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Who are the ball joint manufacturers top market players in OEM channel type for the automotive industry? This article will give you an overview of these firms along with the benefits and product advantages of this suspension part.

Before that, let us give a brief introduction to ball joints.

What is ball joint and how do they work?

Ball joints are basically a component of a front suspension as I mention earlier. It was a part of a complex front suspension assembly together with links, bushings and bearings.

The ball joints task is to connect these various links and allow them to move. How? they provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and control arms.

What makes it important? because this allows driver to precisely control the vehicle for safe and smooth ride.

If you want to learn more this front suspension part. Check out Ball Joint: The Ultimate Guide from our Blog.

What are the opportunities in ball joint market?

Why is it a great addition to your auto parts product inventory as an autoparts supplier or retailer?

These question are answered in the section.

The Automotive Ball Joint Market Overview

Global Chassis Market 2018-2022
2018-2022 Forecast Report from Technavio

On October 25, 2019, the MarketWatch recently published ” The Automotive Chassis Systems “, a market analytical research.

It was stated in the forecast report for 2019, the Automotive Chassis Systems has already estimated 78.4M US$ and it believe to reach 111.8M US$ in 2015. Growing in CAGR of 4.5% from 2019.

This report comprised: Suspension ball joints, Cross-axis joints, Tie-rods, Stabilizer Links, Control arms and Knuckles and Hubs.

Automotive ball joints rise in the market is predictable to possess high demand from different car manufacturers around the world.

The production has been seen to increase within Asia. Because they are extremingly used in automobile, an optimistic market is expected.

However, lower ball joint garnered more attraction.

Most of this parts have a long service life, enabling the producer to develop a highly efficient system to market the several problems indicated.

The main challenge is that ball joints are costly compared to tie rods.

Having seen the global market for ball joints.

Here is a compiled list of major players in the market as of 2019:

dynatrac logo

Dynatrac Ball Joints

Dynatrac Company Banner

DYNATRAC™ was already in its 25 years. It has humble beginning marked as ” a with a need and a drive to offer something better “.

Jim McGean was the man behind the company birth. He started to look for a heavy-duty Dana 60 axle assembly to bolt into his truck. What he had found was an aftermarket axle manufacturers specialized in rear-ends. Jim was very surprise of the company unwillingness and inability to answer questions about the project. A poor customer service was what he received.

He decided to build a heavy-duty axle front on his own. Sleepless nights and weekends were spent in building it.

It was November 1988 when DYNATRAC officially open to extend business to public.

The journey of the company begins. Jim strives to develop new products to meet customer demands. Some of their product are ProRock 60®, ProRock 44™, ProRock 80™, Free-Spin™ hub conversion kits, heavy-duty DynaLoc™ locking hubs, and rebuildable Heavy-Duty Dynatrac Ball Joints™ among other components. Which are the reason they are listed in here.

Dynatrac ball joints are built specifically for the rigorous demands of real off-road vehicles.

Dynatrac ball joints are known to be strongest, durable with highest quality. These are Dynatrac ball joints features:

  • Rebuildable by using common hand tools
  • Heat-treated high-strength billet bodies
  • Chromoly stems
  • Heat-treated, precision-ground stainless steel ball
  • Grease fittings for serviceability

Dynatrac ball joints fits the following car make and models: 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK, 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4×4 and most Dana 60 axles.

To check on other chassis parts offered by Dynatrac. The following resources are listed below.

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emf logo

EMF Ball Joints

EMF Company Banner

EMF is specialized to provide rebuildable ball joints to Dodge make and models.

EMF manufacturing facility was located in Alberta, Canada. The firm is proud to announce that they are holding 3 USA and 3 Canadian Patents for their steering and suspension product line.  The certification includes Patents for the internal components of all our Heim Joint, Tie Rod End and Ball Joint Products as well as pin greasing technology.

EMF started to develop ball joints for the Dodge Trucks. Today they still continuously working on the R&D to produce ball joints to other makes and models. 

The firm design is simple, that’s why they charge less than other competitor.

For EMF, the lower price doesn’t’ mean a poor quality. 

The company is up to offer the same rebuildable high-quality product as EMF have for 15 years. 

EMF are into providing affordable nice set of long lasting ball joints.

