Top 29 Oil Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2023

Oil Filter Manufacturers List

Before we jump on with the highlight section of this featured article, this is a brief idea of what is an oil filter and its importance.

An oil filter is one among the kinds of filters in automotive industry. They play a vital role in improving engine’s.

Oil filter are designed to eliminates impurities and foreign particles from oil such as dirt, carbon and metal particles from the oil damage engine’s bearing, journal and cylinder wall surfaces.

The oil filter is commonly used in internal-combustion engines vehicles, light crafts, and around naval vessels. Aside from this, other vehicles such as automatic transmissions, power steering, jet craft also employed oil filters.

Having this wide range of oil filters used in automotive industry. Hence, opportunity and factors that open up a market for oil filters is quite overwhelming.

The Oil Filter Market Overview

Oil Filter Market Share

Recently, ABC7 releases a report about the latest published of “Automotive Oil Filter Market Analysis From 2019-2023”, by the Market Research Future.

According to the report, a notable CAGR of 5% has been marked for the forecast period of study.

Driving factors has given witness growth of the oil filter market. Such as:

  • Improvement in the automotive infrastructures
  • Global increase in the production and sales of vehicles
  • Growing demand of commercial vehicles for countries with improving economy
  • Rising purchasing power of people from China, Middle East and India
  • Easy replacement and low cost replacing parts for oil filters aftermarket

However, a possible treat that relevant to the enormous optimistic opportunity of the oil filter market has been considered.

These are the lacked of skilled labor, the growth in sales of electric vehicles and the step taken by major countries to phase out the internal combustion vehicles in the near future.

With the other type of engine vehicles that installed an oil filter, there is no way to be frightened to lose the market.

Most of the oil filters are recognized in its brand but not the manufacturer.

For the purpose of uniformity, some filters which is distribute as different brand from the company name, the company name is used.

Here are the listed the best oil filter manufacturers under OEM type of suppliers and compiled each oil filter to offer.

The List of the 29 TOP OEM Oil Filter Manufacturers

fram logo

Fram Oil Filter

fram company building

The FRAM Group IP LLC. holding the ” Fram ” brand has bannered to be the leading consumer choice for oil filters in the United States of America.

They claimed to be the number one oil filter brand, which demonstrated to be true as they are included as one of the prominent top players in the global oil filter market reports.

Some of their plants across North America have earned a number of quality certifications that include the ISO 14001 and ISO/QS 9000.

Fram oil filters product is simply categorized into two: the Consumer Products and the Commercial Filters.

For Consumer Products category list, 4 oil filter product types are distributed namely: FRAM Ultra Synthetic™ Oil Filter; FRAM Tough Guard® Oil Filter; FRAM Extra Guard® Oil Filter and FRAM Racing® Oil Filter.

And for the second category list which is obviously for the heavy duty commercial products a FRAM heavy duty oil filter is marketed.

These are the following general product descriptions of Fram Oil Filters:

  • With SureGrip features for easy installation and removal
  • A media made up of fiber and resin blend to capture 95% of dirt’s particles
  • Employed with a silicone anti-drain back valve for 3x hot oil resistance
  • Internally lubricated for easier filter removal
  • Different types of oil filters are recommended according to specific used
  • Best even for oil filter subject to change every 3000 to 20000 miles
  • Extensive FRAM Group testing with an average filter efficiency of PH8A, 3387A and 4967 or equivalent FRAM TG or XG models under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns
  • A specific oil filter designed for racers

To buy oil filters from Fram, the parts information is necessary for you to fill in. You can log in to their international websites for your region for easier transitions. Their official webpage is listed below for your guide.

Halfords Oil Filter

Didn’t you know that a well-known oil filter brand which is Halfords oil filter is supplied by FRAM?

Halfords Group plc, a large British retailer that focuses on car parts, car enhancement, tools, camping and touring which mainly operated in UK and Ireland.

Except for this existing products. They have an oil filter product line on their inventory. 

Halfords oil filters is way costly than any other oil filters from manufacturers.

This Halfords oil filters proven high quality features of FRAM.


K&N logo

K&N Oil Filters

Компания K&N

K&N Engineering, Inc. also known as ” K&N ” is a manufacturer specializing in filter production, performance parts and other related products.

K&N produced over 12,000 parts in total for comprehensive range of car models, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, industrial applications and many more.

The company is established in Riverside, California in 1969. K&N also operates in England, Netherlands and also China.

The strong brand name came from the founder’s initials: Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald.

K&N claimed was that they are the original red oil filter in industry. With a total of 50 years in business operation.

