Top Palletizer Machine Manufacturers of 2023

What is Palletizer?

Palletizer is a simple and flexible tool to automatically arrange items on pallets. Palletizer manufacturers tend to design their products for maximum capacity and efficiency.

Pallets follow a predefined structure to increase storage space. But sometimes we may need to produce packages with an unknown quantity of items, or maybe the output is mixed with different item types.

A palletizer machine can help to solve this problem by rearranging the items in a package.

How Does Palletizer Machine Work?

It works in two ways. It can be programmed to place all the packages one after the other, or it can automatically swap items if another package with identical dimensions arrives at the insertion point.

The machine includes a special gripper to pick up the packages, convey them on top of the pallet platform and curve them in U shape. This is why some manufacturers call this system “curved infeed”.

Why Does Palletizer Machine Curves Packages?

The curve helps the gripper and pallet platform work together. The package can slide on top of the platform, and the gripper picks it up from behind.

If we place a box flat on top of a pallet, the second will block access to the first one as they both must be lifted by their front side.

By making packages curved we can place them closer and avoid unnecessary movements. The curve also allows the use of a smaller footprint for the machine, saving space.

Why Would you Need a Palletizer Machine?

Palletizers are used when automatic palletizing is needed. Typical situations include:

  • When the item dimensions, number of items per package, or weight are unknown
  • When items must be packed to avoid damage (e.g. fragile items)
  • In order to speed up manual packing operations
  • In order to automate storage and retrieval from racks by using a pallet as a base for storage and retrieval system

Palletizer Machine Industry Application

Palletizer is a popular packaging machine in warehouses, supermarkets, and production facilities. Pallets are used to store items when you need high storage density.

Palletizers help with manual packing operations or reduce damage risks by arranging products on pallets. In addition, they can increase storage space thanks to the pallet structure which allows storing different types of products.

Palletizing machines and infeeds are used by industries such as:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceuticals/chemicals
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Industrial manufacturing (e.g. car industry)
  • Logistics

Palletize Market Overview

According to a study by Grand View Research, the palletizing machine market will reach $1.9 billion by 2025.

The growth is driven by increasing e-commerce demand for products delivered in boxes and other containers, as well as the growing trend of automation in warehouses.

Palletizer Market Segments

  • Portable palletizers that can be moved between workstations
  • Forklift truck-mounted palletizers that are used to lift and move stacks of packaged items
  • Robotic palletizing systems are similar to the previous category but will move around a pre-determined warehouse floor
  • Pallet infeeds, also known as vertical infeed, are used in automated storage and retrieval systems

Top Palletizer Manufacturers Today

In this article, we have listed some of the top palletizing machine manufacturers on the market.

FANUC Palletizer Machine

Whether removing products at the front of your line or depalletizing items down, FANUC has a complete range of robots that can do both with high duty and the world’s fastest cycle times.

FANUC robots have been operating on both simple and complicated tasks for 30 years. Our systems are quick, constant, and trustworthy, whether you’re palletizing a complete layer or individual boxes, bags, pails, or drums.

Palletizing robots from FANUC provide you control over a wide range of dimensions, payloads, cycle times, precision, and most importantly, care in the handling of your products.


Fanuc Palletizing Robots:

Fujiyusoki Palletizer Machine

Fuji was the first company to develop a robot for palletizing, and it has remained the industry leader in this area with over 15,000 palletizing robots installed worldwide.

Since 1982, Fuji has been inventing and improving on robotics that palletizes objects. All the advantages of the Fuji Advantage apply to you when you work with Fuji.

They’ll collaborate with you from concept through installation, and they’ll continue to assist your operations after system installation.

Whether you’re a major or small maker in food processing, milling, or concrete production, Fuji will design the most effective layout to reduce your end-of-line concerns.


ABB Palletizer Machine

ABB’s expanded product line is expected to revolutionize robotic picking, packing, and palletizing. ABB has introduced two new palletizing robots, three palletizing grippers, and easy-to-use programming software to help make palletization easier, faster, and more efficient.

Automation using robots allows you to have the flexibility, productivity, and dependability you need to meet ever-shorter product life cycles, new package designs, many pack sizes, product variants, and batch production.


ABB Packaging and Palletizing:

KUKA Palletizer Machine

KUKA provides a wide selection of palletizing machines, from palletizing to depalletizing and packaging with payloads ranging from 40 to 1,300 kg and reaching lengths up to 3,601 millimeters. All KUKA palletizing robots are purpose-built for difficult palletizing and depalletizing procedures.

As a result, cycle times are reduced while output is increased, with little space demands and excellent cost-effectiveness.

The PC-based KR C4 robot controller, as well as the KUKA smart pad, teach pendant, are all customized for each model.

Advantages of Kuka Palletizing Robots

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Minimal Maintenance


KUKA Palletizing Robots:


As a consumer of palletizers, you will be able to understand how they work and what are the benefits of this machine.

We hope that with this article, you can save time when searching for your new palletizing machine supplier.

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