We compiled the list of control arms manufacturer under OEM channel alongside with their advance control arms products in this article.

But before that, let’s understand what is control arms and the optimistic market ahead of this component.

Steering and suspension parts are a good choice of car part system and control arms is a part of suspension parts.

Control arms are the links the connects the front wheels to a car. It is also called ” A arms ” and is known to be the core of the front suspension system. To understand more about control arms, check out our separated article entitled, ” Control Arm : The Ultimate Guide “ .

Since it is a core of suspension parts, it is a vital component which always be needed. And adding it to your list of auto part inventory whether you are a retailer or an official distributor.

The Automotive Control Arm Market Overview

automotive control arms market overview

How is the global market for control arms component?  Is it a great investment?  How you will market them?  Is there any treats need to consider for this suspension parts? These are a few of the questions that will be answered by this section.

Technavio on the other hand, stated that during 2018, the market will grow around $3B during 2018-2022. Which you can clearly see from the photo.

Chinese automotive control arm industry improved into a national industry. The country has certain research and production capacity for the control arm products. Currently, China has become a global automotive control arm industry.

Control arms are now available as stamped, cast iron and cast aluminium.

The key factors that driving out automotive control arms has features anti-corrosive, quick and easy fit. Strict regulations for the fuel economy propels that OE vehicle manufacturers, rise in passenger and commercial and eventually increasing urbanization and income of middle-class people would drive the market of control arms.

High initial investment and the lack of flexibility are a hindrance to the growth of control arms.

If you want a latest market report for control arm, the MarketWatch has available research report from industryresearch.biz compiled database.  It is the ” The Automotive Control Arm Market ” report to cover 2019-2027, 2019 is the base year of the said report.

The report covered areas such as current and future market of the control arms, top regions, key vendors, product types segmentation and key drivers.

Though the CAGR is not fully disclosed in public as it is available for those who will buy the research total in 136 pages. Other market information such as major team players and key drivers are available.

Now, here is the list to OEM for the control arms:

SPC Logo

SPC Control Arms

SPC Banner

SPC are in the business of manufacturing and machining parts since 1975. They are known to be a global leader in alignment parts and tools.

SPC or Specialty Products are proud to be registered as an IATF 16949 company. The highest certification a producer can acquire.

SPC control arms are offered in various form and design under 5 different categories: Sport Compact, Muscle Car, Race and Off Road category.

Let’s check out the SPC control arms product features in each company category list:

SPC control arms for Sport Compact

  • Design in new ” Scissor Arm ” adjustable upper control arm
  • Camber and cater adjustability on the market
  • Best clearance of any adjustable control arm
  • Employed with a ” Turnbuckle ” adjusters for easy on car alignment
  • High strength forged steel components
  • Optimized geometry for stress reduction
  • Pure tension and compression for optimized weight and strength
  • xAxis™ Sealed Flex Joints
  • Employed with rubber isolation at the inner bushing
  • Sealed ball joint
  • High polished ball for extended wear

SPC control arms for Muscle Car

Applicable to Ford Muscle, GM Muscle, GM Classic, GM Corvette and Mopar Muscle Car

  • Offers fully adjustable performance
  • Provides quick and easy adjustment for standard or lowered heights
  • Fine tune handling and alignment while minimizing tire wear
  • Perfect for Pro Touring
  • Optimum rates for unsurpassed performance

SPC control arms for Race

In this category, you have the option to build your own.

  • Fully adjustable performance
  • Recommended for circle track, road racing and drag applications
  • Attain the ultimate suspension geometry required Interchangeable and may also be ordered separately
  • Steel or Aluminum Cross Shafts in a variety of sizes

SPC control arms for Off-road

  • High-end suspension/chassis components for custom projects
  • Includes xAxis™ Sealed Flex Joints, xAxis Rod End Ball Joints

SPC has been at the forefront for building robust design control arms. SPC ball joints are adjustable front upper control arms for the demands of lifted vehicles.

This tough SPC control arms are good for off-road and racing applications SPC arms are the industry standard. SPC patent numbers are US 7,513,514 B

To check out this robust and adjustable control arms from SPC. Click on link below.

SPC Official Site
SPC Control Arms Product Page
SPC Control Arms Catalogue

Mevotech Logo

Mevotech Control Arm

Mevotech company banner

Mevotech LP has over 30 years in manufacturing of for automotive industry.

Mevotech is firm dedicated to maintain and upgrade auto parts according to modern technology available.

They are committed to offer the very best quality of automotive components to customers.

In 30 years, Mevotech we’re distributing the most advanced high quality

What is nice about this company is that they are actively engaging in different social platforms to interact with direct consumers.

Mevotech currently recognized brand for their product lines totalled to 9.

Original Grade, Engineered in Canada, X Factor, Labor Saver, Supreme, TTX, BXT, Duraflex and lastly Mevotech Supreme the company brand names.

Mevotech control arms are available in two brands: Mevotech Supreme and X Factor.

The Mevotech Supreme are the standard brand of control arms of the company while the X Factor are the benchmark testing phase.

The following listed below are Mevotech control arms advance product features:

  • Available in pressed-in, bolt in and unitized control arms
  • Employed with metal design of internal components
  • Highly durable upper and lower metal bearings
  • Greaseable control arms
  • Coated with special properties such as Black oxide coating
  • Constructed from high quality raw materials

You can check out Mevotech control arms on the company page listed down below.