K&N oil filters offers product advantages and features such as:

  • Same exact standards as the world-famous High-Flow Air Filters™
  • Durable construction guaranteed
  • Availability to cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-0road vehicles and watercrafts
  • Rigorously tested for efficiency, capacity and burst strength
  • Engineered for easy installation and removal
  • All oil types compatibility
  • Options to choose from both canister and cartridge filter applications
  • Installed with pleated synthetic-blend media filtration
  • Withstand longer service intervals

K&N oil filters uses modern technology to manufactured their filter products. To get to know more about this best oil filter brand, you can check on the available links below.

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Bosch Oil Filter


The company, Robert Bosch GmbH or known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology firm based in Gerlingen, Germany. Named from the named of its founder with 92% shares in the company: Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Bosch’s has been operating to distribute well-known products in their four business sectors: mobility, consumer appliances, industrial technology, and lastly the energy and building technology.

They have successfully expanded their business lines by investing in some joint ventures such as the BSH and Siemen Hausgerate. EM-motive and SB LiMotive.

Bosch oil filters has three type product categories:  the Premium Oil Filters, DistancePlus™ Oil Filters and lastly Workshop Oil Filters.

The ” Bosch Premium Oil Filters ” which company recommended for optimum oil filtration processes and secured engine protection.

Second Bosch oil filter product type, ” DistancePlus™ Oil Filters “, with improved features of their premium type.

And lastly, the Workshop Oil Filters which are designed for professional installers.

General advance characteristics of Bosch oil filters includes:

  • The Bosch filtration media can hold contaminants ranges from 13 grams up to 29.1 grams
  • Broad range to cover both Asian and European domestic vehicles
  • Work well with synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional oils
  • Installed with an anti-drain back valve features
  • Each type based on ISO 4548-12 at 40 microns on D350

Bosch oil filters are one among top oil filters brands by end consumers globally.

To get to know more about Bosch oil filter’s products. The links to official website is available below.

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Toyota logo

TOYOTA Oil Filter


Toyota Motor Corporation is popular Japanese multi-national automotive manufacturer in Aichi, Japan. And Toyota is among the top manufacturer in OE vehicles industry.

They are recognized to be the largest automotive manufacturers in the world in 2017. And the world’s first automobile manufacturer to produce with over 10 million vehicles per year since 2012.

Among the end user’s oil filter brand in the market is the ” Toyota Oil Filter “, which is distributed by Toyota Motor Corporations.

Toyota does not seem to revealed who the is the company supplier is. But allegations in the public that this high quality ” Toyota Oil Filters ” is bought and manufactured from Thailand.

Nonetheless, most believe that Toyota has strict requirements regarding their oil filters and that it has been proven by those who had experience using this.

And that ” Toyota Oil Filters “is a strong brand recommended and distributed by the OE vehicle manufacturer itself.

The company marketed genuine Toyota oil filters specifically for their vehicle brand and models.

  • Advance features that can be expected from Toyota oil filters are the following:
  • Designed to fit different Toyota brand and models
  • Employed safety features like bypass valve to prevent oil from draining
  • Genuine OEM and guaranteed direct fit
  • Effectively removes contaminants according to Toyota strict company standard

The following link to Toyota official and other helpful is listed below for your further research.


Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter

Компания Briggs and Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is an American oil filter manufacturers recognized globally. In fact, they belong to the Fortune 1000 list of manufacturers of gasoline engines. They are based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

This large firm has the capability to produce an average of 10 million units per year including their oil filter products. With the help of the 13 large facilities in U.S. and 8 more in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Briggs and Stratton products have reach over 100 countries all over the world.

Briggs & Stratton has more than 105 years in engine technology research manufacturing.

This oil filter brands distributed by Briggs and Stratton offered benefits such as:

  • Availability to selected Intek and Vanguard OHV engine application
  • Guaranteed OEM parts proper fit
  • Made in high quality filtration materials

A large Briggs and Stratton oil filter portfolio can be accessed in the firms’ official website online store. Available link is listed below.


MAHLE logo

MAHLE Oil Filter


Another automotive parts manufacturer from Germany is leading in the oil filter market industry. MAHLE GmbH is one of the largest suppliers worldwide for filtrations, electric, filtration, and thermal management.

MAHLE generated about €12.5 billion in the year 2018 and currently has more than 160 production plants globally.

The MAHLE oil filters provide advance features such as:

  • Different filter media used: specially treated papers, non-woven materials and multi-layer.
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Employed options of bypass and check valves
  • Guaranteed superior in quality
  • Installed Eco-version metal-free cartridges
  • Load peaks up to 20 bar

If you want to know more about MAHLE oil filters, log on to their official website pages. The links are listed here.

