Saab Brake Booster

Continuous innovation of braking system for motor vehicles, the industry has developed a powerful braking unit called the disc brake. Disc brakes are comprised of brake pads, brake rotors, calipers, brake boosters, and the likes.

Saab brake booster functions, this component aids the vehicle by multiplying the force applied in the pedal in means of hydraulic pressure. Separated by a diaphragm, brake boosters have 2 interiors and a check valve. The check valve opens whenever the driver hits the pedal allowing hydraulic pressure to enter the diaphragm that sides in the booster.

Differential air pressure between the interiors is used to force the piston in the master cylinder. Without braking booster, the brake will be hard to depress.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

When noticing you brakes losing power, some of the symptoms of a bad brake booster includes hard to depress the brake pedal, covering distance before coming at a full stop when braking, and/or brakes won’t work at all. All given symptoms can result in massive parts damage and can be life-threatening at most.

Started bringing answers to many automotive mishaps, MZW Motor is a manufacturer of brakes, fuel systems, steering, and suspension components, as well as electronic parts of virtually every, makes, and models on the road today.

Why MZW Saab Brake Booster?

To give service to Saab owners, MZW Motor comes up to an alternative worth relying on. Our produced Saab brake booster is made intended to be a direct replacement for Saab OE parts. They feature the same in fitment, function, and installation processes are identical.


  • Made utilizing up to date technology
  • Power brake boosters are tested to guarantee the provision of reliable braking
  • Superb quality materials ensuring durability and strength that will last for years
  • Prolonging product life even more with a finish that effectively resists rust
  • High-quality rubber diaphragm for seamless hydraulic pressure
  • ISO certified product from a certified facility

We guarantee you every MZW Saab Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

With over two decades in the industry, MZW Motor gained knowledge of manufacturing expertise. We fabricate products eliminating original equipment’s weakness and applying upgrades. Corrected flaws where applicable to exceed your expectations and OE unit functionality. They also come at fraction price compare to usual rates of brake boosters OEMs in the market.

Choices of other brake parts are also made available to reduce time spent finding other online stores just to purchase different automotive components. We do not compromise anything when it comes to creating solutions for vehicle troubles. Our vast options of automotive parts replacements will give you the benefit of acquiring units that has synonymous quality and durability.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Putting into consideration various application requirements, MZW Motor uses techs of the future and is capable of entertaining customize product orders. This has helped us to grow into a company that offers more 50,000 units of combined traditionally designed auto parts and personalized.

Performance cars, classic rides, pick-up trucks, you name it. MZW Motor has a wide variety of auto parts in our hand ready to send in front of your home.


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