Mevotech Official Site
Mevotech Control Arms Product Page
Mevotech Control Arm Catalogue


OCAP Control Arm

OCAP Manufacturing Facility

OCAP group has been into specialization of designed, production and distribution of wide range chassis mechanical parts. This includes suspension joints, track control arms, steering rods tie rod ends, silent blocks, and other components generally applied as steering and suspension systems.

OCAP started in mid-70s, when a man named Ivano Giordano created a small handicraft company named O.CA.P. S.n.c. (“ Officine Canavesane di Precisione”) which means ” Precision Workshops of the Canavese area “.

OCAP was initially located in Busano (Turin). Originally the company was devoted into milling, turning and mechanical manufacturing.

In 1982, OCAP moved to Feletto (Turin) in a second handicraft company.

GIESSE 80 S.n.c., which is a handicraft company in Feletto merged with O.CA.P. S.a.s. to create O.C.A.P. S.r.l.

OCAP entered into series of business set up according to their history.

Through the branch consignments, OCAP S.p.A obtained so much improvement.

In the year 2012, the globalization of the company structure achieved its latest goal. They had building of the O.C.A.P. International S.r.l. representative office in Moscow (Russia) and of the company OCAP France S.a.s. located in Cannes (France).

The company is known because of the control arms they manufactured.

OCAP serve steering and suspension parts for cars, LCV, trucks and buses and other tractors and earth-moving machines.

OCAP control arms is supplied without ball joint. Here are OCAP control arms product features:

  • Meticulously constructed using innovative equipment
  • Ensure by unparalleled quality and dependability
  • Guaranteed to provide long service functionality
  • Простая установка
  • Excellent combination of quality and functionality
  • Manufactured from high quality materials
  • Comes with bushings

OCAP control arms has official distributors log in platform accessible on the company page. To check out, click related link below.

Дополнительные ресурсы:
OCAP Control Arm Official Site
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Mas and Doorman Logo

Dorman Control Arm

Dorman Company

Dorman control arm is also known as MAS control arms since Dorman bought MAS Industries chassis parts.

Dorman Products Inc. is a popular leader in providing quality auto parts replacement for factory part. Dorman began operating business since 1918.

They have earned their unmatched expertise over three decades of experience. Dorman prestigious position stems came from unique combination of application industries.

Dorman control arms or also known as MAS control arms product features are the following:

  • Distributed together with bushings and ball joints
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Rigorously tested for long-lasting performance
  • Allows the wheels to lift and descend when hitting bumps or other road imperfections

Dorman control arms technical details are available on the company page.

Dorman Control Arm Official Site
Dorman Control Arm Product Page
Dorman Control Arm Catalogue

ZF Logo

Lemforder Control Arm

Здание компании ZF

Lemforder is one of the top brand aftermarket division of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Through this strong brand of steering and suspension parts, ZF has always been a choice for direct consumer.

ZF is a large global manufacturer known for its driveline, chassis and passive safety technology. Currently, they had a workforce to help them estimated to 146,000 in 230 locations from 40 countries. More retailers and auto parts distributors trust Lemforder brand.

The company are able to reach about €36.4B sales under chassis components.

ZF is into upgrading and improving the products they manufactured and extremely investing more than 6% in R&D yearly.

LEMFORDER brands distributed spare parts to car and LCV as well as other commercial vehicles with different design distinction.

Each Lemforder control arms are design for specific vehicle types, they are known for complex axle construction: from rods, track rods, tension struts.

В зависимости от типа конструкции используются либо двухточечные, либо трехточечные, либо уникальные В зависимости от типа конструкции рычагов управления Lemforder используются 4-точечные тяги руки.

Рычаги управления Lemforder - преимущества и особенности перечисленные ниже:

  • Изготовлен из легкого алюминиевого сырья высшего качества материалы
  • Поперечный стиль
  • Обеспечивает эффективное сопротивление смятию
  • Эффективная прочность на изгиб и долговечность
  • Интегрированный с SMiCA (интегрированный в листовой металл Control Arm)
  • Не требует заклепок или винтовых соединений
  • Гарантированно на 23% легче, чем другие обычного листового металла
  • Меньше места для установки и больше свободы дизайна свобода
  • В комплект поставки входит полный комплект крепежа

ZF предоставляет руководство по установке своих рычагов управления LEMFORDER рычаги управления и другие компоненты рулевого управления и шасси. Все они доступны на на странице компании.

Дополнительные ресурсы:
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Страница продукта ZF LEMFORDER Control Arm
ZF LEMFORDER Рычаг управленияКаталог

mcgaughys logo

Mcgaughys Control Arms

mcgaughys manufacturing facility

С 1984 года компания Mcgaughys является мировым лидером на На рынке опускающихся подвесок уже более 34 лет.

Макгаузи владеют более чем 50 000 кв. футов площадей для для производства, доставки и складирования. Производственный комплекс компании находится в городе Фресно, штат Калифорния, США.

Фирма получила престижную награду, которая включает в себя следующее: ПОБЕДИТЕЛЬНАЯ НАГРАДА Производитель подвески SEMA Award, General Motors "Самый инновационный продукт года", SEMA International Награда и детали подвески Ford.

Они занимаются производством подвесок, которые еще не ранее не производились для автомобильной промышленности.