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knecht filter logo

KNECHT Oil Filter


KNECHT is brand distributed by Serfac Company. The firm was originally established in Germany in 1899. Filters such as air, oil and fuel filters are manufactured and distributed in the year 1929.

The company was the very first to used filter paper for engines in 1955.

Today, KNECHT is now part of one of the global leading manufacturers in filters and filters systems: the MAHLE Group.

The MAHLE Group take another step to combine this strong oil filter named to the MAHLE Original oil filter. Today, the are distributed as ” KNECHT MAHLE oil filter.

“. KNECHT MAHLE oil filter or oftentimes called “KNECHT oil filter “, interchangeably is offer in a comprehensive range for passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

With MAHLE Group management, KNECHT company brand continuously to be distributed in the market.

The KNECT oil filters are marketed in large OE manufacturers, which includes BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkwagen, Ford and etc.

Expect KNECT oil filters or KNECT MAHLE oil filters to have the same quality as the MAHLE Original oil filters.

To check on the oil filter brands marketed by MAHLE, check on the available link below.


Логотип чемпиона


The Champion Auto Parts manufacturers has been in the automotive manufacturing operation for over 110 years from now.  They are known leader in spark plug market for every kind of combustion engine.

Except for their spark plugs as their major products, the firm has taken another step to expand their product category and to include car maintenance product which includes filters, lighting and batteries.

Today, Champion oil filters brand is fully recognized in the market.

These are the advantages and features that can expect from Champion Oil Filters:

  • Upgraded high-strength filter media that can withstand harsh driving conditions
  • Recommended to replace 12,000 miles of intervals for synthetic oil users
  • Employed with premium components
  • Ensured to achieve up to 99% filtration efficiency

The following links to Champion Auto Parts official sites are listed to help further extend product information.

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Hengst logo

Hengst Oil Filter

Hengst Automotive

Hengst Automotive is founded in the year 1958 headquartered in Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The firm specializes in business areas such as fluid management, the crankcase ventilation systems and filtration systems.

Hengst first introduces the first service-friendly cup oil filters with an automatic draining system and plastic screw cap in 1988. Later on, a filter plant was then established in Berlin.

Followed by the success launching of the environmentally-friendly ENGERGETIC® filter system, which was the first metal-free filter insert. Hengst also acquired several firms such as Champ and Luber-finer trademarks from Luber-finer GmbH and also entered into joint ventures in the next few more years.

Now, the Hengst oil filters has been recognized by OE vehicle manufacturers and direct end users.

They proudly distributed high quality oil filters in the market.

Hengst oil filters guaranteed:

  • Optimum high contaminant retention features
  • Extensive pressure and temperatures resistance
  • Exact precision processing
  • Accurate fit for easy assembly
  • Resistance into pulse

Hengst Energetic® Oil Filter specific features is fully discussed in details in the company official sites.


Логотип Clean Filters

Delgrosso Oil Filter

Delgrosso Oil Filter

Delgrosso S.R.L are operating in filtering system production business of automotive industry for over 65 years. They we’re recognized as the best supplier in 2009 by Fiat Parts and Service.

Delgrosso is an OEM distributor of most major Italian brands of vehicle and also in partnered with European and Global manufacturers.

The company wide operating in 15,000 square meters floor area with 3 specialized production plants. Delgrosso is capable to produces a total of 11M products for a year in 4,000 different designs inlcuding their most widely known Clean oil filters.

Degrosso Clean oil filters started to enter the East European Market in the year 2000. A few years after it affirms its position in the International market.

The Clean oil filters brand by Delgrosso has celebrated its 40 years since it launched distributed in the market.

These are the following product features that can be expected in the Clean oil filters brand:

  • Made up of chosen modern materials and right choice of filtering media
  • Ensured optimum mechanical and thermal durability
  • Guaranteed work to hinder passages of foreign particles
  • Range of choice for spin-on filters and ecological cartridges
  • Meet the constant of levl in filtration ovet time
  • Back by strictest international test
  • Specific analogous in producing clean oil filters for most important car manufacturers

To get to know more about Delgrosso Clean oil filters, you can click on the link to direct you on the company official site.


логотип согефи

Sogefi Oil Filter

Компания Sogefi Group

PURFLUX oil filter is the brand manufactured by Sogefi Group.

Sogefi Group has over 35 years’ of experience in distributing original parts for automotive industry. The company provdes broad range of car manufacturers with excellent product design and latest technology in production process. The company operated in three business units: Air and Cooling Business Unit, Filtration Business Unit and Suspensions Business Unit.

Sogefi’s has current total of 42 production sites worldwide. And produces a broad range of filter products in for OE and OE spare markets.