EMF ball joints are premium in its class, these are the product features and advantages that you can expect from this suspension part:

  • Rebuildable type
  • EMF Dodge Intermediate Steering Shaft Bushings are machined out of 6061 Aluminium
  • Have a tapered end to allow for ease of installation.
  • Greasable and adjustable ball joints
  • Offer a wide range for Dodge vehicle application

EMF ball joints technical details are accessible on the company page. Check out the details from the link provided below.

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Carli Ball Joints

Карли в истории Эрали

Carli Suspension, Inc. started operating business in 2003. Sage Carli, a veteran installer and designer personally made a decision to offer the market with a new breed of Dodge Ram Suspension Systems. His advocacy to meet and exceed customer’s expectation are always the priority.

The firm was founded to bring gap the market for the previous providers for Dodge Ram Suspension Systems underserved.

Sage Carli began with completely custom designed systems. The company produce and supply high performances shocks, springs, bushings, ball joints and other components for incredible off-road performances.

Carli suspension parts fits Dodge, Ford and Jeep vehicles different models in different year range.

Carli ball joints are available in upper and lower set and specifically fit according to vehicle make and models.

High quality for Carli ball joints manufactured and supplied to the market has the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Superior quality of raw materials
  • Unique company design
  • Heat treated to specified hardness according to company preferences
  • Propriety dry-lube coating is applies for thickness
  • Integrated accessible zirk fitting for easy servicing
  • Installed with a tube of high quality synthetic grease

Carli guaranteed that after finalization of the R&D process for ball joints, this part will not fail.

To check out the company’s premium quality products and how they market it for additional idea. Check out link below.

Carli Ball Joints Official Site
Carli Ball Joints Product Page

Xrf Logo

XRF Ball Joints

XRF Company Banner

The XRF emblem was starter in 1996 to serve the North American market with technologically high quality suspension and steering parts.

Forging strategic alliances with an engineering organization, a brand new producer, an OEM laboratory and a global transportation logistics are the way for XRF complete its goal.

The result is an advance commercial enterprise that produces, market and supplies the “NEW world BENCHMARK TM” in chassis components without the high-priced overhead.

XRF has over 4000 part numbers listed in stock, including both import and domestic applications.

XRF ball joints are one among the parts manufactured by the firm. It is built to perform efficiently in most severe conditions like oil patch and logging sites.

XRF ball joint product features are:

  • Uses high quality material such as SAE4140 steel for ball stud, SAE1045 for housing
  • Cold forged ball stud and housing
  • To obtain Omni-directional strength, stud heat treatment
  • To keep grease in and dirt out a ” triple lip boot seal ” is applied
  • Fully encapsulated ball studs in a high strength acetyl bearing

The following resource links will help you reach XRF official website directly.

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Логотип Mevotech

Mevotech Ball Joints

Баннер компании Mevotech

Mevotech LP has been developing the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years.

The company continuously to learn innovated ideas. This is to ensure that they offered what the customers wanted.

They we’re creating the most technologically advanced automotive parts parallel to delivering the best customer service support.

Mevotech is actively engaging in different social platforms to automobile forums.

The company has 9 different recognized brand for their product lines. These are Original Grade, Engineered in Canada, X Factor, Labor Saver, Supreme, TTX, BXT, Duraflex and lastly Mevotech Supreme from the company name.

Mevotech ball joints are available in two brands: Mevotech Supreme and X Factor.

The Mevotech Supreme are the standard ball joints of the company while the X Factor ball joints are the benchmark testing phase.

Here are what you can expect with Mevotech ball joints:

  • Designed with special grease channels
  • Highly durable sintered bearings
  • To resist deformation due to heat and friction, apply metal-to-metal design 
  • Greasable ball joints for increased service life and consistent grease flow
  • Thicker forgings reduce excessive flexing and twisting of the suspension system
  • Increase strength and corrosion resistance are achieved with black oxide coating to components and hardware

To know more about the Mevotech ball joints and other company products. Click on the link below.

Официальный сайт компании Mevotech
Mevotech Ball Joint Product Page
Mevotech Ball Joint Catalogue

Логотип TRW

TRW Ball Joints

Знамя компании TRW

TRW является частью большого рынка запчастей ZF. ZF - это мировым лидером в области производства высококачественной продукции для обеспечения безопасности автомобилей. Линейки их продукции включают в себя системы выпечки, детали подвески и рулевого управления, другие компоненты для коммерческих автомобилей компоненты и инструменты для обслуживания.

