ТОП-26 производителей тормозных колодок OEM в 2023 году

top-26-brake-pads-manufacturer-bannerBrake pads are one of the most essential part of the disc braking system. This is the main reason that every car are capable to stop, as much as important for the car must reach it’s point of destination. Stopping the car will start from the moment the driver feet presses the brake pedal, the brake pads apply friction against the disc brake.  

Most of the components that are being used in making brake pads should possess high transmission of friction. There is so much risk when brake pads cannot be able to do it’s full services. Most commonly, a bad or worn brake pads will let the passenger be prone on vehicle accident. 

Some automobile owners are not that knowledgeable when it comes to the good quality features and upgraded brake pads that are now available in the market. That is why, we prepared this article to help OE manufacturer and other business owners find the best  OEM for brake pads that you might be interested to invest with.

Brake Pads Market Overview

Increased in manufacturing vehicle globally will accompanied by rapid demand with automotive brake pad’s market size. 

Recently, latest research was reported by Global Market Insights, Inc., According to a recent study, the worldwide Brake Pads market is valued at 7.9 Billion USD in 2017 and is expected to increase in 11.61 Billion USD by the end of 2025, that is a positive change of 6.4% between 2019 and 2025.

Global market for brake pads is expected to grow about 1.5% for the next five years. Results to reach at 11300 Million USD in 2024 from this years 10500 Million.

There are statistical record that developed brake pads are distributed by the USA, Japan and Europe Regions. 

Brake Pads Market Share

Witnessing the high growth in demand of pads, big OEM companies are developing their brake pads products and continually innovating it in order to capture the market response.

Let’s jump on to the Top 26 prominent player in OEM types of suppliers of brake pads products for the automotive industry.

Brake Pads Manufacturers & Companies List:

Логотип Brembo

Brembo Brake Pad

Brembo Headquater

Brembo was established in 1961 in Bergamo, near Milan. This Italian manufacturer are globally recognized in their unmatched design in manufacturing disc brake, calipers,  and of complete automotive braking systems. Brembo products can be used in various vehicle applications such as cars,  industrial vehicles, motorbikes, machinery and racing. The company is now operating towards 3 continents and in 15 countries.

Aftermarket Brembo brake pads declares that their brake pads has the following features:

  • Can withstand in temperatures higher than the recommended
  • Excellent performance in all situations
  • Offer extreme performance without warming up
  • Component ensures quietness, lessen disc and pad wear

Brembo brake pads are also available in prestigious vehicles for sporting as well as racing.  These are their main edge towards other OEM. Predominantly and carefully tested inside the facility. Brembo Sports brake pads are the upgrade level of their original brake pads. They have 2 main categories:organic pads and ceramic pads. These category are offered with 4 different compounds such as RB 340, RB 350, RB 350 and  RB 330. Brembo designed this superb quality  to be capable of meeting the needs of the rider or the driver towards the race.

To better know more about their product we included some of the companies link that may be helpful.

Brembo Additional Resources:

Akebono Logo 2019

Akebono Brake Pad

Компания Akebono

Akebono was established in Japan in 1929, during that time Japanese had only produces over 499 vehicles in automobile industry. It entered the domestic and overseas markets being a brake experts. There are 9,000 people worldwide employs by the company, with over 3,500 in North America. This company manufactures a wide array of brake friction materials such as Akebono brake caliper and drum brakes as well as brake assembly foundation.  They are now in their 85 years and counting. They have gone through their success because of Akebono brake pads product line that they made them received the award from Import Vehicle Community as the  “Best Overall Aftermarket Import Product” which also the reason they are  included in this article.

Akebono brake pads proudly features are:

  • Their products are manufactured in the USA
  • Designed for well-known vehicle for applications such as Volvo, Mercedes Benz and so much more
  • Claiming that one of their brake pads can restore the equivalent stopping power even when vehicle is old

Akebono specialized in providing the best quality brake pads for braking system. Therefore, it leads them to the idea of having different types of brake pads to offer. They have 3 main category of brake pads product line according to its purpose: Akebono Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads, Akebono EURO Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads and Akebono PERFORMANCE Ultra-Premium Ceramic Pads.

