Top 8 Radiator Manufacturers of 2023

The vehicle cooling system has been an important part of the engine’s life and overall road performance of the vehicle. That is why many radiator companies and radiator suppliers have been constantly incepting the manufacturer world whether for the aftermarket or original equipment industry. When driving or in operation, all auto parts from under the hood produce heat to extend where it is not tolerable at all. Thanks to the engine cooling system, vehicles get rid of thermal stress and keeps the engine temperature in its proper working condition. Radiator wholesalers market competition.

Of these components is the radiator. Radiators function as the heart of the whole cooling system and work a heat exchanger. It has these small tubes where the hot coolant runs and being cooled down by the radiator motor.

Radiator Market Overview

With the steadily growing demand for sales and vehicle production of many automakers globally, the automotive radiator market size is projected to expand in a steady manner for many years to come.

Radiators are available in the global market segment to three types which are the copper-brass, plastic, and aluminum. Because of the natural benefits, heat resistance, lightweight, and many for features, Radiator manufacturers and radiator wholesalers nowadays engage more in producing their products using aluminum. Radiators in general can be applied to different applications which include passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles from light to heavy applications.

China, U.S., JAPAN, Germany, and South Korea are the countries that are currently dominating the automotive radiator market due to their over 50% combined market shares. Below are the lists of the most trusted automotive radiator manufacturer and key players on both the aftermarket and original equipment industry.

Automotive Radiator Market

Radiator Manufacturers List:

BEHR Radiator

BEHR Automotive is a manufacturer and a joint venture between MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co.KG, Germany, and Anand. The company was founded back in 2005 with the aim being of service for automotive aftermarket industry’s air condition and engine cooling systems. Behr’s extensive product range comes with varieties of A/C evaporator cores, compressors, expansion valves, radiators, and oil coolers for HVAC heater cores, blower motor resistors, and many more. Using the latest productivity tools and equipment, Behr radiator parts guarantee to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Behr Radiator and other engine cooling equipment including all connections and fastening tools are carefully produced and offer a long service life. The radiator core itself is made up of the radiator network with a fin-and-tube system, tube headers, and core covers. Behr radiator is aluminum made thus, it promotes reduced weight and smaller packaging depth.

Behr Radiator Features:

  • Made to keep every vehicle engine in their proper running temperature
  • Designed to maintain the proper cooling level and prevent the engine from overheating
  • Manufactured from high-strength materials for lasting aid
  • Durable construction to withstand wear and tear and daily operational stress

Mahle Behr Official Website:

Mahle Behr Products and Services:

Mahle Behr Air-condition Products:


DENSO Radiator

DENSO Radiator

DENSO is a global radiator supplier and provider of different auto parts. The company’s facilities worldwide are ISO 9000 and QS 9000 certified. These recognitions are just a couple of reasons why Denso is known to provide products with zero defects. Denso’s First Time Fit products include A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, and much more. All of those are built and tested to OE standards offered for the aftermarket by Denso. Each product to which Denso radiator included is precisely built to feature exact replacement giving customers easy product installation.

Denso radiator reviews from different consumers worldwide are mostly composed of exceptional ratings which enhances the company’s visibility and integrity. Denso radiator can be manufactured as per customer desire. From plastic, copper, or aluminum components, Denso is a radiator manufacturer that surely can be trusted.

Features of Denso Radiator:

  • Radiator types available – plastic tank with aluminum core, plastic tank with a copper core, and cross-flow and down-flow configurations
  • Right fit the first time
  • The finest quality at an affordable price
  • Easy to access product portfolio
  • OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket makers

DENSO Auto Parts Official Website:

DENSO Auto Parts Radiator:


Delphi Radiators

Delphi Radiators

Delphi is one of the few manufacturers that has over 100 years of manufacturing expertise. That means, Delphi radiators are made from the experience of over 100 years of product development and innovation. Braking down Delphi’s contribution to the automotive industry, the company has over 50 years of experience in the fuel handling systems category, they have invented the first radiator in 1911, the first car heater in 1929, and the first vehicle air conditioner in 1953. Delphi today stands as of the leading auto parts source for OEMs like Toyota, Ford, Audi, and Ferrari.

Delphi radiators are best for aggressive driving, low-speed driving, and extreme temperatures. Products are tested to withstand operation burden giving vehicles a worry-free driving and eliminating the risk of overheating engine.

Advantages of Delphi radiator:

  • Compact, lightweight, brazed-aluminum construction
  • Maximum heat transfer
  • High performance-to-weight ratio
  • Corrosion-resistant alloy
  • Can be used with a fan shroud and condenser to create a powertrain cooling module

Delphi Light Vehicles Website:

Delphi News:

Delphi Technologies Official Website:


Valeo Radiator

Valeo Radiator

Valeo is a radiator supplier for both aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. The company takes price in its excellence in quality, design, production delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction through innovative automotive products. Valeo auto parts catalog also includes a wide range of systems like thermal, electrical, lighting, transmission, and automotive wipers.