Mcgaughys завоевал репутацию производителя деталей, которые устанавливаются с помощью болтов.

Рычаги управления Mcgaughys как одна из деталей подвески поставляемые детали гарантированно работают в паре с предпочтительными инструментами.

Вот что розничные торговцы и другие группы потребителей могут ожидать от контрольных рычагов Mcgaughys:

  • Гарантированно сделано в США
  • Прямой монтаж. Устанавливается без каких-либо серьезных модификации
  • Шпиндели "Classic Drop" изготовлены из хромолиевых компонентов
  • Все производственные процессы осуществляются на собственном производстве

Mcgaughys владеет несколькими патентами, чтобы оставаться мировым лидером в области инноваций и защищать востребованный бренд.

Компания по-прежнему является семейным предприятием с самого начала своего существования. начала своей деятельности.

Mcgaughys Control Arms Официальный сайт
Страница продукта Mcgaughys Control Arms
Каталог рычагов управления Mcgaughys

icon logo

ICON Control Arms

Icon Vehicle Website

ICON Vehicle Dynamics является производителем специализирующийся на компонентах подвески для внедорожников, грузовиков и внедорожников применения.

Приверженность ICON приоритетна для следующих факторам бизнеса: ориентация на клиента, технологические инновации, инженерные разработки и производственные процессы и технологии мирового класса.

Дилан Эванс, главный инженер и чемпион SCORE возглавляет ICON.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics способна разработать уникальный дизайн качественных автозапчастей.

Рычаги управления ICON - это лишь один из продуктов, поставляемых фирмы. Они предназначены для установки на такие модели автомобилей, как Dodge, GM, Ford, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota и другие международные модели.

Этот бренд рычагов управления доступен в двух видах из высококачественных материалов: трубчатой стали и заготовки из алюминия.

Рычаги управления ICON - это следующий продукт характеристики и преимущества гарантированы:

  • Прямая конструкция с болтовым креплением
  • Интеграция с патентованной системой Delta Сустав
  • Долговечный шаровой шарнир с характеристиками характеристики как у uniball
  • Стальной конический адаптер с ЧПУ
  • Изготовлен из высококачественной стали 1026 DOM сталь
  • Трубы с насечками и гнутые с ЧПУ
  • Корпуса и втулки, обработанные на станках с ЧПУ втулки
  • Встроенная коррекция роликов
  • Нанесено черное полуглянцевое порошковое покрытие покрытие

Что хорошего в рычагах управления ICON? Дельта Шарнир Delta, установленный в верхних рычагах управления, имеет 5-летнюю ограниченную гарантию ICON при использовании в полной системе подвески ICON.

На протяжении многих лет компания ICON разрабатывала и производила компоненты подвески компоненты и тестировали их как в реальных, так и в гоночных условиях. условиях.

Официальный сайт ICON Control Arms
Страница продукта ICON Tubular Steel Control Arm
ICON Billet Aluminium Control Arm Страница продукта

pro comp logo

Pro Comp Control Arms

pro comp company

Компания Pro Comp USA работает с 1992 года. Они производят высококачественную продукцию для любителей езды по дорогам и бездорожью.

Линейка продукции Pro Comp включает в себя не только подвеску что и является причиной их включения в этот список, но также шины, диски, амортизаторы и многое другое. многое другое.

В конце 1998 года Pro Comp занялась производством шин. производства.

С тех пор Pro Comp стала одним из ведущих производителей шин в автомобильной промышленности. в автомобильной промышленности.

В 2001 году выпуск колес Pro Comp был успешным успешным. Они были разработаны как самые прочные стальные и литые колеса на рынке.

Системы подвески были оригинальными и самыми прочными продукты, производимые компанией Pro Comp USA.

Рычаги управления Pro Comp обеспечивают превосходные и обладает следующими характеристиками:

  • Встроенный фитинг с запорным устройством для простая установка
  • Применяется с черной порошковой отделкой
  • Изготовлен из сверхпрочного хромолибдена
  • Используется с усиленной втулкой шарнира крепление
  • Устанавливается с шаровыми шарнирами из нержавеющей стали FK шарниры

Рычаги управления Pro Comp доступны на странице компании страница. Изделие представляет собой штампованную стальную конструкция разработана и предназначена для использования на бездорожье.

Официальный сайт ProComp Control Arms
ProComp Control Arms Страница продукта

Логотип TRW

TRW Control Arm

Знамя компании TRW

TRW является частью крупной компании Friedrichshafen AG. как канал сбыта. Но в отличие от Lemforder, которая является брендом, TRW - это независимое подразделение

Для TRW ZF поставляет линейки продуктов, включающие печные системы, детали подвески и рулевого управления, другие компоненты коммерческого транспорта компоненты и инструменты для обслуживания.

В чем разница между TRW и Lemforder рычагами управления, зная, что они произведены одной и той же крупной компанией?

  • Здесь представлены верхние и нижние рычаги управления TRW Верхние и нижние рычаги TRW:
  • Доступны алюминиевые кованые и литые, стальные кованые и штампованные
  • Улучшенная экономия топлива, выбросы, энергосбережение экономия и комфорт вождения
  • Улучшение управляемости при езде

Ассортимент рычагов управления TRW насчитывает более 300 деталей номеров. Сюда входят верхние и нижние рычаги управления как для передней, так и для задней подвески.