Akebono Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are replacement brake pads designed for all popular late model domestic and Asian vehicles.  Akebono EURO Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are intended for the European vehicle’s manufacturer. While Akebono PERFORMANCE Ultra-Premium Ceramic Pads is specifically for vehicles such as trucks, law enforcement trucks, SUVs,  and fleets.

To know more about the company and their brake pads products, we added links below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

Raybestos Brake Pad

Raybestos на заре своего существования

Raybestos has been over a century in the brake parts business. Started way back in 1902, their presence are now known in the industry. They are a globally leading in the automotive aftermarket and had achieved trust of their product’s consumer. Their company offered a complete products for braking systems. From brake pads,  rotors and drums,  calipers,  hub assemblies, hydraulics and hardware.

Their friction products dominate the industry with the following features it claimed:

  • Used innovative technology to differentiate from crowd
  • Offered a full-line coverage
  • Excellent designed for the application
  • Dependable friction

In order to offer only the best products. Raybestos came up with 5 different brake pads for the automotive industry. The pads are namely: Element3 Brake Pads, R-Line Brake Pads, Specialty Brake Pads, and lastly Racing Brake Pads. These are sub-categories according to the vehicle types it will serve.

Some links to this company are included in our article. You may use it to have a further in-depth knowledge with their company.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

Логотип Bosch

BOSCH Brake Pad

Компания Bosch

Bosch is a private company founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany in the year 1886. It has more than a century making it a name in the automotive industry. They had different product lines that can be offered such as automotive parts, power tools, home appliance and many more. Almost all their locations are certified by ISO for quality and ISO for environmental protection. Making them one of the leading manufacturers nowadays. One of their products under automotive parts is the Bosch brake pads.

Here are some general features of their brake pads that made them stand out:

  • Offer brake pads that work for all models
  • Specialized brake pads for popular European vehicles
  • Developed to match OE design
  • Excellent friction performance
  • Offer ceramic type pads
  • Highly engineered friction materials

Bosch brake pads are categorized based on different component and purpose. They had 5 different sub-categories that can be offered in the market:  Quietcast Copper Free Ceramic Brake Pads,  Quietcast Premium Disc Brake Pads, Euroline Disc Brake Pads, and lastly Blue Disc Brake Pads.

To know more about each of the company brake pad’s advantages. A resource link are provided for you.

Полезные ресурсы:

ACDelco Brake Pad

AC Delco has been in their business presence since 1908. They are working together with the GM Genuine Parts. They proudly were making their automotive parts appear in more than 2 million motor vehicles in production in each year. Some of the vehicles are Chevrolet, Buick, GMC  and Cadillac used AC Delco in productions.  Today, they have over 90,000 auto parts offered across their 37 product lines. Brake pads are just one of their product lines under AC Delco BRAKES.

This are some of their AC Delco brake pads advantages towards the rest.

  • Undergo SAE J2784 test
  • Durability Testing for the quality
  • Made in different trusted component; ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic
  • Integrally designed
  • All material component are superb quality
  • Простота установки

AC Delco is categorized based on its classifications and component used in making: Professional Semi-Metallic Brake Pads,  Professional Ceramic Brake Pads, Specialty Ceramic Brake Pads, Advantage Semi-Metallic Brake Pads and lastly Advantage Ceramic Brake Pads. They are offering differently designed brake pads in each category.

You may visit the resource link below to know more about the company and its products.

ACDelco Additional Resources:

SSBC Brake Pad

SSBC (known as Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation) are well-known when they pioneered the stainless steel brake caliper for the vehicle model; Corvette and Mustangs in 1975. SSBC offering a brake system component and a complete line of brake disc conversions, brake updates for all vehicle models including specialized, prestigious and old models.

