • cardholders
  • Countertop display boxes
  • Wall hanging display boxes & more

Retail Custom Displays:

Assmann Plastic Box

Assmann tanks have been designed and produced since 1980 using a controlled manufacturing process that assures quality. We make double-wall, vertical, conical bottom, cylindrical horizontal, free-standing horizontal leg, and open-top storage tanks. In addition to this, various containment basins are accessible depending on the requirements of the application.

Assmann is a global company that designs and manufactures polyethylene chemical and industrial bulk storage tanks. Unlike other polyethylene tank manufacturers, Assmann uses non-shielded molds with low-temperature heat and gradual air cooling.

“ISO 9001:2015 certified. Manufacturer of density FDA compliant linear polyethylene vertical, double-wall, horizontal, conical, IBC, and secondary containment. Sizes range 20 to 12,000 gallons. NSF approved. JIT delivery.”

Assmann Corp Boxes

  • Basins
  • Bins
  • Boxes
  • Containers
  • Handling equipment
  • molding services
  • en meer

Over ons:
Assmann Solutions:


Plastic box manufacturers are essential for many businesses to achieve their success today. With the primary product offered by these manufacturers,  businesses are able to securely package and transport their goods around the world. However, with the increasing demand for sustainability, it is becoming more important for these manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices.

The good news is that many manufacturers are already beginning to do this, by using recycled materials and investing in renewable energy. However, there is still a long way to go before the industry becomes truly sustainable.

In conclusion, plastic box manufacturers have a vital role to play in the success of businesses today. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer, consider contacting the above packaging manufacturers. They will be able to provide you with the high-quality products and services you need to ensure your business’s success.

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