PURFLUX oil filters as the company brand is available for applications such as motorcycles, three-wheelers, cars and heavy duty vehicles-applications.

The PURFLUX oil filters guarantee advance features and benefits such as:

  • Available most extensive oil filter range
  • Optimum filtration performances in all distributed oil filters
  • Spin-on filter or filter-cartridge housing designed
  • With improved compact and lightweight filters designed

Sogefis’ ensure to employed the latest OE technologies in PURFLUX oil filter productions. The list of helpful links is available below.




MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland is a German manufacturing company based in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The company is known to be the global leader and expert in the field of the filtration industry.

Mann Hummel main product activity is the production of premium quality filters that is available for automotive, machinery, heavy and other specialized equipment.

In fact, 90% of the company annual sales around 4B euros is generated from the automotive industry sectors.

Mann Hummel filters are sold under two reputable brands: FILTRON and WIX FILTERS.

Additionally, to their filter’s product portfolio: Mann-Filter and Purolator brands of filters are owned and manage by this large group.

The Mann Hummel oil filters are one among the vast product lines under Mann Hummel filter product portfolio.

Latest oil filters from MANN+HUMMEL meet the highest standards and filter’s separation. The tightness and high endurance of the filters is highly undertaken for the optimum quality performances.

To get to know about MANN HUMMEL Oil Filter brands, you can check on their pages available below.

MANN Oil Filter

Among the three brands from different company, MANN HUMMEL encompasses to take another step to build another global filter brand came from their own company name.

The MANN-FILTER product line which offers a comprehensive range in OE matching quality for automotive aftermarket.

The MANN filters applications are available in a wide range of products for agricultural, construction and industrial filtration.

MANN-FILTER spin-on oil filters offers you to get:

  • Guaranteed first-class quality and problem-free handling
  • Installed with a return stop and bypass valve for oil filtering optimum performances
  • Used the most modern filter media prolong service
  • Matched perfectly to the relevant vehicle models.

Furthermore, manufacturing process of MANN Oil Filter uses technology the same with WIX Filters, so you can expect high quality MANN Oil Filters is acquired.

Let’s now, take a look at Mann Hummel’s acquired companies oil filter brands.


Purolator logo

Purolator Oil Filters

Компания "Пуралатор

The Purolator Filters brand from Purolator Filters LLC is an American manufacturer of oil and air filters located in North Carolina, United States.

Puralator was established in 1923 for the Motor Improvements, incorporated in New York City and later took on the Purolator name as a short form of their filtration process called pure oil filter.

It had acquired Trans Canada Couriers in 1967 and later on sold to Canada Post Corporation. During the year 2006,  a joint venture was formed by big manufacturers the Mann+Hummel and Bosch. In 2012, MANN+Hummel bought 50% of Bosch share made them to have the full control of Purolator until today.

Puralators oil filters are offered in a single logo brand PurolatorTECH™ as their standard product lines which available in both standard and heavy-duty vehicles. They are further offered into 3 different types: PurolatorBOSS®, PurolatorONE™ and Purolator.

Puralator oil filters generalized advance features is characterized by the latest filtration technology. The following advantages are guaranteed by the company:

  • Made up of premium quality material component
  • Manufactured according to OE manufacturers requirements
  • Guaranteed broad coverage with 96%+ of VIO
  • Employed with rugged internal construction
  • Proven filtration performances for different oil types
  • With anti-drainback valve that protects dry starts
  • Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on L30001 and PL30001; 25 microns on PBL30001

If you want to know further about each Puralator oil filter types, we’ve compiled their link below.

Quaker State Oil Filter

Shell Oil Company marketed an American brand of motor oil which is now widely recognized in the industry.

This is the Quaker State oil filter brand which is now popular on most of the end users.

Puralator manufactured this well-known oil filter brand and subsequently marketed by Shell Oil Company as Quaker State brand.

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Wix Filters Logo

Wix Oil Filter

wix filters factory

Wix Filters has been distributing filters for passenger cars together with the variety of heavy machinery and equipment in the market for over 80 years from now.

In 1930, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw has started i n making car filters. After few years, they have been able to patented a thread filter which they called ” twist of the wrist “. This thread filter became the standard in the automotive filter sector. From then on, Wix Filters have solutions successfully known in the filter industry.

It was May 2016 when the process incorporating the global brand WIX Filters with the MANN HUMMEL Group was successfully completed. Which then resulted as the world’s largest filtration companies.

Currently, WIX Filters brand portfolio for has a wide range over 16,000 separate automotive products. These filter products are designed for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, machines and equipment. Except for this vehicles, Wix also offer specifically engineered filters applicable for racing cars.

Wix oil filter has widely known among the filters offered by the company.