SSBC brake pad’s products as one of their product lines having the following features that make them on top:

  • Engineered designed based on OE requirements
  • Excellent performance brake pads
  • Can be installed in general vehicle’s application
  • Lessen noise based on specific friction
  • Offered in different component

In order to have the best results SSBC categorized in 3 brake pads based on its performance: Big Bite brake pads, Semi-Metallic brake pads and High Performance brake pads.  Under Big Bite brake pads and High Performance brake pads there are 2 classifications Front and Rear brake pads. You have a lot of designed to choose from each of these different category.

SSBC Additional Resources:

WAGNER Brake Pad

Wagner Brake are a leader in automotive braking and lighting, offers an edge cutting for replacing brake system and lighting. The company see to it that all the products they have match or surpass the OEM standards. They are known as innovator in braking technologies for any general vehicle type.

Wagner offer three categories in their brake pads product lines. These are the advantages of their brake pads towards the rest:

  • Specialized brake pads for Pickups, SUVs, CUVs
  • Free from noise and vibration
  • Dependable and durable brake pads
  • Surpassed in-house stringent testing
  • Make it on extreme environment
  • Can reduced rotor wear

Wagner brake pads offered in 4 variants.  The Wagner OE this is designed for Pickups, suvs and CUVs in order to achieve its excellent performance in friction.  Wagner TQ is designed as one-piece brand that is offer quieter in used.  Wagner QS is intended to restore new performance for vehicle and lastly the Wagner SD designed in extreme conditions. To know more about the details you may check on the following websites.

Wagner Helpful Resources:

Bendix Brake Pad

Bendix Company started the business in the year 1924. They have been able to establish two divisions for military and commercial. It is merge with AlliedSignal which in turn became Honeywell Corporation in 1999. In 2013 the launches Honeywell and the Bendix STOP product line. Year 2014, Honeywell granted MAT Holdings, INC a licenses to continue used its trademark on their automotive products that are to be sold in the US. Today, MAT Holdings, INC continuing the vision of Bendix. Though, the company has been through challenges, their name on automotive industry as still present and are still offering complete brake systems package.

Bendix brake pads are included in the set of each package of braking system. Let us focus on the brake pads features in this part.

  • Engineered to meet OE specifications
  • Offers coverage for late model applications
  • Designed for heavy duty with excellent performance
  • Noise free operation

Bendix package have 3 product lines: STOP by Bendix, Bendix Premium and Bendix Fleet Metlok. The well-known brake pads from Bendix are included with brake disc and shoes.  Though these brake pads are designed to meet different advantages that they have.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

APC Automotive Technologies Brake Pad

APC Automotive Technologies is located in North America. The leading supplier of aftermarket automotive industry. The company was originated way back in 1927 and started supplying exhaust and emission products.  With over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, new technologies and state of the art processes they maintain their business presence for years.They offered one- stop solution for automotive and commercial parts.

Their brake pads brand are known as StopTech with following features:

  • Fade resistant to extreme temperature
  • Noise free on arrival technology
  • OE designed with slots and chamfers
  • OE designed included hardware
  • Multi-layer shims

In order for them to offer premium quality they have been able to categorize their brake pads in 9 variants.: Tactical Police Duty Brake Pads, StopTech Sport Brake Pads, StopTech Street Brake Pads, StopTech Street Select Brake Pads and lastly StopTech Racing Brake Pads.  It is made up of different compounds which classify into four: SR30 Compound, SR32 Compound, SR33 Compound and lastly SR34 Compound.

In order for you to know more about StopTech brake pads visit APC Automotive Technologies on the links provided.

Дополнительные ресурсы: 

EBC Brakes Brake Pad

EBC Brakes is still privately owned company until today. They are considered as a world leader in the industry of manufacturing brake components. They commences their first aftermarket product in the 80’s at Europe. During mid-1980s they have been able to reach the US market. They have a wide range of braking system product lines for Automotive, Motorcycle, Scooter, Truck and Mountain Bike. Aside from this they are proud to say that their brake pads are produced in its own factories in the UK and USA with brake rotors and discs of motorcycle on their UK facility.