Дополнительные ресурсы:
Официальный сайт TRW Control Arm
Страница продукции TRW Control Arm
Каталог рычагов управления TRW

SuperPro Logo

SuperPro Control Arms

SuperPro Company Banner

Специализация SuperPro - производство полиуретановых втулок и производство деталей подвески с 1983 года.

Именно Грэм Скадамор-Смит и основанная им компания Fulcrum Suspensions, которая начала процесс производства деталей подвески производство деталей.

SuperPro изначально является частью группы Fulcrum Fulcrum, обладающей более чем 40-летним опытом в области автомобильной подвески. подвеске.

В первые годы производства у SuperPro были проблемы с износом втулок рессор для 40 и 45 Landcruiser. К счастью, SuperPro нашла решение этой проблемы.

До сегодняшнего дня компания SuperPro разрабатывает и производит Втулки подвески для развивающегося рынка 4×4.

Начиная с 1970 года, компания SuperPro постоянно совершенствует постоянно совершенствует следующее: Пулевые канавки, канавки Double-Helix, самосмазывающиеся Удлинители, втулки для смещения кастера и многое другое.

Благодаря многолетнему опыту компания Фирма начала экспортировать продукцию производителям оригинальных автомобилей и поставщикам шин-1 поставщикам.

Рычаги управления SuperPro (4WD Upper Control Arms & Lower Control Arms) как один из популярных продуктов компании имеет следующие характеристики.

Верхние рычаги управления SuperPro 4×4 обеспечивают:

  • Произведено, протестировано и разработано в Австралии
  • Построен по самым высоким стандартам
  • Предлагает как регулируемые, так и нерегулируемые комплекты верхних рычагов
  • Изготовлен из австралийской стали
  • Поставляется с втулками SuperPro и комплектом решение
  • Решает проблемы выравнивания
  • Сертифицированные соответствуют и превосходят оригинальные спецификации
  • Обеспечивает более длительный срок службы шин
  • Увеличивает артикуляцию
  • Использование регулируемых шаровых шарниров обеспечивает регулировка развала-схождения и кастера

Нижние рычаги управления SuperPro 4×4 обеспечивают:

  • Не регулируется
  • Встроенное изменение развала и кастера 
  • Full articulation
  • In-built droop increase to allow an even all round vehicle lift
  • Designed with FEA
  • OE Quality ball joint
  • Includes SuperPro Bushings
  • Built tough OE grade Aussie steel

SuperPro gave the best options to solve both alignment and clearance issues on a lifted 4WD.

Полезные ресурсы:
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carli logo

Carli Control Arms

Carli in Eraly History

In 2003, Carli Suspension, Inc. began to operate manufacturing business.

The man behind Carli success was no other than Sage Carli. Sage Carli is a veteran installer and designer. He personally decided to offer the market with a new breed of Dodge Ram Suspension Systems. This man dedication to meet and exceed customer’s expectation are the top priority.

He started to work on the complete custom designed systems.

Carli was established to bring gap for the previous providers of Dodge Ram Suspension Systems underserved. They manufacture and distributes high performances suspension system and other components for off-road applications.

Carli suspension parts fits Dodge, Ford and Jeep vehicles different models in different year range.

The company focus in producing the best product of control arm kit on the market.

Carli control arms has the following benefits and product features:

  • Made with a mild steel box tube
  • All control arms undergo in-house manufacturing
  • Each 4130 chromoly spherical joint arm is TIG welded
  • Installed with spherical joints on each end that eliminates resistance from setting up rubber bushing style
  • Finished off with a Satin Black powder coat for corrosion features.
  • Zirk fitting design for easy maintenance

Carli control arms are accessible in the company owned page. Link to official company pages.

Carli Control Arms Official Page
Carli Control Arms Product Page

jks logo

JKS Control Arms

JKS Manufacturing

JKS Manufacturing was established in 1989. During couple of experience in decades, JKS developed some of the world’s most used and trusted auto parts for Jeep® cars.

The company pioneered the first original ” Quick Disconnect™ brand ” of quick-release sway bar disconnects.

Since the successful released of the brand, JKS product ranges has expanded.

It enables JKD to includes some of the following in the product line: ACOS™ height-adjustable coil spring spacers, J-Spec Suspension systems and JK Front Coilover Conversion.

JKS control arms for Jeep cars has the following product features:

  • Guaranteed to have superior strength
  • Can be use together with JKS Adjustable Upper Control Arms for precision adjustments and front end strength
  • Formed to match the specific factory front arm profile
  • Installed with premium Clevite® brand rubber bushings that absorb noise
  • Minimized further vibrations for a comfortable ride
  • Applied with Durable Powder Coat for corrosion protection

JKS are proud that they continue to manufacture all of products in the USA. Using only high-quality grade materials and state-of-the-art machinery.

JKS Control Arms Official Site
JKS Control Arms Product Page

umi logo
UMI Control Arms
umi banner

UMI Performance is now celebrating 16 years in manufacturing industry.

UMI effort focuses on manufacturing suspension parts. They distributed precision components for major brands such as Corning Asahi, Sony, Bell+Howell.

UMI product lines has evolved together with changing technology over years but the quality remains. All auto components produced by UMI are process in their in-house manufacturing facility.

UMI team of engineers and sales are all racers which made the company different from any other.

The company race what they sell and combines that experience to design and develop suspension products.