Wix oil filters are available in two applications: Automotive Products and Heavy-Duty Products.

Wix oil filters product advantages and benefits are the following mention below:

  • With high standard material quality from filter media, valves, spring, housing and other filter elements
  • Match with individual engine or vehicle manufacturers requirements
  • Used modern plastic elements to replace metal parts
  • Develop spin-on oil filter designed
  • Employed a double rolled connection of the cover plate with filter canister withstand

To know more about WIX Filters, you can check out the links to pages included below.

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логотип филтрон

FILTRON Oil Filter

filtron first building

FILTRON is another filtration brand from the world leader of filtration technology, the MANN+HUMMEL.

The FILTRON filters started in Poland since 1982. The company originated from a 13 square meter surface area of their rented room. Their first filter products were literally made by hand.

The named behind FILTRON came from the Japanese camera manufacturers the NIKON and CANON. Nevertheless, the creator of the name didn’t imagine that FILTRON could give a strong brand.

With the same year, the FILTRON brand became a property of MANN+HUMMEL together with WIX Filters.

Like WIX Filters which has a strong brand name FILTRON Filters continued the brand of the high quality filters.

FILTRON oil filters distinguishes from other brands with the following features:

  • High quality material component from filter media to the least oil filter parts
  • Carried out number of testing for the housing requirements, with guaranteed no leaking features
  • Exact match with the engine and vehicle manufacturer standards
  • Used thoroughly laboratory tested modern plastics

In detailed FILTRON oil filters information is available to the official company website.

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Логотип Magneti Marelli


Magneti Marelli

The company Magneti Marelli is an Italian global company founded in 1919. They focus in are of the design and uses advance technology in production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector.

 Magneti Marelli has reach a turnover of €8.2B in 2017. With a total of about 44,000 employees, an 85 production units and 15 research and development centers.

The firm has branches in 20 countries as of today which includes: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, India, Malaysia.

For years, they are able to supply the leading car manufacturers in Europe, North and South American and even in Asia.

Magneti Marelli’s operated in business areas such as electronic systems, automotive lighting, powertrain, suspension systems, exhaust systems, motorsport, and the aftermarket parts and Services

The company products is distributed by MOPAR site including Magneti Marelli oil filters. They offer a comprehensive line of filters in the automotive industry and also cover oil filters for racing cars.

Magnetti Marelli oil filters are expected to have the following features and advantages to offer with:

  • High-efficiency media for excellent absorption of foreign contaminants
  • Meet and exceed OE vehicle requirements
  • Tested in accordance with the standardized SAE and ISO test
  • Available in such applications like synthetic and conventional motor oils

The following link to website is listed below to help you to know more about this oil filter brand.

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Логотип UFI Filters

UFI Group Oil Filter

Компания UFI Filters

UFI Group is a world leader in the filtration technology sector and thermal management. It is founded in the year 1971.

UFI FILTERS and SOFIMA FILTERS are the brands of UFI Group dedicated to distribute UFI products in the market.

Both brand of filters has a well-establish name in automotive industry.

Except for automotive industry, the company also serve the wide range of aerospace, marine, industrial and customized hydraulic applications

The UFI’s products including oil filters can be found in broad range of vehicles from Ferrari and other Top F1 teams and European Spacecraft.

UFI oil filters is available in passenger car and heavy duty vehicle applications;

These are the three reason why UFI oil filter has been chosen by 6 out of 7 OE leading manufacturers in the world:

  • Continued use of technology for innovation
  • Proven solutions
  • Technologically advanced products manufactured

The UFI oil filters specifically engineered for heavy duty vehicles is patented with the brand, DURAFILTER®.

UFI oil filters advance product features are the following:

  • Used of latest filtering media in synthetic fibers
  • Reinforced plastic oil filter modules
  • Resilient to high working pressures
  • Employed new ‘green’ modules for environmental impact
  • An aluminum body filters is used in DURAFILTER®

SOFIMA is another dealer brand distributed by the UFI Group business unit that focuses on the independent spare parts.

Because it came from the same source of UFI filters, same quality of brands is expected in each oil filters products.

The SOFIMA catalogue has more than 2,800 parts for automobile such as cars, heavy duty, agricultural and motorbikes. A wide coverage of over 96% of the European car fleet is offered. And can be reach in Europe, China, India, North America, North Africa and in some Middle East area.

The SOFIMA oil filters guaranteed features and advantages area are:

  • New oil filtering solutions both in synthetic fibre or cellulose and resin options
  • Keep in lined with the strict Euro 6 regulations
  • Optimum filtering efficiency to prevent clogging
  • Used ” green ” modules designed
  • Installed in high levels of permeability and thermal-chemical compatibility of filtering elements

To know more about the oil filters brands manufactured and released by UFI Group, check on the link listed below.