These are some of its EBC Brakes brake pads feature in general:

  • ECO-copper free component
  • Instant brake improvement
  • Premium OEM replacement pad
  • Lowest dust premium pads
  • Specialized brake pad for race car

EBC Brakes  are one-stop shop solution for different kinds of brake pads. They are offering variants of brake pads for automotive, motorcycle, scooter, truck, mountain bike and especially racing cars.

They have more or less 5-8 designed that can be offer in every vehicle type. It has been classified based on the component and its features.

These features are thoroughly in their websites that we also provided below.

EBC Other Resources:

Логотип ATE

ATE Brake Pad

ATE claimed as a global brand and with the line ” Simply Unstoppable “. it had been in the industry for over 100 years and still counting to make more relevant success in the industry. ATE manufactured wear parts for brakes, hydraulic parts as well as special tools and testing equipment for the automotive industry.

Their premium high quality brake pads are known for its:

  • ECE R90 standard
  • Full force instant braking power
  • Low heat transmission
  • Optimum comfort for security
  • extensive coverage
  • Complete accessories

ATE are offer their customers with a total of 150 pad compounds, each of it is excellent in performance. What makes ATE special brake pads different from the crowd they have offered ideal brake pads for each individual car model tye.

More resources are available their companies website provided by the information cited below.

ATE Resources:

Bilstein Brake Pad

Febi Bilstein and SWAG is a part of a successful global Bilstein Group. Both brands of pads supplied by these two subsidiaries have stable market share in Automotive Industry.

Bilstein is a family-run specialized in spare parts market for passenger and commercial types of vehicles. Their product are ranges of more than 37,000 technical wear parts for both types. Engine components, transmission parts and suspension parts are only a few in the products that they offered. Bilstein braking performance made them known in the industry.

Febi Bilstein brake pads and SWAG pads are one of the high-quality products for braking solution known worldwide. Each of the brake pads brand is different from each other.

Some of Bilstein pads products advantages at a glance are:

  • Use of Premium Quality Materials
  • Perfect fit precision
  • Full service functionality
  • Maximum braking performance
  • Short brake distances

In addition Bilstein are offering a wide range of different brake pads for passenger and commercial type of vehicles. More detailed features of their products is available on their catalog.

Both full-details of Bilstein brake pads and other products they offered are only available for registered user in their company page. Registration a free from their online catalog website.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

ferodo logo

FERODO Brake Pad

Ferodo started operating in the year 1897 and their product during that time was brakes for horse-drawn carts. Way back 1902 they introduce their very first brake lining that are innovated by technology. They serve light vehicles, commercial vehicles as well as racing cars of their automotive products from brake lining and braking systems. Their are claiming to be a one-stop solution for brakes.

Some of Ferodo brake pads features are cited below:

  • Extra durability and lessen rotor wear
  • Excellent coverage
  • Demonstrated quality under all temperature conditions
  • Friction materials based on more specific applications.

Ferodo have 3 main categories of brake pads that can offered from their Ferodo®Premier brake pads that are engineered in the needs of commercial vehicles for excellent stopping performance. Investing in their research and development facility they are able to launch their ECO-FRICTION brake pad as an upgraded version of the later brake pad. They are also able to offer Racing brake pads intended and designed for racing vehicles.

The following cited above are just a glimpse of their brake pads products, if you wanted to know more visit on the following resources.

Ferodo Brakes Resources:

AISIN Brake Pad

AISIN Europe was established in the year 1971 as corporation with the total of 4,279,800 shares.AISIN Group are able to serve products with almost complete automobile -related field as well as drivetrains. These products include clutch system, engine system, drivetrain system, cooling system, brake systems and auto fluids.