ZF известна своими трансмиссиями, шасси и технологиями пассивной технологии безопасности. В компании работает 146 000 сотрудников по всему миру. около 230 филиалов в 40 странах. По оценкам, в 2017 году объем продаж по этому направлению составит около 36,4 млрд евро. в 2017 году. 

Ежегодно компания инвестирует в исследования и разработки более 6%. НИОКР ежегодно.

TRW ball joints are popular among direct users and is well-known globally.

Чтобы убедиться, что TRW работает наилучшим образом, TRW использует дорожные испытания и испытания наиболее совершенных достижений.

TRW ball joints incorporated the following product features:

  • Made from the highest quality rubber dust covers
  • Dust cover perfectly eliminate dust and water from entering the ball joint
  • Long service lifespan of a part is guarantee
  • Manufactured using forged or cold formed steel
  • Low friction plastic bearings
  • OE quality hardware installation accessories

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Логотип SPC

SPC Ball Joints

Знамя СФК

Specialty Products Company has been in business of manufacturing and machining since 1975. This is to provide design, testing and world-class alignment and suspension solutions.

The company are based in Longmont, USA. The company brand is popular known as SPC Performance. SPC ball joints fits GM, Corvette, Mustang and Chrysler vehicles.

  • Exclusive “low-profile” design
  • OEM style extended length ball joints
  • Greasable ball joints
  • Improve camber gain and increase control arm frame clearance
  • Available in adjustable ball joint type

Check out the SPC official site and product review below.

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Howe Logo

Howe Ball Joints

Howe Company Banner

Howe Racing Enterprises has been developing chassis and components for racing way back 1971. They are in the business for over 48 years and already passed two generations.

Howe began to operate business in a small garage located in Beaverton, Michigan. over years, Howe expanded many times and manufactured countless racing products.

Howe largest manufactured product lines are merely for race cars. In addition to Howe manufactured products they sell other superior quality brand as well that meet and exceed the company standard.

Howe ball joints are one among the large. They are offered by Howe Enterprises in different styles. Both available in lower and upper ball joints.

Here are Howe ball joints product features:

  • Track-tested design results
  • Manufactured with superior internal components
  • Provide efficient and smooth movement
  • Adjustable and greasable
  • Has specific design to perfectly fits different car models

Howe ball joints for different make and models are all included in the company website pages. To check out, click on the link below.

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логотип acdelco

AcDelco Ball Joints

Компания ACDelco

AcDelco is definitely a well-recognized world automotive market leader. They had been operating since 1908 and now had an unparalled expertise in supplying the best quality autoparts for the industry.

They are in partnered with GM vehicles. Therefore, AcDelco parts appear in more than 2M cars released by GM every year.

AcDelco estimated to have 90,000+ auto parts in a 37 product lines.

Сегодня эта фирма действительно является успешной производственной Сегодня это действительно успешная производственная компания.

AcDelco ball joints are one among the auto components manufactured by the company that had been really successful.

The following product features and related advantages are all expected from AcDelco ball joints.

  • Perfect OE fit, form and functions
  • High strength one-piece forged housing
  • Undergo extensive testing for impact, wear, and fatigue testing for quality and durability
  • Greaseable design features
  • Covered with special coating properties for corrosion resistance
  • Product from TS 16949-certified manufacturing facilities
  • High quality Forged and CNC-machined shell

AcDelco Ball Joints Official Site
AcDelco Advantage Ball Joints Product Page
AcDelco Professional Ball Joints Product Page

Ford Motorcraft Logo

Ford Ball Joints

ford motor first building

When we are talking about ball joints for Ford vehicles, a good choice would be to got the parts from its own provider. Luckily, Ford Motor Company distributes replacement parts from through Motorcraft parts and Omnicraft Parts.

Ford Motor Company recommended this brand as a supplier for Ford vehicle users. The company had over 100 unparalleled expertise for automotive industry.

Motorcraft ball joints offer first-class quality design, the following product features are provided by the ball joint brand:

  • High strength heat-treated metal stud
  • Allows smooth motion movement
  • Polymer bearing design
  • Encapsulates the ball stud
  • Eliminates heavy preloads for steering effort and minimize wear
  • Grease fittings
  • Coated with Magnesium phosphate for corrosion properties
  • Provides a better fit for vehicles with slightly worn control arms
  • Feature steel retaining rings contaminants and water protection
  • Directional grease escapements

Motorcraft ball joints is the best choice for Ford applications. Check out latest product updates down.

