Как поменять воздушный фильтр в салоне автомобиля за 9 простых шагов

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Have you noticed the signs that your car’s cabin air filter is failing such as reduced airflow or noxious smell?

Well, that means you need to have the filter changed. Your cabin air filter will, in the long run, clog with dirt and debris and lose porosity. It then becomes less effective and unreliable.

When that happens, replacing the filter becomes necessary.

The process to change these filters isn’t as complicated as one may think. You do not need to know much about vehicle parts and neither do you require special tools.

When faced with the task to change the cabin filter, vehicle owners often find it difficult to locate it. That’s because these filters are usually found in hidden places.

Different auto manufacturers also place the filters in different locations. That means auto cabin air filter replacement steps are different across vehicle types and models.

When to Change the Cabin Air Filter

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Many vehicle owners replace the воздушный фильтр салона when it starts to show symptoms of failure. Others keep a check on the filter and replace it when they notice it’s clogging up with dirt.

To ensure your car’s cabin is always safe and comfortable, it’s recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Your car’s manual will contain information regarding when to change the cabin air filter.

This is usually indicated in terms of mileage.

Alternatively, you can access the filter from time to time to see if there are signs of clogging.

If you drive in dusty or excessively polluted places, checking the filter for clogging is more helpful.

Our Advice

Many people advocate for changing the воздушный фильтр салона using the car’s mileage as the guide.

However, our advice is to follow a regular routine, much like you do for the other parts.

Say, for example, once every year. That way, you can be certain that you’re using a perfect air filter that assures you of clean and fresh air in the cabin.

How Often to Change Air Filter in a Car

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Regardless of whether it’s an engine or воздушный фильтр салона, the replacement frequency mainly depends on the driving conditions. Severe environments with a lot of dust and other pollutants call for more regular replacements.

Most manufacturers and auto experts recommend intervals of between 12 000 to 25 000 miles.

The determining factor is usually the condition of the air the places you drive your car in.

Highly polluted or dusty atmospheres clog the filter faster, and you may find yourself having to replace it early or at closer intervals of even 5 000 miles.

Cleaner environments can see your cabin air filter last for up to 25 000 miles.

How Much is a Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter price depends on the filter brand.

A cabin air filter k&n  brand, for example, would carry a price tag that’s different from that of a Fram filter.

Different auto parts stores also sell these filters at different prices. A cabin air filter Walmart price may be different from that on Autozone. A Fram air filter look up, on the other hand, may reveal a different price from that of the other stores either on the lower or upper side.

They type of cabin air filter also determines the price.

A carbon cabin air replacement cost is usually higher when compared to that of the standard type. Carbon cabin air filters are quite expensive and can be three times more costly than regular cabin air filters.

When you’ve chosen them, you would need to be prepared to budget for the extra money.

Always go for what promises to be quality when buying a filter for your car’s interior. Avoid cheap cabin air filters, unless they’re on offer and selling at a discount.

You may want to choose the moderately priced filters. These often assure of extended lifespan and effectiveness without affecting your finances.

What’s the Cost to Replace a Cabin Air Filter

As we have seen, the cost to buy a cabin air filter depends on several factors and varies considerably. The same case applies to when hiring a professional to change the filter for you. Having said that, expect to pay between $70 and $100.

These figures include both the cost to buy the filter and installation expenses. Standard cabin air filters go for $20 on average, while labor costs may cost you around $50 or slightly more. However, you needn’t spend money on a car maintenance task that you can do yourself.

Let’s see how you can replace a failing cabin air filter without help.

How to Change a Cabin Air Filter

Remocing the Cars Cabin Air Filter
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When your filter is failing and you’ve purchased a new one, the next step is to carry out the replacement. It’s a fairly simple process that can be a DIY project.

Here is the procedure to follow when replacing the typical cabin air filter – the type that’s usually located behind the glove box.

Шаг 1

Locate your car’s cabin air filter. In our case, it will be in the space behind the glove box. You may consult your car’s manual to help you find the cabin air filter in your car, or look it up on the manufacturer’s website.

Шаг 2

Open and empty the glove box.

Шаг 3

Find the limiting arm of the glovebox remove it. It’s usually on your right and held in place by a pin.

 Шаг 4

Remove the glove box to access the air filter behind it. In most set ups, it’s just a matter of squeezing the sides.

Шаг 5

The cabin air filter housing will now be visible and within reach. Remove the faceplate by unfastening the side clips, screws, or any other fastener and pushing it out of the way.

Шаг 6

Gently pull out the old filter. Removing it roughly may scatter dust and debris around. You do not want that. Check its orientation, which is usually indicated by arrows. You will need that when installing the new filter.

Шаг 7

Clean the filter’s housing using a vacuum and a piece of damp cloth. Inspect it for damaged or loose clamps and latches. If everything is intact, proceed to the next step.

Шаг 8

Using the orientation of the old device, install your new cabin air filter into the filter chamber or housing.

Шаг 9

Replace the filter chamber’s faceplate by fastening the latches, screws or nuts that you had removed earlier. 

Шаг 10

Replace the glove box and its limiting arm. The contents you had removed, too, and close it. Your cabin air filter is now ready to clean the air getting into the cabin through the vents.

The glove box cabin air filter doesn’t present a challenge to replace. The under-the-dash cabin air filter, too.

If located under the hood, the filter not be as simple to change. There will usually be components to remove before you access the filter, such as wiper blades and washer bottle, among other parts.

Replacing a bad cabin air filter should be a part of your regular practices to maintain your car. These filters to do not usually affect the engine’s performance.

As a result, many vehicle owners neglect the device and forget to change it until it stops to function. That shouldn’t be the case.

Ensure that you replace the device at the recommended time or whenever it accumulates dirt that can affect its performance.

Better still, set regular times to replace the filter such as when servicing the other serviceable vehicle components every year.

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