Porsche Control Arm

The primary function of Porsche control arms is to act as the connection point between the wheel of the car and its body.

Most vehicles are composed of upper and lower arms. This allows the up and down rotation of the wheels while the body frame and passengers stay smooth and level.

Porsche Control arms, often called “A-arms”, normally consist of control arm bushings and the ball joint. These components of Isuzu control arms are important for driving comfort and handling.


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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

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All MZW products are designed with safety and security in mind. Through this, driving is made safer and easier.

MZW Porsche Control Arms

When you have a Porsche that oozing with style and ripping performance, you’ll want the finest quality of car parts that can match the majestic feel of your luxury car. Built with stronger and longer-lasting bushings and ball joints to effectively absorb hefty loads and to lessen cracking or splitting.


  • Built with strong, polyurethane bushing
  • Designed with metal protective socket for long-lasting service life
  • Restores brand-new like steering and handling performance
  • OE fit, accurate dimensions, and dynamic alignment

We guarantee you every MZW Porsche Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






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Unlike any other in our industry, we have a proud history of delivering excellent products that are solution-provider, less downtime, durable, and money-saver.

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From repair, replacement, and maintenance – we’ve got you. You can rely on our highly professional and well-versed engineers.

Safety is Paramount

As a manufacturer of control arms, we follow quality management system and integrate Safety practices for all products. Your safety is our top priority.

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