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Ford Oil Filter

Форд Мотор Компани

The Ford Motor Company is a well-known American multinational automaker based on Dearborn, Michigan. Which was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in the late 1906.

The company main business is to sell automobiles and commercial vehicles under its brand name “Ford” and luxury cars under the ” Lincoln Brand “.

Omnicraft oil filters is a brand owned by Ford Motor Company. It is in lined with Ford family parts of brands: Ford, Motorcraft and Omsofimanicraft.

The Ford Motor Company launched the Omnicraft parts brand in 2017. Omnicraft is the first new Ford Customer Service Division brand in 50 years.

Which given oil filter existing businesses threats.

Initially, Ford offer about 1,500 omnicraft parts which includes oil filters, brake pads and rotor, struts, starters and alternators.

Omnicraft oil filters is backed by the Ford company strong name which guaranteed high quality and durability.

The following Omnicraft oil filter product advantages is expected from Ford oil filter brand:

  • Offered a vast vehicle coverage from one source
  • Availability for most non-Ford and Lincoln vehicles
  • Precised manufactured components for long service life
  • Optimum performance achieve in all weather condition type
  • Approved and backed by Ford Company
  • 93% coverage vehicles on the road in United States
  • Uses a 96% efficiency at standard 20 microns

Omnicraft oil filters specification can be accessed on the official page. Refer to the link below to know more.

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журнал эмго

Emgo Oil Filter

emgo Building

EMGO International, Ltd., is a global supplier that focuses on high quality aftermarket power sports. The company had been operating in Taiwan since 1967.

EMGO product brands has been sold in more than 38 countries as of today and continuously expanding in every year.

EMGO is a company in the motorsports business (motorcycles, ATC, scooters). But for over 50 years in the business operation, EMGO expanded their product line and offer various type of filters that fits OE vehicle manufacturers.

EMGO oil filters product specifications are:

  • Guaranteed OEM specs standards oil filters
  • Specifically designed premium micron filters for racers
  • Options available with or without 17mm
  • On/off socket canister features

To get to know more about EMGO oil filters, an updated catalog for 2019 is offered in their official websites.

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Логотип AcDelco

AcDelco Duramax Oil Filter


AcDelco is known to be the OEM manufacturer of General Motors. A wide range of AcDelco parts appear in more than 2M vehicles produced by GM each year.

The firm has more than a total of 90,000 auto parts across the 37 product lines. AcDelco, together with GM is continuously to be one of the leading global automotive parts and other related services company to market around the world.

With more than 100 years of expertise, AcDelco best solution in making the best oil filter brands is successfully developed.

In fact, the most popular oil filters is the AcDelco Duramax oil filters, which was used in GM family for trucks.

Unique product features in each AcDelco oil filters type are offered in different categories:

Each of this type is has its own specific unique engineering designed. The following general features is found in AcDelco oil filter brands.

Installed thermoplastic end discs are constructed of 100% recycled material

Equipped with 98% multi-pass filtering efficiency

Range of 25-30 microns for excellent filtering capability

Has a cellulose media which 1/3 has the width of that of the human hair?

Designed to withstand 5x greater force than most engine operating pressures.

To view on the AcDelco oil filter brands, the link listed below will direct you to their official website pages.


DENSO Corporation logo

Denso Oil Filter

Denso Europe

DENSO Corporation is a global manufacturer of automotive components based in Aichi, Japan.

After becoming an independent firm from Toyota Motors, it was initially established by Nippon Denson Co. Ltd.

Which was the 25% shares remain owned by Toyota, despite being just a part of the big company, it contributed a large part of Toyota sales.

In 2016, Denso was listed as the fourth largest auto parts supplier in the world.

Among the popular auto parts marketed by the firm, their filters are also recognized and is chosen by most of the end user because of its high quality and durability.

Denso oil filter has a lot product advantages to offer with, check on the listed below:

  • To protect engines efficiently, a special filter paper was used
  • To prevent rough starts caused by oil draining uses silicon anti-drain back
  • Employed with pre-lubricated molded O-ring
  • Installed with heavy-duty steel case
  • Unique torque design to prevent leaking

DENSO First Time Fit® oil filters are one among the premier oil filter brand supplied in the market.

To check out more about Denso oil filter brand, you can click on the link below.

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масляные фильтры comline

Comline Oil Filter

здание комбайна

COMLINE Auto Parts started to operate in manufacturing business later that 1991. It is an independent British supplier for comprehensive ranges of popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications.