Features of AISIN  brake pads that make them stand out with the rest include:

  • Made up of carbon ceramic performance
  • Consistent braking functionality
  • Designed under original equipment specification
  • Low noise and lessen vibration
  • Non-steel organic formula
  • Longer brake pads life

This company has only one designed brake pads for the each of vehicle models that they serve.

For more in depth details about the company. Visit on their website link.

Other Aisin Helpful Resources:

Textar Brake Pad

Textar has made it in business for over 100 years. Founded in the  year 1913 as a sales company and now improve to break the highest braking comfort globally.They are a manufacturer of a complete braking system parts that serve current motor vehicles as well as European commercial vehicles.

Textar brake pads highly demanded because of the following features it has:

  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Low noise feature
  • Long service functionality
  • Excellent performance
  • Undergo test for wheel dust

Textar manufacture brake pads differently designed for passenger and commercial vehicles. They manufactured a total of 1,600 ideal brake pads for various passenger models. They became successful in their spare parts business through the launch of their TEXTAR EPAD. As for commercial vehicles brake pads are designed for extreme conditions. They have 5 different designed to choose from: steel plate with brass pins,  cast plate with brass pins,  cast plate with cast-on pins, steel plate with weld mesh and lastly lightweight plate with pins.

TEXTAR EPAD is their most recent launch category of brake pads. All information are in detailed in their website.

Other TEXTAR Resources:

AP Racing Brake Pad

AP Racing claimed to be the leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch for all different types of vehicles. It was a UK based company that are able to supply to over 30 top across the entire motorsport. They have their own standard manufacturing process in their company that made their products achieve its quality and trust of consumers.

These are some advantages on their API Racing brake pads:

  • Dynamometer are used to test their pads
  • Undergo rigorous vehicle track testing
  • Proven stopping full capability

Ranges of their API Racing brake pads comprises of 5 material grade used in 15 pad shapes. They have a unique designed of brake pads named as caliper pad profiles. They also offer carbon brake pads  in F1 and Sportscar racing as well.

More in details are cited in their website on how they are able to achieve their brake pads quality. You may use the resources included below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

SBS Pad Logo

SBS Brake Pad

SBA Company

SBS single-building headquarter is located in Svendorg, Denmark specializes on brake solutions for bike riding. The business made brake pads in four different production processes for its organic, sintered, racing along with the wind turbine materials.

SBS brake pads protect comprehensive ranges of old and latest bikes models. The business sees for it to become updated with the newest changes in motorcycles vehicle type.

Racing pads made by SBS has been used in prestigious events such as World Superbike, MotoAMerica, World Endurance, and other series. SBS pads for racers includes a total of 1,800 SKUs into 12 kinds of friction materials.

SBS Friction brake solutions are categorized in 6 for SBS brake pads products to easily find the exact pads for their customers.

There is pad specifically designed for users that occasionally into adventurous driving and for American-inspired models

Another category is available and offer for racing, off road, ATV/UTV, and simpler type of bike such as scooter.

Looking forward today, SBS recently admits they implemented the NRS Technology with the help of Nucap. Offering SBS pads additional enhancement attributes from this

SBS brake pads product features that can offer are:

  • Wide coverage of Bicycle vehicle type
  • Available in various made
  • Carefully engineered based on utilization
  • Advance from NFR Technology System
  • Available in four-material component options – sintered, organic, wind turbine and unique racing components

If you are looking for one-stop shop of pads for motorcycle vehicle type, SBS can be good choice. Additional resources of link to SBS official website is listed below.

SBS Additional Resouces:


Hawk Performance is an authorized distributor of CARLISLE. Carlisle established in 1917 and has overcome obstacles in business towards years. They offered services in a wide range of industry under their manufacturing of construction materials,  interconnect technologies,  fluid technologies, brake and friction and  lastly foodservice products.

In 2008 a brake lining business became part of Carlisle Brake and Friction. Their brake pads are well-known as a product of Hawk Performance being their main authorized distributor.