Ford Motorcraft Ball Joints Official Site
Ford Motorcraft Ball Joints Product Page

Логотип ZF


Здание компании ZF

LEMFORDER is aftermarket brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

With its LEMFORDER brand, ZF have been the first choice for the steering and suspension aftermarket. More and more workshop gives their trust in this premium brand of auto components. They are ensures to receive products with OEM quality and unmatched customer service.

LEMFORDER brands deliver its spare parts to car and LCV as well as other commercial vehicles with distinction.

But the main product features of Lemforder ball joints in different vehicle applications are the following:

  • Integrated with supporting joint to support vehicle weight efficiently
  • Attached ball stud move easily, low flexibility
  • Noise insulating due to premium plastic shells
  • Mounting style is maintenance-free
  • Include eccentric screw, adjustment plates and nuts

ZF works at their best to supply best quality steering and suspension components in different brands. To check out the following ball joints brand from ZF. Check out the helpful links listed below.

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denckermann logo


denckermann Company

DENCKERMANN is a producer and supplier of first-class vehicle parts.

The firm cooperate with numerous popular buyers globally. Denckermann European logistics center and company headquarters is located in Warsaw. It has around 14,400 square meters in 7 000 EUR pallet space.

The extensive product variety consists of filters (air, gas, oil, cabin), water pumps, braking system additives (pads, discs, footwear, drums and sensors), bearings and wheel hubs, surprise absorbers, pulleys, CV joints as well as suspension and steerage system components.

Denckermann has over 8,000 references and a total of 11 product lines. They regularly expanded the product ranges dynamically. The company holds international certificates and reach Poland as distribution network.

VELES TRADE OÜ is a trusted and only export agent of Denckermann trade mark.

DENCKERMANN ball joints provides the following product advantages:

  • Covers the widest possible ranges of vehicle models
  • Used high quality raw materials
  • Passed UTM test
  • Dependable to make it on tough roads
  • Long service functionality

The listed resources link below will direct you to the Denckermann official site.

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Frap Logo

FRAP Ball Joints

Frap Company

FRAP is an Italian manufacturer that has been in designing and manufacturing steering and suspension parts since 1932.

The firm production plant is located in Bruino (near Torino in northern Italy) and it covers a place total to 13,000 square meters. This is where FRAP products are made from forging, warmness treatments, machining, induction tempering, welding, surface remedies and assembling.

Over the past years, the corporation has constantly renewed its production procedures and constantly invested in studies & improvement.

All items are synthetic in line with the most powerful OE specifications and subjected to continuous test.

Frap ball joints as one of the popular products has been chosen by popular prestigious OE manufacturers such as Renault, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Argo, Same Deuts-Fahr Group.

Here are what you can expect from Frap ball joints:

  • OE fit, function, and form
  • Guaranteed made in Italy
  • Greasable ball joints
  • Long service functionality
  • Made up from premium quality materials

To know more about Frap ball joints. Check out the links below. Technical data of the firm’s products are included.

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alloy usa logo

Alloy-USA Ball Joints

alloy usa company

Alloy-USA, is one among the brands from Omix-ADA. Omix-ADA is a global independent manufacturer and a whole sale supplier with a full line of Jeep® automotive components.

The company has almost 20,000 Jeep® parts inventory with estimated retail value close to $100 million.

Omix backed up almost all Jeep® parts retailers and warehouse distributors based in USA and other countries.

Aside from Jeep vehicles, their parts also serve Chevy muscle cars, Mustang, Ford, Dodge and GM.

Over years the firm has expanded their business in building brands such as Rugged Ridge, Precision Gear, Outland Automotive and Alloy USA.

Alloy USA ball joints product features and advantages are:

  • Made up of SAE 4150 Chromoly steel raw materials
  • With a low profile (grease) zerk fitting
  • Employed with a high strength steel socket
  • Guaranteed durable and high strength
  • Includes Hardware
  • Exclusive threaded preload system

To check on different Alloy-USA ball joints offered by OMIX, check out the resources below.