A comprehensive product range of the company is available in different category such as Filtration, Braking, Steering and Suspension, Transmission, Hydraulics, Accessories, Engine and Cooling and Lubricants.

The firm is capable to manufacture a total of 8,500 part numbers which includes their COMLINE oil filter brands.

COMLINE has received significant and international awards over their successful operating periods.

A well-established named for over 20 years in oil filters category has been created by COMLINE.

Premium quality COMLINE oil filters can be expected from the company. Some of the advantages and benefits that this oil filters brand is:

  • Available in ranges for popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications
  • Traditional ” spin on filters” is still offered
  • Environmentally paper-based ECO options
  • Undergo 100% pressure tested guaranteed performance and reliability.

This high quality oil filters manufactured by COMLINE can be accessed directly to the company website pages.

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Логотип Valeo

VALEO Oil Filter


Valeo humble beginning was started in 1923 in a small workshop Saint-Quen, located outside Paris. For more than 90 years in the business, they had been one of the world’s leading automotive supplier in 33 different countries.

The company first named was Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo (SAFF) which was established by Eugene Buisson, the French representative of Ferodo Brake Linings.

The company huge success has led them to acquire SOFICA (Société de Fabrication Industrielle de Chauffage et d’Aération ) which specialized in heating and air conditioning. It continued to expand with the large number of continous acquisitions in 1970 they also take over SEV Marchal. Another different product line activity.

In 1974, the group sets up thermal system. Which makes the company to operate in different product business areas.

After it’s shareholder’s meeting, a decision was made final to change to unite its brand and change its name into Valeo which means “I am well” in Latin.

Which until today is used in different products it offered including oil filters.

Valeo oil filters is packaged in a light green colour boxes.

These are the advantages that you can expect from Valeo oil filters:

  • Meet and exceed users highest possible filtration standards
  • Designed to eliminate as small as 40 microns (40µm)
  • Offered in a broad ranges of major car applications
  • With a total od 179 part numbers oil filter category for Passenger cars and LCV top sales in Europe

Incredibly, Valeo oil filters has a lot to offer. To check on the latest update about this oil filter, you can log on their official company website.

The company has prepared websites applicable to customer’s languages for an easy accessed.


amc filter logo

Kavo Oil Filter

kavo parts  shop

André van Leeuwen is the founder behind the successful Kavo Parts company. It was 1985 when he saw the opportunity for importing filters from Japan for Asian cars applications.

Within his small garage, typewriter and a telephone he became an international player in the world of automotive industry. Which clearly is considered a legend.

The company named was KAVO B.V. and sell concept and brands under Kavo Parts.

AMC FILTERS® is the brand of Kavo Parts for the complete line of filters. This filters are imported from Asia and first sold to Netherlands. Since the brand registration, their foundation to work with an OEM manufacturer is guaranteed.

Except for guaranteed OEM quality, an extensive range to more than 1700 references for both Japanese and Korean cars is ensured.

AMC oil filter as a part of Kavo Parts filter lines offered:

  • Guaranteed OEM quality filters
  • A perfect fit precision production
  • A vast range applicable for Asian cars
  • Also available in latest vehicle models
  • Installed with heavy quality metal for protection
  • Uses high quality filter paper material

An extensive AMC oil filters is discussed in the Kavo Parts company website. The following links below is helpful for your further research.


sct germany logo

SCT Germany Oil Filter

SCT Germany Building

SCT Germany was formerly named Sudheimer Car Technik Vertriebs GmbH and was founded by J. Sudheimer in the city of Neumunster, Northern Germany.

The firm initially specializes in manufacturing high-quality lubricants and spare parts trade. It mainly focuses on two brands: MANNOL and SCT-Germany. In 1999, the company distributed their first 58 models of filters under SCT-GERMANY, the firm oil filter brand.

It was 2009 when the firm entered its first trade office in South America. Meanwhile MANNOL for other auto parts they supply and SCT-Germany are available in large country such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.

These are the product benefits the SCT-Germany oil filters can provide:

  • Installed with modern and special type filter materials
  • OE perfect fit
  • With recommended oil filter replacement in 15,000 km
  • Available in element oil type and spin-on type filter

To know other SCT-Germany oil filters more, click on the link to their website listed below.

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JapanParts Filter Logo


JapanPart Building Logo

Japan Group of companies has more than twenty years of business operation as a leading manufacturer and importer of that mainly focuses on of spare parts for Asian vehicles.

The firm has a broad automotive product ranges from spare parts that they are specializing; hydraulic parts; dampers; grinding parts line from piston to bearing; electrical line such as starters and filter ranges which the main reason they are listed in here.

The company has a total of 32,089 available parts in their product line including JapanParts Oil Filters.