These are some features of Hawk Performance brake pads:

  • Noise free features
  • Quick stopping performance ability
  • Full size designed for trucks, vans, SUVs
  • High fade resistance
  • Premium high temperature capabilities
  • Offer brake pads for American muscle cars, sedans and tuners.

Hawk Performance brake pads are categorized in five based vehicle type to serve and material component used. These brake pads are known as: HPS 5.0, Performance Ceramic, LTS, Super Duty and HPS.

Each product category has its different advantages as discussed in their company website. You can use the link provided for more information.

Логотип компании REMSA

REMSA Brake Pad

Здание REMSA

REMSA manufactured and supplied over 130 million brake pads yearly. The REMSA brake pads are globally demanded because of quality and high manufacturing capability of the company.

A wide range can cover up to 99% of American, Korean, Japanese, European and Australian vehicle applications. Both passenger and commercial vehicles are serve by the company brake pads product line.

OE performance are achieve from REMSA pads. Categorized into two brake pads category – REMSA red for European applications and REMSA UC for other.

REMSA brake pads enhance product features and advantages are the following:

  • Generally made up of ceramic material component
  • Extensive range of part numbers are expanding
  • All ECE R90
  • Depending on pads type, based on Asian/Australian/European country standard requirements
  • Available stable friction coefficient in 600 and 650 centigrade
  • Improved noise reduction feature
  • Undergo durability testing procedures such as fleet test, speed sensitivity test and cold comparison test
  • Asbestos-free material

In addition, REMSA trusted Flexible Drive to be their official distributor in the market place.

To know more about REMSA pads, the official website links are below.

Другие ресурсы:

Логотип Джурид

JURID Brake Pad

Jurid offers brake parts for vehicles for both passenger vehicles, light trucks all the way to heavy-duty commercial and fleet vehicles. The company specializes in European model applications.

Jurid is a superb braking brand and one of the OE and aftermarket product leaders.

The company is proud to offer Jurid brake pads that is environmentally friendly. Jurid has dedicated time for extensive research and testing to bring the pads from their product lines.

For light vehicle types the Innovative Jurid Brake Pad that has low or zero copper features and Jurid White is what they can offer. On the other hand, Jurid Pads are engineered for the needs from light to heavy-duty commercial vehicle type.

Generally, Jurid brake pads advantages and benefits are:

  • Wide European application coverage
  • Non-copper Jurid pads delivers better static frictions ideally designed for sloped road
  • 90% lesser dust than any other pads on the market
  • Offer minimal disc wear
  • Installed by shiny rim part
  • Jurid pads for commercial vehicles has ProTec S features – inspired by well-known Knorr Bremse
  • Sintered at 900°C that meet stringent standard for commercial types

Though, Jurid brake pads has limited coverage range; their pads are trusted by OE manufacturers of vans, truck, trailers and buses. For European vehicles applications, Jurid brake pads is a wise choice.

To know more about Jurid brake pads, you can check out available resources included below.

JURID Additional Resources:

ICER Brake Pad

ICER Brakes is a Europe’s leading global manufacturer of efficient braking solutions. ICER capability to process over 22M brake parts unite which distributed in 70 countries worldwide.

A wide coverage of ICER brake pads is available in passenger cars as well as industrial vehicles.

NRS Technology is also applied by ICER Brakes in their pad’s manufacturing process for additional added value of the products.

Currently, ICER Brakes has up to 200 different material formula to satisfy market needs for the passenger cars. As for the industrial type utilizes advanced raw materials, fiber, and lubricants and reinforces by 2 special mixtures for dual matrix formula.

Such ICER brake pads advance product features are:

  • Integrated with NRS Technology
  • Broad range of material component choices
  • Comply with R-90 strict standards
  • Maintenance cost reduction benefits
  • Deliver excellent braking and noise performance

For, additional information about ICER brake pads, you may check on their official website available below.

ICER Additional Resources:

ASIMCO Brake Pad

ASIMCO Technologies is a large independent manufacturer of automotive components headquartered in Beijing, China.