Omix-ADA Official Site
Alloy-USA Ball Joints Official Site
Alloy-USA Ball Joints Product Page

RCV Performance Logo

RCV Ball Joints

RCV Banner

RCV Performance Products is a division of a popular company the Aircraft Gear Corporation.  This Aircraft Gear Corporation is a family-owned firm with divisions. They based form U.S. and have been manufacturing for over 60 years. Aircraft serve both aerospace and automotive drive train components.

Aircraft engineered and product advance CV axles and other high-performance drive line components for the automotive, bus and truck applications.

Through RCV Performance Division this we’re all available. The company main focus it the patented CV axle conversions and replacement IFS shaft for the automotive and other off-road market. The firm provides “off the shelf” solutions and customized design for specific projects as requested.

Here are the following product advantages can be expected from RCV ball joints:

  • Tested 3* stronger than OEM and 2.5* from aftermarket
  • Regreasable and adjustable for wear
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Direct fit for specific OE vehicle

RCV ball joints are specifically design to fits several popular vehicles such as Dodge, GM, Toyota, Hummer, Nissan, International Harvester and many more. Check out this Aircraft division official pages from the link listed down.

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steeda x2 logo

Steeda x2 Ball Joints

steeda company

Steeda Autosports has been operating in business since 1988.

The company are fully dedicated to serve Ford Motor Company and the purchasers of Ford vehicles.

Steeda Autosports business goal is to provide high performance vehicles, the best parts and accessories to installed with.

Steeda Autosports success came from a man named Dario Orlando.

Dario Orlando chose to apply his expertise to engineering and race car development for elevating Ford Performance Vehicles.

After many years, together with the help of valued customers, Steeda reach the world market and continuously in business operation until today.

The company are now located in different country location.

Ford ball joints are what Steeda highly specialized with. Check out their large autoparts products specifically for Ford cars at the company official site.

Steeda x2 ball joints are just one among the ball joints supplied by the firm. It perfectly fit Ford Mustang 1994-2004.

Steeda x2 ball joint provides product benefits and features such as:

  • High quality construction
  • Restores front end roll center efficiently
  • Reduction to understeer
  • Extensively tested in Panther applications

To see Steeda X2 ball joints and other related Ford ball joints products produce by Steeda Autoparts. Just click on the link provided below.

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логотип райбестоса

Raybestos Ball Joints

Raybestos на заре своего существования

Raybestos is world-renown for their first-class brake parts. They had been operating business since 1902 and now has over a century of unmatched experience.

Raybestos is considered one of the global market leader in automotive aftermarket.

The manufacturer dedicated team of quality and expert engineer works to ensure that the product theory design match and exceed OE form, fit and function.

Each Raybestos product is extensively tested to ensure that their valued customer is receiving a high-quality and reliable product.

Another auto part product that the company is known is Raybestos ball joints.

Raybestos ball joint or also known as ” Raybestos Professional Grade Ball Joint ” amazed direct users because of its premium quality features.

Raybestos ball joints provides a lot of product features and other benefits such as:

  • Meet the design and performance of the original part
  • One-piece forged housing
  • Built with cold formed heat-treated stud
  • Patented cylindrical wedge bearing
  • Constructed with premium quality materials
  • For tight tolerances and long-lasting service functionality: precision-machined bearing design
  • Comes with hardware aids for proper installation

To see additional information about Raybestos ball joints and other parts they produce and supply. Feel free to click the link below.

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CTR Logo

CTR Ball Joint

NEOCTR Company Banner

CTR are specialized manufacturer and supplier of suspension and steering parts.

CTR has inventory comprises of over 27,000 products including ball joints, stabilizer links, control arms and tie rods.

NEOCTR or popularly known as CTR is a CENTRAL GROUP of leading auto parts manufacturer with a goal for developing values to customers.

CTR has been established way back 1971 in Busan, Korea. The company first big project is to produce suspensiona and steering parts for Hyundai Motors which became successful and they had been able to put up first R&D centers in 1990.

Starting 1995, they started in OEM business with GM/FORD/CHRYSLER, followed by their aftermarket businesses.

CTR also work with BMW/AUDI vehicles.

CTR ball joints as one of their products recently achieved the ” Best Pull Out Strength ” award. A recent article on Dvizhok found that a CTR ball joint shows higher score than five ball joints brand products in a comparison test that was conducted at an independent testing lab.

CTR ball joints provides product advantages such as:

  • OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers
  • Constructed using superior quality raw materials
  • Engineered to provide reliable performance for years to come
  • Has advance strength compare to any other brand
  • CTR ball joints high strength is accessible on the company page.