UMI control arms as one of the popular product under the company line has the following flagship product features:

  • 100% Made in USA
  • Used only the highest quality USA sourced raw materials
  • Spring bucket is replaced with laser cut reinforcement plate
  • 7 lbs weight lighter than any other factory A-arm set
  • For precised fitment used CNC machined tubing
  • Precision bent
  • Installed with premium ball joints
  • Jig built design
  • Integrated with greaseable bushings
  • Available in ultra tough red or black powder coat finish

Lower A-arms manufactured by UMI are designed to work with coilovers only. Check out UMI control arms for racers from the link below.

UMI Control Arms Official Site
UMI Control Arms Product Page

Логотип Мейла

Meyle Control Arms

Компания Мейл

Meyle is a part of Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG.

Wulf Gaertner was established in the year 1958 much has happened. The firm once started as a small export and trading company for original spare parts turned to be a large manufacturer.

Из GmbH в AG предприятие, состоящее из двух человек, превратилось в компанию среднего размера с примерно 500 сотрудниками в головном офисе в Гамбурге. компания среднего размера с примерно 500 сотрудниками только в головном офисе в Гамбурге только.

Сегодня компания Wulf располагает более чем 24 000 запчастей, из которых 700 деталей - это детали Meyle, которые сегодня доступны в 120 странах мира.

Meyle control arms has more than 5M that have been produced Wulf plant since 1990’s.

Meyle control arms (MEYLE-HD control arm) perfectly fit and made for many BMW and Mini references.

Every Meyle control arms has the following general product features and benefits such as:

  • Made up of aluminium raw materials for lighter features
  • A forged control arm
  • Integrated with enlarged ball pins
  • Ball joints are irreplaceable
  • Process 100% via in-house facilities

MEYLE-HD control arm quality was confirmed in an independent TÜV Nord test report commissioned by MEYLE.

To know more about this high quality control arm from Wulf, links are listed below.

Meyle Control Arms Official Site
Meyle Control Arms Product Page
Meyle Control Arms Catalogue

Hardrace Logo

HARDRACE Control Arms

hardrace website banner

During the beginning of HARDRACE, it’s chairman started the business from the field of manufacturing rubber parts of chassis.

HARDRACE excel in rubber products production brought them to be the best original equipment manufacturer in the world.

After 20 years of accumulating the OEM and technical experiences, HARDRACE shifted to developing of high-performance modified parts for racing cars.

In 2005, HARDRACE focuses on its global market plans. They have joined different events to showcase the product they developed. These events include auto shows, races, SEMA shows and other auto activities.

After 7 more years, HARDRACE dominated the world market and has hundreds of official distributors.

With the continuous success, HARDRACE developed and launched ” 4*4 Trucks Parts “.

HARDRACE control arms are divided into four category series: Street, Performance, Racing and Stance.

Each of the following has the same excellent performance and product quality. Here are HARDRACE control arms product features and advantages:

  • Integrated with hardened rubber bushing or anti-dust pillow ball bushing
  • Provide excellent driving stability and steering responses
  • Category are offered according to its use
  • Racing category is made with 7075 aluminium raw materials
  • With adjustability design

HARDRACE control arms known for their main 3 section: Accuracy, Adjustability and Angle.

To check on HARDRACE control arms, check out the company official link to pages listed below.

HARDRACE Control Arm Official Site
HARDRACE Control Arm Product Page

Skyjacker Logo

Skyjacker Control Arms

Skyjacker Company

Skyjacker® has more than 40-year history in manufacturing business operation.

Skyjacker is fully-dedicated to serve off-road vehicle applications. 

The company business core philosophy tagged as, ” Provide the best designed, advanced engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4×4 industry has ever seen and used “.

Skyjacker® engineered and manufactured quality suspensions that works in form and function. The company maintain the highest level of quality for every component they made.

The firm knowledge on steering geometry, spring rates, suspension travel, driveline angles, flexibility, ride quality, comfort and performance led us to be successful on suspension parts.

Skyjacker control arms as part of the company suspension product lines has been a good choice for direct consumers over 4 decades.

Here are what Skykacker control arms offer their consumers:

  • Improved and comfortable driving experiences
  • Simple and easy installation features
  • Made from premium high grade raw materials
  • Perfectly design for specific car models

Skyjacker have been a top innovator in the suspension market for more than qualified 40 years. They are committed to cutting-edge technology that made Skyjacker® to supply a bulk of auto components to its valued customer.

To know more about technical data regarding Skyjacker control arms, contact them on their official page listed below.

Skyjacker Control Arms Official Site
Skyjacker Control Arms Product Page

Spohn Logo

Spohn Control Arms

Sphon Company

Spohn Performance, Inc. was founded in 1999 at a farm area in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

They were started to manufacture high performance chassis and suspension components since then.

Gordon and Steve Spohn, father-and-son team lead Spohn. The company has manufacturing facility area of 27,000 square foot located on Rt. 422 in Myerstown, Pa.

Spohn entire business operation all revolves around one main thing: QUALITY. That is why, Spohn control arms are popular.

This control arms brand is available in different make and model applications. Each Spohn are designed to perfectly match fit, form and function of a car brand.

Here is one of top control arm products from Spohn. This is what they named as Spohn Performance 742-MOOG – Spohn Upper A-Arms w/bushings Camaro with ball joints V8 / V6; 1993-2002.