ASIMCO products is distributed globally and demonstrated stable demand in the market. The company has two market division available in China and USA. One of the product line offered by company is the ASIMCO brake pads. Which is the reason why, they are included in this Top OEM for brake pads.

ASIMCO is a trusted name for safety and quality brake pad’s features. They sold products in kit, meaning a premium shim together with brake pads is already included in packaging.

Advantages of ASIMCO brake pads are:

  • Pads are available in comprehensive ranges of OE manufacturer vehicle
  • Guaranteed unmatched braking comfort
  • Integrated with MSC harmonic shims
  • Rust resistance protection features
  • Noise reduction advantage
  • Lesser dust emitting techniques
  • Brake rotor friendly

Listed resources may help you to know more about ASIMCO brake pads and the company.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

LPR Brake Pad

LPR Company

LPR operates in a global automotive industry with manufacturing facilities in Europe and US countries. The brand LPR is distributed in over 76 countries worldwide.

LPR Brakes is an ISO, IDIADA and FERRARI spare parts certified for over a decade.

LPR brake pads offered a broad selection across popular OE manufacturer vehicle.

  • Advance features of LPR brake pads are the following:
  • R-90 Compliance
  • Made up of high-quality semi-metallic structure
  • Enhance with anti-noise systems
  • Can operate from 30C° up to 500C° temperatures

To know more about LPR brake pads, visit their official company page available below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

FAST Brake Pad

FAST manufactured after-market parts for light commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars. The company main focus is parts for Fiat group, Iveco, Renault and PSA manufactured vehicles. As FAST specializes in van or LCV vehicle type.

FAST pads for this LCV type is recognized across European customers. Extensive product range in this type are offered that is why FAST is called to be, ” LCV Experts “.

  • FAST pads general product advantages for vans are the following:
  • Made from highest-grade material component
  • Complies with applicable International Standards and Regulations
  • Pads are offered in a wide array of LCV vehicle models
  • Every product carries holograms which confirms that products is original.

FAST is a good choice for quality van’s brake pads. If you want to further know more about the company friction products and other spare parts, available resources are listed below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

A.B.S. Brake Pad

Здание компании ABS Brakes

ABS Brakes caliper is recognized in the market, and it is also included in the Top OEM caliper manufacturer list.

Aside from caliper, ABS pads is also recognized in the market. Comprehensive ranges in both European and Asian vehicles is covered by ABS pads product line.

ABS Brakes has over 1,450 brake pads for passenger type of vehicle.

Such brake pads distributed by ABS has following product features and advantages:

  • Integrated with wear indicator, clips or plates
  • Tested in accordance with stringent quality standard requirements
  • ECE R90 Regulations Compliance
  • Available in ceramic and semi-metallic material component

To know more about ABS pads products, you can check out the available resources below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

Delphi Brake Pad

Компания Delphi Technologies

Thought Delphi Pads is under Aftermarket portfolio of Delphi Automotive renamed as Aptiv.

The company combine OE and aftermarket strength in order to launched this Delphi ner product lines.

Delphi pads is offered in comprehensive type of commercial and passenger type of vehicles.

The brake pads manufactures by Delphi has advance product quality such as:

  • Installed multi-layered shims for quieter braking performance
  • Enhance with powered coating and high-strength pressed steel
  • Has total of 20 uniques friction engineered formulations
  • Undergo rigorous noise, performance and wear testing
  • Available in both chamfered friction surface of a crescent cut out of shims.

Delphi pads is distributed under Delphi Technologies, company division of Dephi. To know more about Delphi pads and other brake products from them, you can check out other resources listed below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:


This article was designed to help identify different brake pads features from top OEM Companies. Each of them has its own advantages towards the friction brake products. As of today Ceramic Brake Pads are making high impact on demand as it is the most innovated for this product. Reviews regarding brake pads made by ceramic component are in place. Either way, we hope that this article will be helpful as your guide finding the best OEM for brake pads.

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