CTR Ball Joints Official Site
CTR Ball Joints Product Page
CTR Ball Joints Catalogue

Dana Logo

Dana Spicer Ball Joints

Dana Company

The Spicer® ball joints which is a recognizable ball joint are brand of DANA Incorporated.

The firm started in 1904, when an engineering student named Clarence Spicer left Cornell University. He began the business operation in a vacant corner somewhere in New Jersey.

Spicer has earned a patent for his first practical universal joint design even still student. During uncertain beginnings, Dana Incorporated emerged as one of the globe’s influential automotive suppliers.

Dana Incorporated products have helped to drive history’s greatest vehicles: Model T and the World War II-era Jeep®, London taxicabs, 18-wheel rigs, giant earth-moving machines, and every car on the NASCAR® racing circuit.

Today, Dana is a trusted supplier of popular OE vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota and many more.

Dana is now reachable in 33 different countries, with 135 major facilities, 19 technology centers and serve 15,000 customers.

Spicer ball joint as the company top brands is offered as a kit comprising: ball joints, wheel sealed, dust sealed, vacuum O-rings

Here are Spicer ball joints product benefits:

  • Guarantees strength and durability to ensure longer life
  • Long service functionality
  • Meet or exceed OE requirements
  • Perfectly fit specific vehicle model

To check out Spicer ball joints from Dan Incorporated. Available resources are listed below.

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Логотип Magnetti Marelli

Mopar Ball Joints

Magneti Marelli service almost all leading car manufacturers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

It is a global company established in Italy way back 1919, dedicated to the design and production of upgraded systems and components for the automotive industry area.

Magneti Marelli is a successful autoparts manufacturers. The company announces a turnover of € 8.2 billion in 2017.

They had over about 44,000 employees employed in different firm’s business branches, 85 production facilities and 15 R&D Units.

Magneti Marelli has reach global market in 20 countries which includes: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, India, Malaysia.

The firm served business areas such as Electronic Systems, Automotive Lighting, Powertrain, Suspension Systems, Exhaust Systems, Motorsport and other Aftermarket Parts and Services.

Ball joints as a part of a large product collection of the company is popularly known as Mopar ball joint.

Mopar is Magneti Marelli aftermarket channel. Through Mopar, the 30 product lines of the latter had been distributed.

Mopar ball joints fits a wide range of make and models applications.

Here are the Mopar ball joints product features and related benefits:

  • World-class quality features
  • Perfectly fit specific vehicle applications
  • High polished ball stud
  • With high-strength polymer bearing
  • Employed with integral boot retaining ring

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afco logo

AFCO Ball Joints

AFCO Company

AFCO Performance Group produce and distribute superior quality shocks, brakes, springs, cooling, gauges, specialty tools, chassis and scales. They distribute products is various brands such as PRO Shocks, AFCO Racing Products, DeWitts Radiators, Dynatech Headers, Longacre Racing Products, and UltimateQM.com.

AFCO has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience with high quality products.

AFCO advantage is available through wide range of applications.

AFCO ball joints is one among the product lines from the firm. The company has different types of ball joint that will fit specific OE vehicles.

The following are the product benefits of AFCO ball joints:

  • Precision-machined to tight tolerances
  • Provides consistent resistance to deliver steady performance
  • Improved weight transfer
  • Free up suspension
  • Remove suspension rigidity
  • Provides more precise wheel control
  • More effectively controlled track inputs
  • Meet or exceed standard ball joint strength
  • Lower input steering efforts
  • Faster steering wheel return

Different ball joints are available in AFCO company website. To check out, click the link provided below.

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EPI Logo

EPI Ball Joints

EPI Performance

EPI or Erlandson Performance are into improving performance clutch kits for applications such as snowmobiles, ATV’s and UTV’s.

EPI started to operate business since 1991. The firm started from a basement-based business into a complex and now serve globally.

Over years of developing clutch kits parts, the company dedication to is always test for every machine right there at the factory.

EPI apply real world scenarios to ensure high quality parts are released.

As the company grew, they extend to other driveline components areas such as CV and U joints, axles, bearings, and suspensions.

Today, EPI now offer full lines of different driveline components.

After the famous EPI Performance Clutch Kits, the company become  well known for exclusive line of ATV/UTV’s Severe Duty Drive Belts.