These are some product features of this Spohn control arms:

  • 1.25 x .120 wall seamless DOM tubing
  • Installed with a greasable polyurethane bushings
  • Ball joint mounting plate are CNC cut 3/16
  • -3 degree ball joint angle for lowered cars
  • Coated with a durable and brilliant powder finish
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • Lighter but stronger than any other brand

This is just one of high quality OEM control arms from Spohn. Looking through their official company pages, each of the control arms has in-detailed technical data.

But one thing is for sure across all Spohn control arms, they are guaranteed work at its best.

Spohn Control Arms Official Site
Spohn Control Arms Product Page
Spohn Control Arms Catalogue

stryker logo

Stryker Control Arms

stryker company

Stryker Off Road Design is a manufacturer of high end suspension components exclusively specialized in the Ford Super Duty and Dodge Ram 2500/3500.

Stryker distributed components on BRAND NEW trucks straight off the dealership showroom floors. They design perfectly for each specific application without cutting corners.

What sets Stryker differently from their competitors is that? Stryker use DOM tubing in arms and sleeve construction.

These are brand new tubular control arms for the front of a Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 4×4.

Stryker sold individual control arms or at set according to the vehicle needs.

Here are general product features of Stryker control arms:

  • Constructed DOM heavy walls
  • Installed with high density polyurethane bushings
  • DOM sleeves
  • With zerk fittings
  • Смазываемый
  • Coated with a black finished (unless you specify otherwise)
  • Stryker Off Road Design Decals

Stryker control arms are offers in different sets, in details are accessible in the company official page. These control arm brands guaranteed to take a lot of back and forth pressure.

Stryker Control Arms Official Site
Stryker Control Arms Product Page

логотип acdelco

Ac Delco Control Arm

Компания ACDelco

Ac Delco is a popular global market leader until today. The company is a partner of GM ( General Motor ) an OE car maker.

Ac Delco parts are installed in over 2M GM cars manufactured yearly by the later company.

The firm has been operating since 1998, today Ac Delco brand is trusted by consumers for the best automotive quality auto parts.

Ac Delco estimated parts totalled to 90,000+ in a 37 product lines.

The firm is truly a successful manufacturing company today.

 Ac Delco control arms are one among the auto parts distributed and now quite popular.

Ac Delco Pro control arms features and benefits are the following:

  • Undergo extensive impact, wear, and fatigue testing
  • Painted/E-coated to help resist rust
  • Greaseable design
  • Used superior grade raw material
  • Cold-formed full-ball type studs
  • Ac Delco control arms are manufactured using advanced technology product used on fleet and light truck applications.

Дополнительные ресурсы:

AcDelco Control Arms Official Site
AcDelco Professional Control Arms Product Page
AcDelco Control Arms Catalogue

raybestos logo

Raybestos Control Arm

Raybestos on it's early days

Raybestos is popularly known for their high quality brake parts.

Raybestos began in business operation in the year 1902.

The manufacturer has a dedicated team expert engineer works to guaranteed that the product design perfectly matches OE form, fit and function.

Each Raybestos produced is tested to ensure that their customer receives a high-quality and reliable product.

With that amount of experience from years, Raybestos is now considered one of the global market leader in automotive industry.

Raybestos control arms as another auto parts products manufactured by the firm is also recognized in the market today.

Raybestos brand of Professional Grade Control Arms is a direct replacement OE parts with the following product features:

  • Applied with a protective coating to prevent corrosion Provide the long service life
  • Comes with a Low-friction ball joints
  • Permanently attached polyurethane dust boot for lasting protection
  • Purgeable dust boot eliminates contamination for consistent performance
  • Смазываемый
  • A low-friction, synthetic bearing design

Raybestos control arms are available for fleet, late truck models and passenger cars.


Raybestos Control Arms Official Site
Raybestos Control Arms Product Page
Raybestos Control Arms Catalogue

hotchkis logo

Hotchkis Control Arms


John Hotchkis was the man behind Hotchkis Suspension. With the help of the entire Hotchkis Sport Suspension team and the unmatched expertise of John, high quality suspension parts has been supplied for automotive industry.

Hotchkis suspension controls has been found to be installed in the fastest street cars globally. Quite numerous road, drag and autocross racing teams rely and win with Hotchkis Sport Suspension products installed on them.

All Hotchkis suspensions underwent extensive development process that begins with the modern computer-aided design, modelling, and engineering and finished with real application testing.

Hotchkis control arms are one of this suspension components, every a-arms are:

  • Improved in terms of suspension geometry
  • Increased Caster
  • Installed with adjustable camber
  • Has streamlined appearance design
  • 100% TIG-welded
  • Finished with a gloss black powder

In detailed technical data for stock and Hotchkis Sport Suspension equipped vehicles is collected and evaluated.

All performance gains are properly documented and those component not meeting Hotchkis engineer’s strict standards are critiqued, redesigned, and retested.

Hotchkis Control Arms Official Site
Hotchkis Control Arms Product Page

Metco Logo

Metco Control Arms


Metco was formulated and built by coupled of expert individuals.

It was in mid 1990’s when Ron  Kincaid has been hired by Metco Inc.

Metco Inc, is a SC based and CNC business which design and manufactured automotive parts. After so many years of personally hands-on car building, Ron began to use the new CNC Technology.

He started to make innovative ideas for racing cars.