Aside from the oil filter brand after JapanParts name, another brand of this product is distributed by the company.

These are the popular JAPKO and Ashika oil filter which is also at the top demanded brand of filters in the market.

These additional filter brands from JapanParts may  have the same quality since they both came from the similar firm.

Now let us take a look at these brands oil filters characteristics:

  • A screw-on filter type
  • Uses the best seam filter paper to prevent bypass
  • Undergone fuel consumption test across range of popular vehicles on rode
  • Internal spiral tube like design to withstand 100PSI pressure
  • With spring to support element against the base plate and rubber gasket for fuel bypass

Truly, JapanParts oil filter brand has a vast option to choose from.

JapanParts are proud that the company catalogue can also be found in TecDoc European leader of electric cataloguing. The firm also is a ” Certified Data Supplier “.

If you consider to know more about the company brand of oil filter, you may check their official website pages and download the oil filter catalogue available

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Topran Logo

Hans Pries Oil Filter

Hans Pries Building

Hans Pries Group of companies has been established during 1954 city of Bremen, Germany. The people behind this large firm were Lieselotte and Hans Pries.

The two started using a VW Beetle as they equipment capital. Their production started with the release of spare parts for ” Beetle “.

From there, the company survive its spare parts business and decided to go on warehousing operations.

Hans Pries initially focuses on spare parts for cars VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda. In order to offer a wider range to customer they expanded their company product lines to Opel.

Followed by new auto parts for the popular Mercedes Benz, BMW, Peugeot and Citroen cars.

All the Hans Pries product has been distributed by its brand name- Hans Pries Topran.

Which includes the well-recognized Hans Pries Topran oil filters.

The quality of the brand part has been certified by DIN ISO 9001.

Topran oil filters product advantages are:

  • Can trap any harmful elements
  • Recommended to replace in standard change interval
  • Maximum filtering performances
  • Installed with advance technology filter media

To know more about Topran oil filters, you can check out the company site below.


Логотип Bilstein Group

Bilstein Oil Filter

Bilstein Group Building

Bilstein Group is now on its seventh-generation family-run group of companies. The firm was based on Ennepetal, Germany.

The firm has more than 60,000 different spare parts to offer for both passenger and commercial model vehicles.

Bilstein well-known brands are febi, SWAG and Blue Print.

The oil filters that are distributed by the company are available in both Febi ans Blue Print brand.

The company had over 21 international subsidiaries in total, across more than 70 countries.

FEBI oil filter are available to car, truck and LCV type of vehicle.

Febi oil filters product advantages are:

  • Made from high quality filter materials
  • Absolute precision fit and stability
  • Compliance with vehicle manufacturer requirements
  • Best possible separation and adsorption values
  • Guaranteed manufactured from Germany

BluePrint oil filters extensive ranges has over 2,000 filtration components for European, Asian and American vehicles.

The BluePrint oil filter product advantages are:

  • Meet and exceed OE standards
  • Undergo stringent and regular quality checking
  • Wide range vehicle’s filtration cover

The quality of the BluePrint filter was likely the same with that of the Febi oil filter brand.

You may check out the company website for further research.

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Логотип VIEROL

VIEROL Oil Filter

VIEROL is a large German company established in the year 1977 in Rastede. A decade after, the company has been relocated in Oldenburg.

In the year 1955, VIEROL was able to have partnerships with over 30 countries around the world and launched its first website ( in 1996.

A product portfolio of three different brands are patented by the company. Here are the brands on VIEROL portfolio: VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA.

VEMO was first patented among brands in 1998, followed by VAICO a year after.

VAICO is a strong brand name for auto parts. This brand offers engine and transmission parts, for European passenger vehicles. A product ranges nearly totaled to 17,000 items and sold in 110 world countries are now offered.

VAICO brands is Q+ OEM quality a seal which identifies vehicle parts are manufactured in Germany as firs-class.

VAICO filters as part of this product brand lines have total of 160 kinds including oil filters. The following are VAICO oil filters product advantages:

  • Long service/replacement intervals
  • Made up of excellent material constructions
  • Guaranteed wear resistance components
  • Product quality complies with ISO Standards
  • Easy to Install features

Product details of different VAICO oil filters are available in the company’s official catalogs.

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Given the top manufacturers in the automotive oil filter field has expanded your knowledge on the latest trends of oil filter brands that are within the market.

A broad range of oil filter is available in the market. The type of engines’ car and their sizes and vehicle manufacturer dictates the right oil filter that they will have to use.

It is highly advisable to get to know about the oil filter’s products. So you could recommend the best oil filter that fits your consumer’s needs. Here is an extensive guide to the oil filters products.

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