Pontiac Ignition Coil

 Pontiac ignition coil has a simple function, it is to transfer the relatively low voltage of the car’s power supply(12v) into high voltage required to create an electrical spark in the spark plugs that will ignite the fuel that will make the vehicle run. There are three parts of the ignition coil. The primary windings, secondary windings, and the iron core.

Given its critical role to make the vehicle run, you simply can’t hit the road with a failing ignition coil system. Here are some symptoms of bad ignition coils to help you asses your components:

  • Having a hard time to start the engine
  • Poor acceleration or power loss when the vehicle drives under stress
  • Vehicle stalling
  • Engine jerking providing poor power

Experiencing these symptoms might help you consider taking your vehicle to your trusted technician for an ignition coil test.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

MZW Motor was founded in 1995 and grew into becoming one of the leading automotive manufacturers that has provided the industry with top-notch starter motors, brake parts, suspension and steering parts, ignition system components, window assembly components, automotive filters, and other electronic vehicle parts.

Equipped with the industry-leading die-casting technology, precise CNC machining, and latest plastic molding techniques, MZW Motor aftermarkets are undeniably one of the best options of replacements in the global market.

Why MZW Pontiac Ignition Coil?

Get your fuel system back to its top-condition and maintain your engine operating reliably with this superb quality fuel system part by MZW Motor. Crafted using the finest of materials and latest manufacturing technology, MZW’s Pontiac ignition coil ensures to be a perfect fit for your specific vehicle application and provide long years of trouble-free service.


  • Your best option of replacement to keep your vehicle in top shape
  • Efficient windings and materials to provide maximum voltage consistently
  • High resistant to wear and tear
  • Individually tested to ensure performance output

We guarantee you every MZW Pontiac Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

With over 20 years of bringing exceptional aftermarkets, MZW Motor has proven itself as one of the industry’s powerhouse manufacturers. Currently standing in a prestigious position together with other giant manufacturers, MZW Motor is dedicated to continuously provide you with innovative solutions for your vehicles. Here are some of the company’s traits that sets us apart from our competitors:


  • MZW offer the finest quality of remanufactured auto parts at a bargaining price
  • MZW Motor uses only the toughest materials in constructing automotive parts to ensure their durability
  •  products are individually tested to condition them in the real-world application
  •  replacements are covered with a consumer-friendly warranty policy
  • employed with the knowledgeable customer service team

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About MZW Motor

To adapt to the industry’s increasing demand for auto part replacements, MZW Motor established 6 branches of manufacturing factories. This has made producing large numbers of automotive parts possible for the company. The company’s facilities are currently able to come up with over 1,000 auto parts per day.

Employed with over 300 experts and technical staff, the company ensure products’ quality outcome will not be compromised by its mass production. Also, with the help of our in-house product evaluation management, every unit is guaranteed to be in top shape and fully compliant under ISO standards.

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