It was during that time when Metco Inc, started to build suspension components. The competition in many companies that offer better than OEM designs arises. However, there we’re none of them think to upgrade strength and function which Ron envisioned.

Ron finally made his first billet lower control arms. This lower control arms were CNC-machined from solid aluminium and fitted with high-grade bushings.

After few more years, Ron launched the very first ” polyurethane-bushed double-adjustable upper control arm “. This control arm was combination of advantages provided by in-car adjustability with the street ability of polyurethane bushings.

Again and again Metco control arm product line has developed and gained a widespread reputation for its innovative designs and quality.

Today, this product line almost covers every vehicle model application that uses a standard four-link suspension design.

Metco open a new product line of a popular “chassis-specific” NHRA-legal driveshaft safety loops. These so called loops we’re customizable to answer universal driveshaft loops issues. This product line almost covers 30 different vehicles.

In 2000, the Metco Inc. owners decided to divest the motorsports division.

It was June 2000 when Metco Motorsports Solutions became solely owned by Ron, Aaron (son) and Kathy Kincaid (wife). 

The family’s hard work and guidance expanded Metco Motosports product lines.

Aaron’s Ford Lightning truck and supercharged Harley Davidson F150 make the development of a comprehensive line of billet pulleys, idlers, and supercharger drives for the blown factory Fords.

Metco Motorsports fastly became the top choice supplier of blower and accessory drive systems for Fords.

” Metco Inc. is not an authorized representative or agent of Metco Motorsports Solutions Inc. and does not manufacture parts, components or assemblies for Metco Motorsports Solutions, Inc. “

Metco control arms as a main suspension parts from the vast range of Metco product lines has the following product features:

  • With precision machined aluminum block housing
  • Employed with threaded steel pinion, zinc-plated adjuster, precision-welded and powdercoated clevis
  • Responsive of polyurethane bushings
  • Require no disassembly for adjustment

It was 2007, Metco owners grew and include long time colleagues: Rick and Kristi Bejarano. 

Rick and Kristi joined the team and help companies increasing workload, develop new product ideas and marketing efforts.

Ron retired from the business after few years and pursue his hobby. 

Aaron, Rick, Kristi and Kathy work closely together to manage all aspects of the business.

From its humble beginnings 15 years ago in a home garage, Metco Motorsports now makes full use of its 6000+ square foot facility.

Comprehensive details of Metco control arms are accessible on company official page and catalog.

Metco Control Arm Official Site
Metco Control Arm Product Page
Metco Control Arm Catalogue

ridetech logo

Ridetech Control Arms

Ridetech Manufacturing

Ridetech has more than 20 years of experience in business design, manufacturing and fabrication of automotive performance products.

The focus of Ridetech components are its quality and performances.

Ridetech offers a nearly a complete line of vehicle-specific performance suspension parts for trucks, hot rods, and specialty applications.

The company offers a vast range of suspension-related products.

Ridetech suspension product lines includes tubular suspension parts, mono tube coilovers and shocks and complete air suspension solutions.

Ridetech products has proven track record of award-winning and championship-winning suspension

The company manufacturing, are all done in-house. They invest on R&D, prototyping, CAD drawings, CNC machining, CNC tube bending, jig welding, airspring crimping and burst testing and other related testing processes to ensure that every product they distributed meet company’s strict requirements.

Ridetech have a fleet of estimated 20 muscle cars, customs, and sport trucks that are used to demonstrate the performance of our suspension parts.

Ridetech control arms as part of the company’s suspensions is also known as ” RideTech StrongArms “.

What makes Ridetech control arms different from other OEM brand? The following are Ridetech control arms features:

  • Built with accurate geometry
  • Manufactured in state of the art Horn Machine Tool CNC tubing bender
  • Undergo computer-controlled machine and repeatable bends
  • Welded construction
  • Applied with durable powder coating
  • Precision tubular designs

Every control arms are built with Ridetech care. In details technical data are available in the company’s page.

Ridetech Control Arms Official Site
Ridetech Control Arms Product Page
Ridetech Control Arms Catalogue

benteler logo

Benteler Control Arm

benteler company

BENTELER was established in 1876, it is a family business.

As of today, BENTERLER is now owned by the fourth generation of the founding family.

With determine to be successful, BENTELER have grown into a global family business with estimated 26,000 automotive employees globally.

Our customers can rely on the trustworthiness of a family owned company with the heritage and metal processing expertise of over 140 years.

Where cars style before had long hoods, large radiator grills and the doors were attached to B-pillars.

BENTELER first big project was to deliver exhaust pipes for Ford Eifel.

BENTELER is a one of the leading worldwide partner for the automotive industry.

The company offer high quality engineering and metal-processing competence mixed with manufacturing expertise.

BENTELER offered components and modules for chassis, engine, exhaust applications, body-in-white and e-mobility system solutions.

BENTELER control arms as one of the product offers by the company are highly-rated. This control arm brand product features are the following:

  • A hybrid and lightweight construction
  • Made with material combinations of steel, aluminium and fibre-reinforced composites
  • Consistent efficiency in performance and high quality

BENTELER control arms provides the highest safety requirements. You can have a complete chassis component system from one source.

Benteler Control Arm Official Site
Benteler Control Arm Product Page

Dirtking Logo

Dirt King Control Arms

dirt king company

Dirt King Fabrication made and improve advanced suspension systems for most vehicle makes and models.

