6 простых шагов по изготовлению жесткого тента DIY, который прослужит долго

Homemade Hard Tonneau Cover Sample Image
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Tonneau covers can be quite expensive, so maybe you might be thinking in making your own DIY Hard Tonneau Cover.

If you are not looking for something fancy, you may may not be willing to spend huge amounts of money to acquire one. And you need not to.

With a few simple tools and materials, you can get yourself a truck bed cover for your pickup truck.

This project is for DIY enthusiasts who like to challenge themselves.

Even if you are not one, you will  still find the process easy, and the results great. You will have a truck bed cover ready without spending a fortune.

Process in Making Do-It-Yourself Hard Tonneau Cover

NOTE: This is going to be a plywood and vinyl tonneau cover.

Materials you will need:

A piece of vinyl fabric – it should be enough to cover the whole truck bed

6 pieces of 1 by 2-inch plywood – you will use these to construct the frame that will support the tonneau cover

2 sheets of plywood – these should match the size of the truck bed

A drill – to drill holes where necessary

Spray and contact glue – to stick the different lives together

Saw – if possible, find a table saw to help you cut the plywood to appropriate sizes

Tape measure – you will use this to measure the pieces of plywood. It will also come in handy when measuring out the truck bed dimensions

Staple gun – for fastening purposes

Screws – to fasten the cover at the back of the truck bed

Hinges – to hold the cover and make of openable

Paint ( preferably black) – the paint will make the plywood weatherproof

Plywood Weatherproof Tonneau Cover
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The Procedure of Tonneau Cover DIY

Шаг 1
Start by measuring the truck bed. Using the dimensions, make two frames using the 6 pieces of plywood. One frame will attach to the truck bed and another the cover

Шаг 2
Ensure the frames are of the right length. They should fit the truck bed perfectly. This is to ensure secure and strong structural support for the cover

Шаг 3
Attach the sheets of plywood to the frames. The plywood shape and size should match that of the truck bed.

Шаг 4
At this point, you can paint the two frames to protect the plywood from moisture and other elements. It is optional, though, and you can decide to skip this part.

Шаг 5
Next, spread contact glue on the sheets of plywood on the glue. Wrap the vinyl cloth over the frame, all round and taking care not to leave any part loose. Use the stapler to attach the excess vinyl to the back of the frame. You now have your tonneau cover ready to install.

Шаг 6
Install your cover on the truck bed using screws and hinges. If need be, attach a rubber seal to keep out water. Your tonneau cover is now ready for use. 

DIY Tonneau Cover Hinges
Источник: http://www.pinterest.com

The cover described here is a simple one. It may not offer adequate protection from damage or secure transportation of things. It only provides a basic amount of functionality.

Commonly Asked Truck Bed Question

Before summing it up, a few of the most asked questions about pickup tonneau covers.

Are tonneau covers effective at preventing damage or theft?

They are, although it depends on tonneau cover types. Some are more effective than others. The hard and bulky types are more secure. The softer ones are less protective.

Are tonneau cover parts identical?

No, they are not. The parts differ across tonneau cover types.

Are tonneau cover prices almost similar?

Again, prices vary considerably across the different types of these covers.

The hard and bulky covers are more expensive than the lightweight and less bulky soft types of covers.

Are tonneau cover replacement parts readily available?

This is usually the fear of many truck owners when buying tonneau covers.

The answer is yes, the components are easy to obtain, from tonneau cover lock replacement to fastening parts.

Which tonneau cover type is the most popular?

Soft tonneau covers made from vinyl are currently the most popular among pickup truck owners.

A tonneau cover soft type costs less and looks more appealing, which makes it more common than the hard types.

How can you tell the best tonneau cover brand?

You can look out for pointers. A quality cover will be appropriately priced, not too cheap or heavily discounted for long periods of time.

Online reviews can also be good sources of information.

Apart from online sources, you can ask around for recommendations by friends who own pickup trucks.

How can you ensure a truck bed cover retains its look and condition?

By applying the right maintenance practices which include inspecting it regularly, fastening loose components, lubricating parts, and more.

When it comes to cleaning the cover, doing it the right way can prolong its lifespan.

By choosing the right truck bed cover and caring for it well, one can avoid wasting money on an inferior product and the loss associated with poor maintenance of the cover.

It all depends on the truck owner, how well informed they are, and how willing they are to take care of their vehicle and its parts.

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    This is understandably something to keep in mind when wanting to clean the tonneau cover. I would imagine that knowing what solution is best for what kind of stain it is would be good to know. That way you don’t use a solution that is not very effective.

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