Epi ball joints are among the products continously upgrading from the firm. This ball joints are recognized nowadays for direct users.

Epi ball joints are offered together as a kit with the following benefits:

  • Engineered to fit specific applications
  • First-class quality replacement part
  • Comes with rubber boot, snap ring and cotter pin
  • Other parts vary by model

Epi ball joints are accessible from the company’s official websites. To know more about this ball joint manufacturer. Check out the link provided below.

EPI Ball Joints Official Site
EPI Ball Joints Product Page

Логотип SuperPro

SuperPro Ball Joints

Баннер компании SuperPro

Superpro specialized with manufacturing polyurethane bushings and suspension parts since 1983.

Graham Scudamore-Smith and founding company Fulcrum Suspensions, initially embarked on the process of manufacturing suspension parts.

The firm is originally a part of Fulcrum Suspensions group.

They had over 40 years of unmatched experience in automotive suspension.

The expertise taken from experience has led Superpro in exports and sales to worldwide OEM and Tier-1 suppliers.

In early years, Superpro had problems with wear and tear leaf spring bushes for 40 and 45 Landcruisers.

Superpro started to design and produce Suspension bushes for the emerging 4×4 market.

Since 1970, continuously improvement of SuperPro has produced the following improvements: Bullet Grooves, Double-Helix Grooves, Self-Lubrication Extends, Caster off set Bushings and many more.

Superpro ball joints is one of the successful suspension parts of the firm. The following product features and benefits are expected from Superpro ball joints.

  • Adjustable features for B6 and Mk5/Mk6 application
  • Integrated Turbo Design Voiding for high performance bushing
  • Efficiently control coil over or sport suspension
  • Allow you to independently adjust over -0.5* of negative camber
  • Features roll-center correcting geometry
  • Reduced rear tire wear
  • Fits existing suspension arms without modification
  • No increase in vibration or road noise

Superpro ball joints is extremely trusted by direct users today.

Дополнительные ресурсы:
Superpro Ball Joints Official Site
Superpro Ball Joints Product Page
Superpro Ball Joints Catalogue

Логотип "Мас и швейцар

MAS Ball Joint

Mas Industries Company

Dorman and MAS products joint forces in 2017.

MAS Automotive Distribution Inc. ( MAS Industries ), is a high quality manufacturer of premium chassis parts and control arm. Mas Industries were basically based on Boisbriad, Quebec. The company was founded in the year 1997.

The auto parts has been distributed throughout US, Canada and Mexico.

Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ:DORM), on the other hand is a leading automotive aftermarket.

The acqisition of Dorman reflects the commitment to the aftermarket leadership in chassis and suspension categories.

Today, you can find MAS ball joints and other suspension and chassis parts alongside with Dorman automotive products.

MAS ball joints and Dorman ball joints is the same product.

MAS ball joints / Dorman ball joints are premium chassis featuring XL Technology, which is the extended life of chassis parts.

This are available for 3 category types: Performance, Rugged Duty and Daily Driver.

Here are the product features you can expect from MAS ball joints XL technolofy features: 

  • ArmourGrade™ studs
  • Advanced low-friction polymer socket
  • Highly polished EverSmooth™ ball surfaces
  • Premium I.C.E.™ grease in a sealed housing
  • Exclusive WeatherShield™ coating offers 5-10 times the corrosion resistance of OE finishes

Dorman Premium Chassis products from MAS Industries deliver quality and efficient chassis for every need, from daily driver to rugged duty, at a fraction of original equipment cost.

If you still have MAS-related question, Dorman customer service representative will answer you.

MAS Ball Joints Official Site
MAS Ball Joints Product Page
Dorman Customer Service for MAS-related
Dorman Catalogue


If you are planning to invest on ball joints suspension parts to add on your inventory there are few things to consider to be kept in mind.

You need to know how to market your products to customers efficiently. With the product description and advantages of most Top OEM ball joints listed in here you have already an overview.

Also you need to understand what your customers need: verify their make and models and offer the ball joints that will perfectly fit their car.  We believe that you will have a successful sale towards your ball joints products

But before anything else, a need of a reliable and trusted provider is a must.

With this, we can guarantee that partnering with us would be a right choice. You can have the best deal of ball joint purchase and we will behind your success.

If decided, you may check out our company affordable ball joints from here.

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