Dirt King control arms Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota and Ram

All of our products are held to the highest standards with quality setting us apart from the rest.

Dirt King answers multiple issues arises when lifting vehicle with stock upper control arms. Such as both geometry and strength are compromised due to over articulating the stock arms.

The company solved this with designing upper control arms which has increased castor and repositioned pivot angles reducing stress on the joints.

Dirt King control arms has the following features:

  • CAD designed
  • Integrated with boxed plate
  • Has 4130 chromoly uniball cups
  • Installed with brushed stainless steel logo plates
  • Preassembled
  • Has grease fitting ports
  • Made with Zinc plated components
  • Professionally MIG welded
  • Proudly made in the USA

Dirt King replaces weak factory ball joints with 1” stainless steel uniballs for maximum strength and articulations.

Dirt King control arms components are are rebuild-able or replaceable. It comes with installation guide. To learn more about Dirt King control arms, click link below.

Dirt King Control Arms Official Site
Dirt King Control Arms Product Page
Dirt King Control Arms Catalogue

логотип delphi technologies

Delphi Control Arms

Компания Delphi Technologies

Delphi Automotive PLC recently renamed as Aptiv PLC is an international auto parts firm which incorporated from Bailiwick, Jersey and based in Dublin, Ireland.

In 1994, Delphi was first founded as Automotive Components Group and followed by the change of the name as Delphi Automotive System.

Delphi experience some financial issues when some irregularity on accounting practices. It has been discovered in the year 2005 leading them to bankruptcy problem. But fortunately, Delphi is up until today.

Delphi able to enter a successful business joint ventures together with Ener1 and Grupo Division.

Сегодня Delphi (Aptiv) гордится тем, что является ведущим поставщиком первого уровня для 25 крупнейших автопроизводителей мира. 1 для 25 крупнейших автопроизводителей по всему миру.

  • Why should consider Delphi control arms? Here are the product benefits:
  • Made according to OE specifications
  • Constructed in single and double skin design
  • Coated with ” Cataphoresis ” a special coating materials for durability
  • Available in pressed steel, forged in cast iron or aluminum
  • Robot welded
  • Undergo 100% crack detection and ultrasonic flaw detection tests

Delphi control arms like any other parts from the company was test, in every angle, for reliable performance at temperatures below -40°F and over 248°F.

Официальный сайт Delphi
Delphi Control Arms Product Page
Delphi Control Arms Catalogue

Bilstein Logo

FEBI Control Arm

Febi Company

(Ferdinand Bilstein) Febi Bilstein is one of the strong brand suppliers of spare parts under the umbrella of Bilstein Group.

Febi Bilstein was founded in the year 1844. During the first few decades in history, they we’re focus by trade in procured and custom-made metal products

In 1880, the core business shifted to screw and nuts production.

Because of the emergence in automotive industry, they shifted in supplying business.

The ” febi ” strong brand name was registered in the year 1923 and product ranges where expanded significantly in the next years.

Ferdinand Bilstein are now supplies more than 34,000 repair solutions for passenger and commercial car with 20 foreign brand offices globally.

Febi control arms as a part of large product lines are popular to market today. Here are some few features of Febi control arms:

  • Features traverse control arm design which guarantees 100% driving stability.
  • Each control arms undergo certified quality management tests for company requirements and loads
  • Ensures precision fit and dimensional stability
  • Constructed using high material quality

Febi control arms offered together with the febi ProKit that contain all parts necessary for repair solutions.

Дополнительные ресурсы:
Febi Control Arm Official Site
Febi Control Arm Product Page
Febi Control Arm Catalogue

Vierol Logo

VAICO Control Arm

VAICO is a brand of a global OEM, the VIEROL AG.

VIEROL AG is a worldwide specialist of engine management and electronic component in the automotive area.

The firm is one of the leading German automotive engineering founded in 1977 by Jürgen R. Viertelhaus at Rastede. After a decade, they relocated in Oldenburg.

VIEROL are able to produce over 43,000 automotive parts component in total of 125 countries across all continents.

The company product portfolio of different strong quality brands is patented.

Here are the brands on VIEROL portfolio: VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA.

VAICO as a popular auto parts brand was registered in the year 1999.

VAICO has over 28,000 high quality spare parts in 2,700,000 vehicle connections. It is available in steering, brakes, body and filter categories and certified, ” Made in Germany “.

Here are VAICO control arms product features:

  • Provides maximum tensile and fatigue strength
  • Made with ultra-high temperature steel and aluminium
  • Applied with sustainable electro coat for corrosion protection
  • Integrated with ” Neoprene collar ” for maximum protection

VAICO control arms, like the other parts manufactured bear Q+ quality seal.

VIEROL Official Site
VAICO Control Arms Product Page
VAICO Control Arms Catalogue


Automotive industry has changing rapidly and a lot of opportunities open up for auto parts products. Clearly, building up own auto parts shop definitely a win-win investment, you wouldn’t want to slip with.

Control arms is another great addition to your auto parts inventories, but looking for a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier is quite hard.

Having listed common product features of popular control arms nowadays, it must be an advantages.

Another important thing to do was to look for reliable and trusted supplier. With a lot of company claiming to be a reliable one, you might end up with false promises.

Luckily, our company is a trusted manufacturer and suppliers for over 30 years. We offer a great deal for bulk purchases. Feel free to contact us. 

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