VALEO VHP Radiators are developed for internal combustion, engines, hybrid and electric vehicles. The main goal of this very product is to improve the cooling performance of every vehicle where it is applied while reducing energy consumption. Valeo Radiators are sure to be a perfect fit for many vehicles makes today such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Volkswagen models.

Features and advantages of Valeo Radiators:

  • Made by a leading engine cooling manufacturers worldwide
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Engine compactness
  • Original quality products
  • Available in the aftermarket as well
  • User friend components
  • Experience manufacturer for major car makes
  • Quality control units and performance tested according to carmakers’ standards
  • An innovative solution to reduce fuel consumption, NOx, and CO2 emission

Valeo Services Official Website:

Valeo Radiators:

Marelli / Calsonic Radiator

Marelli / Calsonic Radiator

Calsonic Kansei and Magnet Marelli were united under the worldwide brand of MARELLI to compete in a new level globally. Calsonic Kansei is a manufacturer that was built for over 80 years and has a leading reputation for its manufacturing excellence. Based in Japan, Calsonic has grown its operations across Asia and Europe to become a key player in the field of interior experience, climate control systems, heat exchange, and compressors.

Calsonic is the first radiator supplier that has successfully mass-produce aluminum radiators. Calsonic radiators are made using proprietary technologies in the brazing process and feature a corrosion-resistant design. It also features a 50% weight and thickness reduction.

Features of Calsonic Radiator:

  • Lightweight radiator – 30-50% lighter than the conventional brass radiator
  • Low cost – no painting or cleansing require due to the Nocolok brazing method applied
  • Minimal performance declination due to high corrosion resistance compared to easily corroded brass radiators
  • Long-lasting cooling performance
  • Aluminum radiator available in crossflow type and downflow type

Marelli Official Website:

Company Profile:

Calsonic Kansei Radiator:


Nissens Radiator

Nissens Radiator

Nissens has been a Radiator supplier and provider of different cooling solutions for the automotive industry since 1921. Today Nissens stands as of the biggest European manufacturers and an acknowledge OE and aftermarket supplier of different engine cooling and climate control system parts. Nissens offers a vast product portfolio that comprises more than 12,000 products and in continuous growth yearly. The company is a certified manufacturer according to ISO 9001 / ISO 13001 and TS 16949 standards so customers can be sure that every Nissens radiator you are about to purchase meets the highest standards established.

Nissens Radiators ensure the increased life of the vehicle’s engine to where the component is applied to by keeping the cooling system in top condition. It features easy installation due to the perfect finish and product fitment. Also, Nissens radiators have a highly competitive product range of 3000+ models in a range covering 12,900+ OE numbers. This component can be seen almost in every vehicle in Europe.

Benefits of Nissens Radiators:

  • OE matching quality
  • Reliable performance – supreme thermal handling for extended engine life
  • Perfect fit for easy and fast installation
  • Wide range coverage of OE vehicles
  • Reinforce plastic tanks enriched with fiberglass – no recycled plastic
  • Sturdy, durable, and highly performing core construction produced with advance aluminum brazing technology

Nissens Official Website:

Nissens Radiators:


Griffin Radiators

Griffin Radiators

Griffin thermal has been a radiator supplier for the automotive industry since 1981. Griffin Thermal Products focused on delivering the very best high-performance aluminum heat exchangers for the automobile. The company fully understands that a quality cooling system is critical to the consistent and reliable performance of the vehicle engine. When purchasing Griffin products, the company promises you to get long-term money savings and better performance than competitors’ products. Founded on customer satisfaction and service, Griffin continues to manufacture cooling products that are certain to meet exact requirements.

Griffin Radiators are made available into different kinds for different applications. These include Exact fit or the OEM replica radiators, PerformanceFit Radiators, Universal Radiators, Combo Unit of the radiator and cooling fan kits, and their unique custom made radiators. All radiators ensure proper cooling performance keeping all engines from vintage to modern vehicle and industrial application for longer engine life.

Some of the advantages of Griffin Radiators are as follow:

  • OEM style
  • Lightweight – aluminum constructed
  • Seamless installation
  • Superior performance
  • Fits many makes
  • Affordable, high performing products
  • Universal fit

GriffinRad Official Website:

GriffinRad Radiator Options:

TYC Radiator

TYC Radiator

TYC is one of the leading American manufacturers and radiator suppliers for the automotive industry. The company has a large selection of technologically advanced automotive components in their catalog. In manufacturing their products, TYC implements four main principles which are integrity, teamwork, innovation, and speed. This also has been a key to TYC’s success and rapid growth. TYC radiators and other cooling components are manufactured and designed with the utmost quality in mind whereas, resulting in items that will last longer than their counterparts and give more value to customers’ money.

TYC Radiator is designed to be identical to many factory units of OEMs. It offers affordable replacement that does not compromise quality and performance.

Below are some of the advantages and benefits of TYC radiators/engine coolant radiators:

  • OE quality, same performance at a lesser cost
  • Direct OE replacement
  • Installs the same factory
  • Same dimensions of the OE part
  • Same gauge material as OE
  • Easy installation without the need for modification

TYC Radiator Index:

TYC Official Website:

TYC Company Background:


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