Porsche Brake Pads

Increase your brake system’s braking performance with MZW’s Porsche brake pads. Our Porsche brake pads replacements are performance tested and guarantees to maintain high friction level at any given operating conditions.

Dependable until the end. Brake pads from MZW Motor are durably constructed using handpicked materials to give your long-lasting service life.


  • 100% shimmed brake pads ensuring noise and vibration-free operation
  • Premium powder coated for better protection and improved appearance 
  • Features chamfers and slots to further reduce the noise emission when braking
  • 100% brand-new raw materials used in constructing to promote better product lifespan
  • Environment-friendly alternative due to non-copper composition
  • Will perform in par or better than OEM Porsche brake pads

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

When in need of replacements for your brake pads, there are things to be considered such as the class or the type of brake pads you need for your driving lifestyle or vehicle requirement. This disc brake component is classified into 3 common types which are ceramic, metallic, and non-metallic or organic.

Trusted by many car enthusiasts and auto parts shop owners, MZW Motor has been a global leader in providing top caliber brake parts and other auto part replacements.

Started as a small privately-owned brand in 1995, MZW Motor manages to climb into the top of the aftermarket industry and today stands as of the top sources of alternatives with over 50,000 auto parts in our product catalog.

Why MZW Porsche Brake Pads?

Your disc brake has a lot to do with the road performance of the vehicle and to the safety of everyone inside your car. Brakes are equally important as your vehicle’s acceleration components. When applying brakes, series of mechanical parts of your brake system functions to provide proper stopping. Among those brake parts are your brake pads.

Brake pads are those metallic plates that have friction material surface on the other side. There are seen fastened to your brake calipers. Braking process works as the brake calipers close, which presses the brake pads against the rotors to slow the rotation of the wheels until to a complete stop.

Too much exposure to frictions and thermal stress, brake pads will eventually become thinner and thinner up to the point that it will not function properly.

We guarantee you every MZW Porsche Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

MZW Motor offers the best brake pads for Porsche at a more affordable price than the Porsche OEM brake pads supplier. Our brake upgrades are highly appreciated globally due to their OE specifications and affordability.

Don’t settle for expensive alternatives when you can get the exact product performance you expect from your stock unit at a lower price here at MZW Motor.

All automotive component replacements by MZW Motor are made from 100% brand new-materials that are built in-house. This ensures that product quality is preserved and will be stably produced that will meet the company’s stringent standards and OE as well.

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About MZW Motor

With the rising demand for brake parts and other automotive parts in the aftermarket industry, we at MZW Motor, as a leading manufacturing brand ensures to adapt to it.

We establish 6 branches of manufacturing facilities that are equally equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology. Our production capabilities numbers to over a thousand replacements per day.

Mass production is just the peak of the iceberg. Our factories are manned with strictly chosen, industry-leading engineers and technical staff watchkeeping all production processes making sure that not a single thing will be missed.

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